Welcome To The World Of ReInvetion

I m happy to be starting this blog just as we begin to close out an old year and open up a new year For many of you and me included it s been a very challenging year I ll be blogging as regularly as I can won t promise every day about personal reinvention corporate reinvention resilience rebounding thriving and things having to do with taking the steps to do things differently By way of letting you know me let me share my philosophy 1 I believe that each and every one of us has the right to be happy and fulfilled in our lifetime2 I believe that corporations agencies small businesses of all kinds have the responsibility to their workers and their customers to provide a culture where people thrive are happy fulfilled appreciated3 I m a bit pollyannaish I look at the world sometimes through the eyes of a child — with wonder and awe and beliefs like I just stated 4 I think that most people and most businesses SETTLE for the STATUS QUO — they settle for what is easiest what came before them the usual AND that they are often fearful to try new and different things5 I also think that way too many people live their lives for others — for what others expect of them think they should do rather than for what they desire Therefore many people live lifes of quiet desperation not having the courage to do what they really want 6 I think corporations do what they have always done and fear being rebels or renegades and thus settle as well 7 I think many people are what I call dream snatchers They don t allow people to follow their passion but rather push them in the direction of practicality example Many parents force their kids to major in certain subjects and settle into certain careers when in actuality those children have dreams and desires that fall outside of those areas 8 I think few people ever explore and adventure into new areas of their lives because they don t want the opposition of those around them 9 The word REINVENTION itself scares the you-know-what out of most people It rattles their comfort zone 10 Most people die with their dreams still inside them having NOT lived life out there on the skinny branches but rather inside in the cozy warm comfort of ease So all that being said I hope you ll join me as I blog about myself about others about news-worthy topics relative to people organizations etc living outside the comfortability on those skinny branches being who they world needs them to be being who they know themselves to be I hope you ll contribute comment communicate with me I hope you ll send me articles I welcome your disagreement AND I hope you ll be out there trying new things being adventurous I hope someday they ll say about you she he broke the mold Welcome aboard Sincerely AnnThe ReInvention Hotshothttp www annfry comLink with me on TwitterFacebookLinked InPlaxo

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