Reinventing To Look More Age-Appropriate And More

Good Saturday Morning I ve been so busy reinventing myself that I haven t paid attention to this blogsite For those of you that come around looking for a new entry please come back I m back up to speed and will write several times a week So what is there to say about ReInvention these days or better what isn t there to say Have you seen the new Toyota ads They are really reinventing their friendliness approach to buying their cars As a nearly lifelong owner of Toyotas I m so disappointed in what I ve been reading about them Did making money become more important than driver safety Were facts known and ignored Who knows for sure I do know that I loved their cars had many Since I live in NYC I don t have a car I actually don t intend to own one again unless I move out of this city but I would have great doubt now about buying that brand About brands I ve been tweaking my brand Yes each one of us has our own brand and it s made up of many components For example here are some of the aspects of my brand and you can consider right along with me what your brand components are 1 My name well Ann Fry that stays the same Fry is my married name and I m now divorced so that could change someday if the knight in shining armor shows up 2 My moniker my subtitle as a professional As you can see from the web address above I call myself The ReInvention Hotshot It fits me I help companies and individuals reinvent and I m sassy enough to call myself a Hotshot 3 My look We all change our look now and again My headshots are all over my webpages my business cards As a speaker it s expected that people be able to see a picture of who they are talking with Well here is the current reinvention for me MY LOOK I ve had to change my look due to a recent bout of breast cancer which resulted in chemotherapy which resulted in losing my hair I ve written of this before Well chemo is over my hair is starting to grow back in and it is very different from how it was First my hair is coming in totally silver — that s a straight out indicator to you that I ve colored it for years so now you know Second although it was always sort of curly it s coming back even more curly Third I ve been loving the no-maintenance style of wash and wear In the past I had to use all these special products blow dry flat iron non-friz stuff etc If it was raining I d have a really bad hair day Not to mention all the time it took Not to mention when it cost to color and frost 2 process deal to keep that look SO I m thinking I m going to keep my new natural simple look I m going to stay silver keep it very very head-hugging short Of course I ll have to change my glasses and maybe some make-up shades and voila a NEW LOOK Now lest you think this is a silly conversation consider how such a thing impacts people in the workplace all the time Do we not have ageism in the workplace Is it considered distinguished for a man to have silver hair But what about a woman Is she just seen as old So there s a risk for me to stay silver white Will my corporate clients look at me differently and reconsider whether to keep me onboard OR will they embrace my age and wisdom What am I saying here Well point blank as I reinvent my look will it create a huge risk A possibility of a shift in business Perhaps some will want to put me out to pasture I hope not but others perhaps will rush to hire me respecting the Sage that I am If nothing else I ve always been sort of edgy sassy I don t play inside the box and often I m hired and respected for that So we ll see As I begin to come out and be seen as my new reinvented self other people s colors will show Point REInvention takes courage it s a risk Are you willing Do you sit back and NOT change for fear others will not take well to it Do you remain in the status quo Do you move forward That is for you to ponder Truth I am a mature woman I m tired of pretending as in coloring and punking my hair that I m less than that I m ready for the world to accept me as the real me AND I m scared to death Thanks for reading Back at you soon ann

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