Creating A ReInvention Vision

Okay so in your head maybe in the middle of the night you say to yourself my life sort of sucks or I m ready for something new and different or I think I ll move to Bali and start over But then you wake up in the morning and your day begins like every other day and you silence the internal voice suck it up and do what you always do Is this a familiar scenario And for how many years have you been doing this I get email all the time from people who dream quietly and sometimes even desperately in their heads but then squelch it and continue with the same old same old Is it that they re idiots NO it s that they re scared don t know how feel overly obligated to others dependent on the current lifestyle You name it and the excuse is there More seriously in some cases they just don t even know that they are unhappy or that there are lurking desires They re clueless out of touch They ve buried their desires so down deep inside that they don t even remember them Wherever you are in this spectrum — from KNOWING that you do want things to be different to CLUELESS here s an exercise you can take on It works on the subconscious level and you don t even really have to think It s called Visioning or Creating a Vision Board I ll take you through it one step at a time 1 Get the following supplies and have them ready a bunch of magazines a pair of scissors a glue stick a poster board 2 Give yourself permission to just go with it not think and be playful 3 Start to wonder inquire inside What would I love my life to look like in 2010 4 Start going through the magazines Everytime a picture grabs your attention just rip it out In addition to pictures Words and phrases count 5 Take all the pages you ripped out and start cutting out the portions of them that appeal to you — photos captions words etc 6 Using the glue stick start gluing them on the poster board Be creative You can cluster them e g I have a section on my board related to business another related to health another to relationships OR just put anything wherever you like the way it looks THERE S NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO DO THIS 7 You can further decorate it if you d like not necessary 8 Once you have enough on the board feel inspired by it then put it up someplace where you can see it regularly I know it might not add to the beautiful art you have but you ll find a place Voila — you re done Then many times every day as you walk by the board you ll be reminded of what lights you up for the next year It will start working on you It s a way cool idea The only reason not to do this is to stay in whatever rut you re in However at the end of the year do not complain that you re in the same place The reasons to do this well everything It s based on the premise that if you can see it you can create it It s what is talked about in the Law of Attraction So it s up to you How do you want to create your year I hope you take this on and enjoy it Happy 2010 Remember — no resolutions just intention and action Cheers and Have fun Ann

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