Is It Time To Reinvent Yet Again

Hi Everyone It s Sunday June 27th and it s a beautiful day in NYC I just returned from a trip to Connecticut where I delivered a morning workshop to a group of healthcare workers I m incredibly lucky I love what I do I have passion for my audiences for my topics I m constantly tweaking to make it better and more purposeful I had wonderful side-bar conversations with some of the participants and their comments ranged from questions to I don t know if I can do this Their questions comments were usually things like 1 I m not happy but I don t really think I can make any changes2 I ve been wanting to get a divorce for over 10 years but haven t had the courage3 What are some babysteps I can make 4 Who can really be there to help me through the whole process 5 Change is scary You get the drift We re all in that boat We all want to make changes in our lives whether it be small ones or large ones Sometimes the changes have to do with what s not working and other times it s about wanting to try something new and different and there s not necessarily anything wrong I say that before we can make a change we need to Show Up Be Willing Tell ourselves the Truth and then Give Ourselves Permission So have you shown up are you thinking about how things are and wondering if they could be different Are you willing to engage in the conversation with yourself and others just explore Can you tell the truth about what s working what s not where you re happy and where you re not if making a change is viable considering where you are in your life right now And lastly will you give yourself permission to actually take some steps or dive in If you can answer yes then it s time to move forward Reinvention is all around you Just google the word You ll see that GM is reinventing their company BP and Toyota are reinventing their advertising Lady Gaga is reinventing her look and her outrageousness every day Government is reinventing it s policies Businesses are reinventing their services and their products So why shouldn t you take on reinventing yourself again at whatever stage of life you re at I m constantly thinking of what s next for me Can I add a new service start a new workshop change my speaking topics take my work on the road write a new book Yesterday I went to see the Joan Rivers movie about her life and how she has been unstoppable and done whatever it takes to continue to perform make money work feel purposeful It was very inspiring She is 75 and has no intention of slowing down You should see what an ordinary day s schedule looks like in her life It seems she never gives up never sits down and just wastes time in front of the TV she is always generating what s next I invite you to take a look at how you re living your life Are you loving it Are you just surviving and muddling through OR are you thriving Are you yearning for more but taking no action Are you excited about new things you want to do Remember what I always say Do you want to die with your dreams inside you As always I m here to help feel free to comment ask questions etc Til next time ann

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