ReInvent From The Inside Out

Good morning It s 2 days and counting down til Christmas and a week and two days til New Year s Day While many are hustling and bustling and doing the same old same old of holiday craziness others are going inward being still smiling laughing and taking the season in stride What s your approach Let s start with Christmas Whether you celebrate Dec 25th or not you re in the midst of it Yesterday I was at a lunch meeting near Rockefeller Center NYC and then had to walk 8 blocks to my next destination walked right along 5th Avenue If you know NY you know that s a very busy street at all times but during Christmas it s really hustle and bustle People are spending money that they might not have at Saks Henri Bendel s Tiffany s etc Walking along the street filled with many tourists who walk 4 and more across blocking the sidewalk carrying big shopping bags is a challenge Then crossing at the corners with heaps of piled snow adds to the walking challenge Sometimes it s easy to get frustrated But I just smiled walked around people when I could took my time and enjoyed the sunshine brisk wind and the opportunity to just observe people I made it stress-free It was awesome I took a few moments to look at the beautiful shop windows when I could get close enough to see them So I ask you how can you still reinvent your relationship with Dec 25th — starting now Can you be peaceful knowing you ll get it all done Can you be peaceful knowing it will come around and maybe everything won t be done Can you take a few minutes several times a day to be quiet within and renew yourself And then ON Dec 25th amidst all the family to-do s the meals to be cooked can you approach it a way that serves you well Can you reinvent within so that what occurs on the outside works better Then moving into the week after Christmas can you take time to approach the new year in a new way Can you agree to take stock of your 2009 look at what worked and what didn t and set a plan for 2010 that serves you best DON T make resolutions — you know you never keep them But DO set some intentions for how you d like the year to be Take plenty of quiet time to reflect Give yourself the gift of reinventing — doing some new and different things I wish you a glorious Dec 25th and will continue this discussion with you during the interim week Sincerely AnnThe REInvention Hotshot

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