Halloween Tips

Happy Halloween 2015Some health and safety tips Check your candy do not eat anything opened or tampered withDo not over indulge stick to serving sizesStay hydrated with plenty of H20Wear bright colors while trick-or-treating use glow sticks bracelets if possibleStay in a group safety in numbersRemove all make up before bedBrush your teeth before bed do an extra good job if you did lots of candy-eatingBest Candies lowest-cal to grab3 Musketeers nbsp Gluten free and serving size is low cal York Peppermint Patties Low fat minty fresh Tootsie Rolls nbsp In moderation only Peanut M amp M s Protein Hershey s Almonds opt for dark chocolate for antioxidant benefit nbsp As always consume with moderation Stick to a serving size nbsp For a full list of Gluten Free 2015 candies visit Gluten Away