Frames Upon Frames At Collector s Showroom

One day I went to Diego Salazar Antique Frames in Long Island City New York It s a place well known in the frame game Merkelson 2013 but I surprisingly found it hidden among steel-doored warehouses just south of Queens Boulevard Having seen his frames before at Sotheby s and among collectors private storage I knew the man had refined taste I figured I should stop by especially because of this recent New York Times article Mr Salazar is a private collector and dealer an expert in img src http static wixstatic com media 8f82ce 64ee4db7d7f549d4a1e2ccca60101b16 7Emv2 jpg v1 fill w 394 2Ch 295 8f82ce 64ee4db7d7f549d4a1e2ccca60101b16 7Emv2 jpg

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