Sharpen Your Memory

Everyone miss places their keys at one time or another it doesn t mean you are losing your mind The facts are though that as we age we we do come across memory impairment or age associated memory impairment AAMI img border 0 height 200 src http 1 bp blogspot com -1HLyWy0Q8ks VpmSxm8zvGI AAAAAAAAAws 68BHlTplY6A s200 memory-loss-and-alzheimer jpg width 192 Neurons in our brain shrink with age And as our body ages it makes fewer neurotransmitters the chemical messengers that help brain cells communicate Blood flow with in the brain also decreases Have a positive attitude about aging and know that memory loss isn t inevitable The health choices you make will have a big impact on your mental alertness TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL MEMORYControl your cholesterol Lower the bad LDL cholesterol to reduce your risk of vascular dementia- memory loss caused by clogged arteries triggering several small silent strokes Avoid high blood pressure If your heart has to work extra hard because of clogged arteries you are at greater risk for vascular dementia Quit Smoking Smoking damages the blood vessels in your brain that bring in nutrients Mental Tricks to help you rememberLet go of anxiety Stress can cloud your memoryStay focused Be in the moment pay attention to what you are doing eliminate distractions Write it down Keep a note pad on hand to jot down things you ll need to know later on nbsp Establish a routine Doing the same things will become a habit IE Keep your keys in the same place always nbsp ExerciseGet enough sleepBrain Foods nbsp img border 0 height 160 src http 4 bp blogspot com -M97QQLaHM2A S7NiRcGvg0I AAAAAAAAAaM 6G8duFhjIes s200 2 jpg width 200 ApplesGreen vegetablesFishBerriesVitamin B6 and B12