Some ReInvention Ramblings

Good Morning First I would love to reinvent customer service today especially on the internet Do you know how difficult it is to change a password on an account They send you lots of directions but first you have to remember your original password which obviously I forgot and then enter a new one I went round and round for about a half hour and of course there was no live person to communicate with Somehow I must have pushed the right button somewhere along the lines and voila a new password finally I would love for every company to REINVENT by having live call in as on the phone help Second I ve been thinking more about why people are so afraid of reinvention I often get asked if I could use a less threatening word Well my answer is no I ll not use a less scary word Reinvention does not have to be scary Let s talk more about this Here are a couple of questions 1 Do you do the same thing everyday 2 Do you drive or walk or subway or bus to work exactly the same way every day 3 Do you ever change your hairstyle or makeup or way of dress 4 Do you sometimes change your phone message 5 Do you try new foods at restaurants You see reinvention can be teeny tiny little small steps The word reinvent means to to remake or make over as in a different form example At 60 he reinvented himself as a volunteer Another definition to bring back revive to reinvent trust and accountability It s all about perspective or perception If you do something one way can you look at it with a different lens and perhaps see another way to do it Or can you pretend that you are viewing through someone else s lenses and see it from their viewpoint Today I m reinventing my relationship with food I m taking on looking at how I eat what I eat how often how much I m going to reinvent this today keep tabs on it and tweak it each day until I find a new way of eating on a more regular basis I know that what I have been doing hasn t been working so it s time for a different perspective I m not calling it a diet because diets don t work for me I m calling it a shift in perspective and some tweaks in behavior That makes it less stressful and scary for me What can you reinvent today that might have a very positive influence on who you are what you do etc Enjoy taking on something new today then tomorrow Remember the old saying you can t teach old dogs new tricks Well I m an old dog and I m still teachable How about you All it takes is an ounce of willingness Happy Monday ann

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