What s It All About Alfie What Are We Meant To Do

Good Sunday morning everyone Back in the 70 s there was a movie and a song called What s It All About Alfie For some reason the words are buzzing in my ears this morning Reinvention is strongly on my mind I m in the midst of it and truly whether most admit it or not everyone is The world is a different place these days What used to work doesn t So it s off to the drawing boards for us all As I share the words below think of what they conjure up for you Here are the words what s it all about alfieis it just for the moment we livewhat s it all aboutwhen you sort it out alfieare we meant to take more than we giveor are we meant to be kind and if if only fools are kind alfiethen I guess it is wise to be crueland if life belongs only to the strong alfiewhat will you lend on an old golden rule as sure as I believe there s a heaven abovealfie I know there s something much moresomething even non-believers can believe ini believe in love alfiewithout true love we just exist alfieuntil you find the love you ve missedyou re nothing alfiewhen you walklet your heart lead the wayand you ll find love any dayalfieoh alfiewhat s it all about alfie I invite you to the journey It s never very easy I love all that I am what I do and yet I m beginning to get the wanderlust where should I be next is there something else I m meant to do what about you Happy Sunday ann

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