ReInventing A New Year New Decade New You Take YOU ON

Happy 2010 We are three days into this new year and decade I ve taken a bit of downtime and I ve been reflecting about the last year the last few years and what is to come I m energized and excited I hope I can encourage you to feel that way too So is it time to ReInvent a whole new relationship with yourself your life time etc Are you ready to take a LEAP Are you tired of reacting rather than reinventing If so I ve got some great questions to ask you And I invite you to answer them perhaps in a journal or on your computer in a word doc TAKE YOURSELF ON If you have any yearning for 2010 and the next decade to be DIFFERENT than the past then do this for yourself You DON T have to settle Period End of story First some questions then some resources Questions 1 What are you thinking about as you begin this new year 2 What are your reflections about the past year How was it be honest 3 What lessons did you learn this year 4 What are your biggest challenges going into the new year 5 What have you been putting off that now needs to happen What are you waiting for 6 How would you like to be better at your job or at work What needs to be reinvented there 7 If you were the best at what you do what would that look like 8 What would you like to do with your one wild and crazy life In other words what have you always wanted to do but haven t Is this the year 9 What are you grateful for 10 What are your first 3 steps of action beginning NOW I hope you really will answer these questions and take yourself on If not you then who I know that change can be scary but much better to take it on willfully and by choice than to have it thrust upon you However if change has been thrust upon you if circumstances have intervened when you least expected them then go here and listen to my most recent article called Thriving After http tinyurl com 2t3vgw I hope it excites you to move forward There are many resources for you to read and visit Google the word reinvention and see what comes up Go to http www selfgrowth com and read fabulous articles Stay tuned to my blog I ll be challenging you regularly There are NO excuses NOT to take yourself on I always ask myself if not now when I absolutely refuse to settle for things being the same old same old – the status quo I invite myself to go further to go beyond who I know myself to be And I invite you to do the same Happy Week One of reinventing the new YOU the new year and the new decade Please leave your comments on how you re doing I d love to hear from you Onward annP S DO NOT make resolutions — you don t keep them so they are insignificant Just move forward with intention and action

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