The Conscious Consultant With Sam Liebowitz

The Uncomfortableness Of Trying Something New Pays Many Dividends
Published: 2020-10-27
Taking time to do something new has many benefits Yet often we don 8217 t even try We get stuck in doing things the way we always have For it is easy to get lulled into a sense of comfort The idea of trying to do things differently can be disturbing Even 8230
The Great Paradox Of Life Is Non-Attachment Is The Fastest Way To Achieve Our Goal
Published: 2020-10-20
There is a great seeming paradox in life It confuses our minds yet our heart and soul know its true And it is all about our desires Or rather our attachment to achieving our desires For the great mystery is how hard it feels to achieve our desires when we are 8230
As Long As We Remember Someone In Our Heart They Live On
Published: 2020-10-13
Life is full of change One of the most challenging changes is when people leave this world It does not matter if they are a parent a child a brother sister or friend Meeting that change in our lives can be tough When we feel we have lost someone it always 8230
Sometimes We Have To Stand Alone So We Can Learn To Stand Together In Our Strength
Published: 2020-10-06
Sometimes we feel a little less than others We feel that we are not that strong That we have not really stood on our own That relying on others has made us weak And these feelings are very real They affect how we see ourselves and what we can accomplish 8230
When We Stop Chasing Experiences We Can Appreciate More Of What Is In Front Of Us
Published: 2020-9-29
As people we thirst for experience When we have an experience that feels wonderful we desire more of it This desire is both physical and emotional Yet it can lead us into a trap if we are not mindful It does not matter what kind of experience it is It 8230
Someone Else s Behavior Is Not Nearly As Important As Our Own Behavior
Published: 2020-9-22
We can all get triggered by how people treat us It does not feel good when someone is harsh or unkind Yet ruminating on someone else 8217 s behavior does not serve us For there is something much more important than how people treat us We often do not recognize how important it 8230
When We Can Not Go Outside It Is Time To Go Inward
Published: 2020-9-15
Connection is something we all want To be connected to our friends our family Or maybe just being connected to our community and our neighbors In these times many people are finding it harder to truly connect to others With the physical distance we maintain and the lack of travel it 8230
Healing Is Not About The Absence Of Pain It Is About Expanding Our Capacity To Hold It
Published: 2020-9-08
Healing is not about getting rid of pain It is not about learning to live with constant pain And it is certainly not about avoiding pain Healing is about something much more profound True healing is about increasing our capacity to be okay with pain We can never fully avoid 8230
Growth And Transformation Happen Over The Course Of A Journey
Published: 2020-9-01
Growth does not always happen when we are looking Looking at our progress Looking at our surroundings Growth tends to happen when we do not even notice Like a seed planted in the ground We water it We fertilize it And we take care of it all the 8230
Let Us Not Wait To Tell Someone How They Have Touched Our Life
Published: 2020-8-25
We all touch people 8217 s lives We do it in so many ways With our voice our actions and our presence Yet we often have no idea how much we affect people while we live It is so interesting how we learn so much abut a people when they are gone 8230