Responsible Parents 4 Education

My Dedication To Breast Cancer Awareness
Published: 2010-10-08
160 160 This is my dedication to Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Ribbons Colors of What Bra you are wearing or sending candles with Emails doesn 8217 t help It only makes it like a Hall Mark Day Maybe if people hear what it is like from an everyday person they would understand how important Breast Cancer 8230
Published: 2010-6-22
Excuse This House Author Unknown Some houses try to hide the fact That children shelter there Ours boasts it quite openly The signs are everywhere For smears are on the windows Little smudges are on the doors I should apologize I guess For toys strew on the floor But I sat down with 8230
Professionals And Confidentiality
Published: 2010-6-03
How would you feel if you trusted a professional such as a doctor lawyer or social worker with your personal information and they shared it with another person A person that happens to be their patient or client I know I would not be very happy about my Social Security number in the hands of someone I 8230
Parents Not Realizing The Needs Of Our Children
Published: 2010-5-24
Many times as adults we do not realize the needs of our children Often their needs get left behind Many think Not my child Responsible Parents for Education will be an organization where parents and their children can obtain the help they need The suicide rate eating disorders drug abuse and alcohol abuse are increasing 8230
Ethics Of A Licensed Certified Social Worker
Published: 2010-4-29
Ethics of a Social Worker Did you ever walk into a therapist 8217 s office and think he or she would need more help than you It 8217 s not as uncommon as you might think You might be asking yourself 8220 how could this be 8221 but it happens I know it happens because it happened to me When you 8230