More Ramblings – Tiger Woods Olympics Hatred And Angst

Hello Everyone It s an interesting week The Olympics are underway in Vancouver the media is all over how the Canadians say eh Tiger Woods has apologized a man flew a plane into a building in Austin TX and killed himself and another in the process I m sure that somewhere out there there s celebrity news as well I m just not tuned in About the Olympics I know people love them but I have some thoughts on reinventing our views and beliefs about them It s a concern to me that we spend millions of dollars on fireworks and gala events in a time when the world is in distress How many people could we feed with that money I so admire the young people who devote their lives to their skill training and put their body souls and heart into it It s grueling and often their childhood is put on hold I worry about them Then when they come in 4th and don t get a medal it s like their life is over I d love to find some ways to honor even getting to the Olympics and being better than 99 9 of the population When are people every good enough And how can we honor that without making it about being 1 2 or 3 About Tiger Woods I think it took real guts for him to come out this week and apologize so publically He was definitely a different Tiger at that podium Now the media is tearing apart whether he was apologetic enough Who are they to say I saw an interview this morning with an Apology expert She gave him an A- pretty darn good Let s reinvent how we love to knock people off their pedestal when they show a human side Do I approve of what Tiger did No Is it my business what he did No It s between he and his wife and in this case his sponsors The therapist in me I was one for 30 years says there but for the grace of God go I No one is exempt from mistakes addictions and bad judgement History is filled with them It s how we learn and grow About Joseph Stack A man builds up incredible anger and angst at the IRS and the government I m sure many of us have had feelings like that before He who appeared normal to those around him obviously was teetering on the brink simmering under the surface and then seemingly lost it I feel incredible sadness for him and his family And having lived in Austin in fact I lived less than 1 2 mile down the road from that building I m sad for the residents of that great city Although this was not a terrorist act the site of an airplane into a building will bring back any post-traumatic shock anyone has had of a scene like this in the past I m sure that was intentional on Mr Stack s part What if that was avoidable What if the powers that be could have responded to him in a different way What if the government could be compassionate to people and listen and be helpful Now that would be a major reinvention Personally I went to the Dept of Motor Vehicles this week in NY I wanted to trade in my TX driver s license for my NY license and yes finally become a resident of NY The woman at the information desk handed me a form told me to come back when I had my passport or birth certificate and my SS card She never looked at me and she certainly didn t want any further questions She was on to next What if we reinvented this world to a place where people come from their hearts and their desire to be helpful and all people they served felt honored and assisted Now that would be a reinvented attitude at work That s what I do I m the reinvention hotshot working with companies to reinvent their culture into one that cares about their employees and customers Thanks for reading As always your comments are invited

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