Coastal Cooking With John Shields

At 1 00 AM on Saturday nights Sunday mornings I ll often put on Coastal Cooking with John Shields on WLIW before I head out to the clubs Reader nbsp You are so full of shit First you wouldn t be allowed into any clubs Second we all know you never leave your house unless you run out of Twinkies or bourbon ANYWAY I have no idea what anyone is saying on the show I just watch to see John Shields weird mannerisms and facial expressions when he s talking to people They can only be truly appreciated by watching the actual show but here are some screen captures img border 0 height 267 src http 2 bp blogspot com -PXEF1jxunpA Ug-IhkJiMwI AAAAAAAAAgo pjbGwjP 7F0 s320 2 jpg width 320 Raised eyebrows feigned interest in what the person is saying img border 0 height 265 src http 4 bp blogspot com -TAFrdj3sdmo Ug-IiMB9B9I AAAAAAAAAg4 hUxWdqMoik0 s320 4 jpg width 320 Listening hard continued feigned interest img border 0 height 283 src http 1 bp blogspot com -WIJ8god4mfQ Ug-IhssSb5I AAAAAAAAAgg xhVzoovC6S8 s320 1 jpg width 320 Awkward too-big smile img border 0 height 259 src http 4 bp blogspot com -ay FyjMnrk4 Ug-IhlXaRTI AAAAAAAAAgk sEmW3etjcVY s320 3 jpg width 320 I like bunnies