Tips For Healthy Nails

img alt healthy nails border 0 height 200 src http 2 bp blogspot com -CgLJrJV9jcU VUeLSIjYl1I AAAAAAAAAok KSmcCw6XMFg s200 Nail jpg title Nails healthy nails width 133 The condition of your nails can actually give you a sense of your health and nutrition With some careful attention to what you eat and how you treat your fingers and toes you can have healthy nails nbsp Aging too much time in water contact with harsh chemicals or other stresses can cause your nails to be brittle-easily broken rigid thin and dry Poor nutrition can also lead to nail problems Iron vitamins A and C zinc omega-3 fatty acids and biotin should all be in your diet Eat plenty of fruits vegetables milk or yogurt eggs fish and whole grains nbsp Biotin a B-Complex vitamin is a supplement that has been proven to help nails It helps your body form keratin which makes up your hair and nails I like Natures Made products Top tips to protect your nails Use gloves when washing dishes or cleaningDo not over use nail polish remover- acetone nbsp removes natural moisture from your nailsUse a nail moisturizerKeep toenails trim to avoid ingrown nailsUse scissors to trim fingernails then even them out with a nail fileTea tree oil fights nail fungusNail fungus causes cloudy white or yellowish spots on your nails It can also become flaky and when not taken care of can cause the nail to become loose and even fall off If the problem is on your toes keep your feet dry and cool Apply tea tree oil a natural anti-fungal on the infected areas See a doctor if it doesn t clear up You may need prescription ointments Try this nbsp Vicks Vapor Rub may treat nail fungus Camphor eucalyptus oil and menthol can kill fungus Use once a day for several months to see results nbsp Simple Soak Remove Stains from you NailsMix 1 cup of water and 2 teaspoons hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl Soak your finger tips for about 10 minutes Scrub under your nails with a soft brush rinse dry and apply moisturizer Rub a lemon wedge on your nail tips to make them whiter nbsp Avoid Nail Salon DangersMake sure all tools are disinfected between uses Bring your own tools like emery boards which cannot be sterilized Do not shave before your pedicure Small nicks on your skin can let in bacteria nbsp Do not let the technician cut your cuticles These sharp tools can damage healthy skin nbsp Make sure your manicurist is licensed nbsp Share This on Facebook