Two Things You Can ReInvent Even Today

Today I m reinventing two new things and I invite you to do the same I ll choose what I reinvent and you can do the same ones or select something more pertinent to your own life First I m reinventing the order in which I do things during the day just to shake things up So I already did things out of order For example instead of getting up and doing my stretching and meditating I went to the computer first and checked email Now after this I ll do the stretching and meditating The point here is Don t get bored Break out of the routine of always doing things the same old way shake things up The second thing I m going to do is to leave my apartment very early for an appointment I have in midtown Manhattan Relying on subways or maybe for you it s traffic often impedes my commitment to be punctual and I find myself being anxious about getting there late So I worry I try to call and tell them I m still on the platform waiting for the train So today I m giving myself a whole lot of extra time and reinventing my use of time This is just another tip on how ReInvention can be simple non-threatening and something you bring into your life on a daily basis My posts are now going to be shorter and more regular just to keep reinvention top of mind for you all

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