Household Cleaning Tips

To avoid the spread of infection you have to be active in cleaning up after sick family members and wash your hands Hot water and soap can be great defense in keeping your home healthy Always be sure to have clean towels to dry up and every family member should have their own to reduce the spread of germs Wash soiled linens immediately especially after a stomach flu Use hot water and bleach when ever possible Check fabric labels Supplies to keep on hand Clean towelsLysol wipesSoapAlcohol based hand sanitizerGarbage bagsDisposable rubber gloves for heavy cleaningBleachFever pain medication if necessary ThermometerWash your hands Call a doctor with any questions or concerns nbsp img alt orange health border 0 height 320 src http 1 bp blogspot com -fpds3g4zxJ0 Vh5vEY0WemI AAAAAAAAAs8 3Ugjabcu6Us s320 Keep-Calm-Wash-Your-Hands 8 5×11 jpg title wash hands width 247