Stay The Same Or Take ACTION The Notion Of Different

On my website at www annfry com I have the following quote Wanting things to be different and doing what it takes to make things different are two different things We all wake up everyday and during the course of that day we have thoughts about how things are how they re going what s working what s not in other words we think many times a day about what we want to be different We are seldom okay with how things are We can want things to be different — we can wish and hope but making things different now that is a much more challenging call We want but do we have the guts or will we take the time or can we figure out the how etc We hear people complaining about the government all the time criticizing and ranting and blaming But actually what do they then DO to change what they don t like It s all about ACTION Ask yourself Am I someone who takes action Or do I sit back and dream about it all but do nothing Tell the truth I might be the reinvention hotshot but first and foremost I m a human being I like many of you will wish and hope and then sit back and take NO action Why In my case I get hooked into the I don t know how place I spin my wheels over think it whine doubt etc I ask everyone else what I need to do or should do I weigh all the options ad nauseum Eventually I ll get sick and tired enough of not taking any action and will then do something For example I ve been needing to upgrade the content on my website for a long time I ve thought about it I ve printed out the old and carried it with me to make some upgrades but yet I didn t Well today I had a burst of energy and just did it It took about an hour to cut an paste and edit My webmaster was working so when I shot it all off to her she got it done and up immediately Wow Weeks of NOT doing got done in an hour That s ACTION Another thing to consider about not taking action we get to sit in a space of laziness fear aggravation We get to be slugs We get to be righteous about how no one is calling us or using our services etc We blame others for our lack of work or whatever it might be If the truth be known however it s US our not doing anything We just get used to the status quo to staying where we are doing the same old thing whining and complaining about it Sometimes the circumstances can be overwhelming and we really don t know what to do OR it seems there s nothing to do NOTE REInvention is NOT easy it s scary demanding challenging It takes time and energy and perseverence and guts It s not for the weak Give yourself lots of nurturing attention and reassurance and pats on the back as you make progress Take some down time yell and scream and get frustrated and then get back on the horse and keep riding forward The ACTION will lead to the change you want eventually Your life will be different AND it will take some getting used to AND it will be better than before if you acknowledge it and appreciate it So stay where you are or take ACTION for things to be different It s all up to you and you get to choose Happy ReInventing

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