Shut Up And Take Action

To listen to this blog rather than read it go here http tinyurl com 2t3vgw Hi Everyone I think I want to rant a bit There are so many things to reinvent in the world If I were queen for a day here s what I d love to change – the whole political system in this country — too much fighting and back stabbing – the fact that people don t seem to understand one another — the old walk in someone else s shoes idea if you re rich spend a few days living like a poor person and if you re poor spend a few days living like a rich person You ll see we all have issues – all the award shows could we just combine them into one long show – public fighting as on TV I m sick of the NBC issues Do we need all these talk shows anyhow – lack of respect I live in NYC ride subways and buses I can t tell you the number of young people that NEVER get up and give their seat to an older person who might need it I can even tell you how many younger people don t hold the door when they walk out but rather just let it slam on the person behind them – news reporting couldn t they just report what s happening without trying to destroy the person they re reporting about people can make up their own minds Well I could go on and on about my opinions I won t The point is there s much to change in the world AND we are mostly unable to pull those changes off We can complain and whine we can vote for change we can write our editors etc do what we can There s a lot of frustration in trying to change big systems That being said we CAN effectly cause change in our own lives and maybe even those close to us If we re sick and tired of how things are we can work to shift our circumstances and have different experiences Stop saying I can t Stop thinking you can t You can If you re willing Much of my own personal change these days is circumstantial and sometimes feels out of my control I have a scary health diagnosis am getting treatment It s an annoyance and I can t change that I have it But I can reinvent how I look at it all and deal with it It IS up to me So where in your life do you need to shut up and just take matters into your own hands to make some shifts and changes I challenge you to take some action Share your thoughts your actions let us know what you re up to Reinvention is not overrated it s amazing and liberating and empowering Hang in there Ann

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