REInvention Is A Lot Of Things

HI Everyone We often get very intimidated by the concept of reinvention so I thought I would offer you a simpler way of looking at it Let s say you walk to work each day as people do in NY And let s say you consistently go the same way but one day the street is blocked off because of repairs What do you do Well you can either stand there and wait for it to re-open and not get to work OR you can go another way The end result is you still get to work Well reinvention can actually be like that Here are some examples of how to reinvent Walk drive to work a different way Wear new colors Eat something different for breakfast Buy a new different raincoat or umbrella Change your haircut or color Take on a new different hobby Sizzle in a new relationship Create a new logo or letterheadYou see it s all about doing something different There s nothing to be afraid of You don t have to throw the baby out with the bath water You can do what you ve always done but with a little shift or tweak Or if what you ve always done works keep doing it the same way and reinvent something else I say this all the time you don t have move to Timbuktu give up your kids and shave your head to reinvent you DO just have to be open to looking newly at something and tweaking it For more ideas go to www annfry com and download the FREE 33 Ways to ReInventenjoy ann

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