If Starbucks Can Do It You Can Do It

Hi Everyone I ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks some travel and some other business I m back and will be more regular ReInvention is such a hot word I get a google alert everyday about reinvention and it s chock full of all sorts of articles I read about movie characters being reinvented companies reinventing individuals blogging about how they re reinventing their lives It s wonderful So I started wondering even more why the word is so popular and why so many people are re-examining their lives or the cultures of their companies etc It s not rocket science Our world is in a whirlwind of challenge and change We have wars we have devastating earthquakes and tornadoes we have a very volatile economy and many unemployed people There is no certainty at all in anything Even the wealthy are having to sacrifice and watch more carefully Nothing can be depended on No one escapes the effects of all this turmoil So change becomes the issue If things aren t working then do something different Period I ll continue to stress that all the time I just saw an interesting article on Starbucks During the last couple of years they realized that their popularity wasn t where it once was They needed to go back to the drawing board and consider the quality of their products create new foods and flavors begin a social media blitz They reinvented a great deal You can read the whole article here http www time com time magazine article 0 9171 1955588 00 html So what makes you any different than Starbucks What do you have to stop doing or start doing that might make all the difference Where would reinvention help you Do you need to shift your attitude Your career Do you need to move locations Do you need to commit to something Take stock look around at your life I refer to our present life at least for most of us as remaining in the status quo We do what we do we don t spend too much time analyzing it we DO spend time complaining about it But do we do what it takes to shift it into something we don t want to complain about I ll use myself here as an example I speak professionally and I coach people I ve had different focuses over the years Originally I started Humor University I brought humor to the workplace even wrote a book about it I continue to speak and to coach but have transitioned quite a bit into this whole reinvention topic I work with companies to shift their culture still bringing fun and happiness into the corporate environment I work with individuals wanting to have some shift in their life I run reinvention workshops However in this last one the workshops I m not attracting enough people I hear people all around me saying how confused they are and how they want things to be different But when it comes to plunking down some cash to get into the workshop they don t So I have to rewrite my brochures to be more compelling or do more social media pushing or something I have to get some advice on how to reinvent the reinvention workshop literature so that people are drawn to it Maybe I ll even have to call it something different You see it s about tweaking How do you tweak what you do all the time to continue to raise the bar What does it take If you re an entrepreneur you do that all the time If you re a business you do that all the time So I ask you where in your life do you have to tweak Where do you want to raise the bar What do you want to be different ANd what s one step you can take today to begin to do that Happy ReInventing I welcome your comments especially on what you would call a reinvention workshop so that people would come Thanks and happy weekend ann

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