ReInvention Revisited Again And Again

HI Everyone I ve been on hiatus and I can promise you that isn t going to happen again I ll be sending out my entries a couple times a week from this point on There is way too much happening both globally and in our lives We are re-inventing politics these days with the entrance of a sort of new party movement That s certainly shaking things up a bit and causing some drama We re re-inventing companies with major mergers and acquisitions either peacefully or in a hostile manner Huge corporations say their reinventing themselves but huge profits and bonuses still seem to rule and many are still laying off and not hiring People are reinventing their careers many by circumstances e g layoffs The good news is many are taking advantage of being unemployed to examine what they really I mean REALLY want to be doing and are reinventing into new fulfilling work Others are floundering looking in the same old places for the same old positions not finding them and then being frustrated I wonder how many of you can see yourselves in these examples whether globally or personally As a coach I always love to ask some questions so here goes 1 Are you satisfied with where you are in the world positionally 2 Do you do good and meaningful work and feel good about it 3 Are you engaged in what you love 4 Is it time to reinvent or do things differently Take on listing everything you used to or maybe even still want to do Putting it down on paper is helpful and you get clear Then set about going after it I m always up for comments and questions so keep me in the loop I ll have more at you soon Happy Fall Ann

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