Out With The Old In With The NEW

Happy almost New Year s Eve and Day I m writing today to invite you to take a few moments and to do an assessment of 2009 and then set your intentions for 2010 Below will be a series of questions for you to ask yourself Take some time take a pad of paper or a journal and write your responses I promise you you ll feel centered and directed by this exercise If you re ready for things to be different if you re ready to ReInvent even a little bit then take this on I ll be checking back with you soon AND I invite you to let me see some of your responses Stay tuned there are some FREE teleclasses coming just after the NEW YEAR just to help you get jump-started So here goes happy assessing New Year Assessment and Planning Instrument 2010 Take out a journal carve out about an hour reflect and write get a jump start on 2010 I What are you thinking as you begin this new year II What are your reflections about the past year How was it III What lessons did you learn this year What served you well or showed you a few less pleasant aspects of yourself IV What are your biggest challenges for the new year V Where do you want to be at this time next year VI What have you been putting off that now needs to happen VII As we look at the various aspects of your life let s do a little inventory of each list them all e g health fitness work relationships finances etc what s working and what s not VIII How would you like to be better at your job IX If you were the best at what you do what would that look like X Time to fantasize just a bit What would you like to do with your one wild and crazy life In other words what have you always wanted to do But haven t Might it be time XI What are you grateful for Make a list NOW XII So where will you start as the calendar turns to this new year What are your first steps What s your direction Congratulations You re well on your way to making 2010 your best ever year

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