Cleanse The Toxins Help Promote Weight Loss

img alt oranges health blog border 0 height 154 src http 2 bp blogspot com -b5IXTP7of0w VVtzdLegXcI AAAAAAAAApg SnKg0bFfDmE s200 oheart jpg title orange health width 200 The amount of diet programs diet pills exercise plans and other weight loss plans that are in the market is tremendous Too many choices how can you know which is the right one Each person is different and each diet will produce different results When it comes to weight loss no matter what diet adventure you begin if you do not do your homework you will not be prepared to maintain that lifestyle Essentially that is what a diet weight loss program has to be a lifestyle Not all diet programs tell you to cleanse but a cleanse is highly beneficial in weight loss and total body change If you do not get rid of the excess toxins that flourish in fat cells you will have a hard time losing fat and keeping it off This is a natural way to get you metabolism going and to start losing that excess weight and to have over health and wellness See a health care professional before starting any diet cleanse program 1 Do a colon cleanse 2 Do a candida cleanse Yeast overgrowth is most common in the intestine but can affect your entire body This overgrowth can be the cause of headaches bloating allergies yeast infections dandruff acne fatigue depression stress and the inability to lose weight Eliminate sugar and take a pro biotic to get started 3 Try a full body fat lymphatic cleanse 4 Drink 8 full glasses of pure water a day Filtered water only tap water contains chlorine which can scar your arteries 5 Use a mini trampoline 10 minutes a day Provides great exercise and stimulates all major organs and glands 6 Walk for 1 hour a day 7 Stretch 8 Practice deep breathing 9 Use a dry sauna It is a natural way to eliminate toxins 10 Exfoliate the skin with a dry brush massage 11 Get a Swedish or deep tissue massage regularly 12 Fast try a 7 to 30 day fast 13 Do not eat over processed foods 14 Get all metal out of your dental work 15 Stop smoking 16 Eliminate fake sugars aspartame Splenda and MSG17 Do not drink diet sodas 18 Do not eat high fructose corn syrup HFC is not like real sugar and it is no healthy at all if you do not want to eliminate it try to cut way back 19 Eat organic as much as you can what ever you can afford Buying 100 organic is expensive but if you can try to swap out some regular for organic once in a while and it can be a great health benefit 20 Do not eat late Eat all meals by 7 PM Some of these options may seem hard to do but the easy ones like drink 8 glasses of filtered water and walk an hour a day are very do-able So take small steps and try to cleanse your body and promote weight loss This is not intended to cure prevent any disease See a doctor for any health concerns As always see a health professional before you start a diet cleanse program nbsp Cathie Karas 2015 Share This on Facebook