Weight Loss Hack

Dieting and exercising are not the only things you can do to lose weight And by all means do not say you are on a diet No on wants to hear it and you do not want to say it It is as if you will jinx yourself Chose healthy options exercise as much as you can and call if a lifestyle change Here are some other tips to shed some pounds and be more positive about your health 1 Plan ahead Make shopping lists prior to hitting the grocery store Avoid shopping while hungry Fill your basket with fresh fruits veggies and other healthy items 2 Incorporate exercise into your daily routine You do not need a gym membership to get in shape Walk around your neighborhood buy some weights and lift in your home or use items around your home like water bottles or canned vegetables 3 Drink plenty of water It is very important to stay hydrated Replace empty calorie beverages with water and unsweetened teas 4 Quit smoking nbsp 5 Be as positive as you can Surround yourself with happy people And build yourself a strong support system