Sharon Klein

The 99
Published: 2020-6-18
People think of chocolate in many ways For some its candy and for others it s a health food Often many craft chocolate bars are made up of only two or three ingredients Cacao Cane Sugar and either Cocoa Butter or an inclusion like Almonds Gaining more popularity these days are 100 bars that actually 8230 Continue reading The 99
A Chocolate State Of Mine
Published: 2020-5-05
Apparently chocolate consumption is way up so I thought it was a perfect time to share more about its wonderfulness Chocolate challenge Where in the USA do you think Cacao grows Hint there are 6 answers think broadly Whoever guesses correctly first will get a bar of craft chocolate from one of my favorite US makers 8230 Continue reading A Chocolate State of 160 Mine
Its A Wrap-per
Published: 2018-1-31
Sharon Klein Graphic Design is pleased to announce that the new branding and chocolate packaging line designed for Ashanty Chocolates has begun production The 4 flavors 2 dark 2 milk are each hand wrapped in gold foil then a custom African inspired pattern printed on cotton silk fabric to create a very upscale impression Using secondary 8230 Continue reading Its a Wrap-per
Yes It s Legal
Published: 2017-9-01
Through a posting on one of my networks to get feedback about the Landmark Wild Chocolate Reserve logo I designed I connected with Tiffany Donaldson Esq We decided to meet for a one-on-one where she was inspired by the creative process and seeing the transformational work I have done for many of my clients Tiffany decided 8230 Continue reading Yes it 8217 s Legal
Chocolate s Wild Side 4 Is 1 Hey
Published: 2017-5-09
160 160 160 160 160 Thanks everyone for your feedback on the logo design for the Landmark Wild Chocolate Reserve We got responses all around the globe from Peru to Germany The clear winner was 4 way ahead of the rest by more than double 1 was second 5 was third 2 was fourth and 3 8230 Continue reading Chocolate s Wild Side 4 is 1 160 Hey
Chocolate s Wild Side
Published: 2017-3-18
Source Chocolate s Wild Side
Chocolate s Wild Side
Published: 2017-3-09
I m so excited to be working with Mark Christian on the logo for his new chocolate venture the Landmark Wild Chocolate Reserve This his organization finds preserves and exports the wildest chocolate on earth harvesting pockets of wild beans with exceptional chocolate flavor from the Amazon rain forest where cacao originated Sustainable harvesting saves this exceptional cacao from 8230 Continue reading Chocolate s Wild Side
The Design Of All Things
Published: 2017-1-06
In my day-to-day life I create graphic and digital designs but when I really look I see that design transcends all and applies to everything I do Even cooking Before the holidays I attended an evening of chocolate decorating on the Upper West Side at Voil Chocolat with the Harvard Women s Club of NY It was a chance to play and 8230 Continue reading The Design of All 160 Things
The Spirit Of Cacao Tasting
Published: 2016-10-27
This past Saturday was a bit cold and gloomy but not inside Back Label Wine Merchants cozy back room That is where 25 curious chocolate and spirits enthusiasts gathered to taste 8 new experiences from around the world Mark Christian of the C-Spot and the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund spoke about the chocolates and what makes them heirloom designation 8230 Continue reading The Spirit of Cacao 160 Tasting
Join Me Heirloom Chocolate And Spirits Pairing Saturday October 22nd 4-5 30 NYC
Published: 2016-10-19
I hope you can attend and please share this with friends its going to be fun Mark Christian founder of the C-spot com 38 Fund Director for HCP will join us to teach this class at Back Label Wine Merchants on Oct 22nd at 4pm Heirloom chocolates officially designated by HCP Heirloom Cacao Preservation will be showcased alongside spirits pairings by 8230 Continue reading Join Me Heirloom Chocolate and Spirits Pairing Saturday October 22nd 4-5 30 160 NYC