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Reddy-Care Expertise- Highlighted In New York Times Once Again
Published: 2009-12-04
The December 1st edition of The New York Times included a health blog column entitled How To Prevent Stress Fractures which the Times calls one of the more pernicious injuries in sports Valuable insight from Allen Eshmoili s perspective as a physical therapist was included in comments that followed the column - Peter Burke
Reddy-Care Speaks
Published: 2009-12-01
Stephanie Sepe MSPT of Reddy-Care will provide an overview of physical therapy in a talk scheduled for the Mineola Public Library on Friday January 15 The presentation will take place at 1 00pm It is free of charge and all are welcome For information call us here at Reddy-Care - 516-829-0030
Thanksgiving Wishes From Reddy-Care
Published: 2009-11-25
Happy Thanksgiving to friends family patients and loyal followers of the Reddy-Care Physical Therapy Blog Enjoy the holiday
Reddy-Care Speaks
Published: 2009-11-24
Vinod Somareddy DPT will speak on the role of physical therapy in wellness for seniors to members of Floral Park AARP Chapter 5224 The talk will take place at 2 pm on Monday January 18 at the group s monthly meeting in the Floral Park Recreation Center The presentation is part of Reddy-Care s ongoing commitment and outreach to the surrounding community
Reddy-Care Report From The Private Practice Conference
Published: 2009-11-23
The American Physical Therapy Association s APTA Private Practice Section PPS recently held its annual conference I wanted to share a few thoughts on the conference with our friends colleagues and others who follow the Reddy-Care Blog It was another great PPS conference in glorious Colorado Springs It was great to see friends like Steve Anderson Carol Stillman Ed Ramsey and Kevin Flaherty- not to mention the best fellow PT-PAC-er raising more than 140K to support our profession The red coats rule This year PPS seemed to have an excellent mix of marketing courses practice management ideas and the big splash by Steve Levine and Helen Fearon with the OptimusPT program- bringing together EMR billing scheduling and ther-ex programs under one program It s wonderful to experience the evolution of the profession along with the minds of fellow practice owners all working to improve their practices through education and networking One thing that impressed me at this conference was the vast diversity of practices and the amazing ideas generated by fellow PTs Reddy-Care was represented well as VP of Public Relations Patrick Flynn and fellow owner wife Beata attended I can certainly say that learning with others enriches the experience and develops a bond of common ground for key practice members to work on I believe our thousands of miles of travel will benefit our patients staff and company as we strive toward our next phase of expansion I would recommend that all private practice owners give PPS a try - Vinod Somareddy DPT
Reddy-Care Speaks Vinod Somareddy To Address Great Neck REAP
Published: 2009-11-17
Vinod Somareddy DPT will be the featured speaker at the December meeting of Great Neck s REAP Retired Executves and Professionals group Vinod s presentation which will focus on physical therapy and its role in wellness is scheduled for 11am at REAP s meeting at the Cumberland School in Great Neck
Reddy-Care News - Orthopedic Certification Awarded To Allen Eshmoili
Published: 2009-11-17
Allen Esmoili PT MPT OCS CSCS VP of Operations at Reddy-Care has been certified as a clinical specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists Allen is one of 611 therapists certified in orthopedics in the United States this year and one of only 292 certified in New York State Congratulations Allen
Health News Updates From Reddy-Care- Muscle Strength And Lower Alzheimer s Risk
Published: 2009-11-10
A new study shows that older people with stronger muscles are at reduced risk of developing Alzheimer s disease A news dispatch from Reuters Health this week has cited a study conducted by the Rush Alzheimer s Disease Center in Chicago which found that the greater a person s muscle strength the lower the likelihood of an Alzheimers diagnosis over a four-year period Researcher Patricia A Boyle of the Center told Reuters that the study s findings support the link between physical health and cognition in aging and the importance of maintaining good physical function and strength For details on the study consult the November 9th Archives of Neurology
Reddy-Care Speaks
Published: 2009-11-03
As part of Reddy-Care s ongoing outreach initiative Vinod Somareddy DPT will address members of Manhasset s AARP chapter 1234 on Wednesday November 18 at 1 30 pm The presentation scheduled for the Congregational Church on Northern Boulevard will focus on the role of physical therapy in wellness for seniors
Reddy-Care Speaks
Published: 2009-10-23
Vinod Somareddy DPT was the guest speaker at the October 21st meeting of the Garden City Ski Club in New Hyde Park It was a lively pre-season discussion on effective conditioning to cut down on injuries It was a repeat visit for Vinod who enjoyed speaking to Club members last Spring Thanks to the Ski Club for your hospitality enthusiasm and great questions
Physical Therapy Month -Recognition For Reddy-Care
Published: 2009-10-20
Vinod Somareddy DPT and Reddy-Care were proud to be recognized recently by Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel in connection with National Physical Therapy Month Assemblywoman Schimel who represents the Great Neck area in the State Assembly in Albany presented Vinod with a citation acknowledging that he exemplifies the principles of contribution to community The Great Neck newspapers featured a photo of the presentation as well It was gratifying to the entire Reddy-Care family especially since Assemblywoman Schimmel was once a physical therapist herself
LifeOnLongIsland com - Long Island s Best Portal
Published: 2009-10-14
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Reddy-Care And Skiers- Prepare For The Slopes
Published: 2009-10-09
Vinod Somareddy DPT will conduct a pre-season presentation for members of the Garden City Ski Club at its October 21st meeting 8pm- 1000 Marcus Avenue New Hyde Park It will be a repeat performance for Vinod who spoke to the group last Spring His topics will cover preparing for ski season common ski injuries preventative measures and appropriate rehabilitation Founded nearly 70 years ago the GC Ski Club is a very active ski group on Long Island Stop by and get set for the season
In The News- Physical Therapy Month At Reddy-Care
Published: 2009-10-06
The lead story in today s web edition of Advance the nation s physical therapy news magazine is a feature on ways in which PT practices acrosss the country are celebrating Physical Therapy Month this October Included in the story are comments from Allen Eshmoili of Reddy-Care Allen describes the fun games patient involvement and education planned for the month The article quotes Allen - We wanted to make it a fun month for all the patients and raise awareness Eshmoili said PT Month is really all about patients It s a way of giving back to them and showing how much we appreciate them
Act 2- Reddy-Care s Expertise Highlighted In Newsday
Published: 2009-9-29
In Saturday s Newsday Act 2 section for seniors Allen Eshmoili of Reddy-Care provided some exercise tips to help with balance A number of patients have commented on seeing and enjoying the article
Preventing Falls- A Reminder
Published: 2009-9-22
Did you know that today September 22 is National Falls Prevention Awareness Day It s a good reminder for seniors and family members to take steps to make their homes safer and schedule a balance and falls assessment with a physical therapist
You re On The Air Reddy-Care On WFAN Sports Radio September 20
Published: 2009-9-17
Vinod Somareddy founder and president of Reddy-Care will be a guest on WFAN s Sports Edge radio program Sunday morning at 8 05 Hosted by Rick Wolff the popular show covers topics of interest to sports parents Sunday s discussion will focus on ACL injuries among female athletes- the causes preventative suggestions and proper rehab Tune in to Sports Radio 66 and hear Vinod shed light on these injuries which occur all too frequently to female athletes
Coming Up- Physical Therapy Month
Published: 2009-9-11
October is National Physical Therapy Month Watch this space for more details
Mark Your Calendars- Reddy-Care Speaks
Published: 2009-9-08
Members of AARP Chapter 3983 in New Hyde Park will hear from Reddy-Care on September 18 1 pm on the role of physical therapy in wellness for seniors Topics will include safe and effective exercise and physical activity for aging adults The event is part of Reddy-Care s ongoing community outreach initiative and will take place at Clinton G Martin Park in New Hyde Park
Reddy-Care Expertise Highlighted Once Again In The New York Times
Published: 2009-9-01
The August 25th edition of The New York Times in its ongoing Well Blog featured a story entitled An Easy Fix for Tennis Elbow The article discussed the range of traditional treatments for tennis elbow but also a more recent focus on the success of eccentric exercise The August 27th Times featured valuable input and suggestions on the subject from Allen Eshmoili PT MPT OCS CSCS of Reddy-Care I have long touted the benefits of eccentric exercise to treat tendonitis and I am glad to see this study being done Tim Tyler and the group at NISMAT did a great job with this study in creating an effective and creative way to treat Tennis Elbow One thing people with chronic tennis elbow should do is get checked out by a physical therapist to see if there are any underlying causes to the tennis elbow such as biomechanical faults in the shoulder or shoulder blade At Reddy-Care Physical Therapy in Great Neck we do a biomechanical assessment to root out the actual cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms This leads to lasting relief from pain and dysfunction rather than just a temporary fix to the symptoms By the way you don t have to be a tennis player to get tennis elbow I have treated many sedentary hairdressers teachers and construction workers with tennis elbow as well
Reddy-Care Insight- The New York Times
Published: 2009-8-26
The Well Blog in the August 19th edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES featured a story focusing on methods for healing hamstring and other injuries An insightful follow-up comment provided by Allen Eshmoili PT OCS of Reddy-Care was featured in the TIMES Study after study shows that eccentric muscle strengthening as mentioned in the article is very effective in healing all sorts of tendinitis from tennis elbow and rotator cuff to achilles tendon As a Physical Therapist at Reddy-Care Physical Therapy in Great Neck NY we use a combination of manual therapy treatments that work well together to speed up recovery Besides the traditional stretch and strengthen routine we use a technique called Strain-Counterstrain which helps facilitate healing by relaxing injured and spasmed muscles in 90 seconds The technique is pain free and usually allows the person to get out of the pain allowing the range of motion to be restored before beginning the strengthening phase Check it out on You Tube It s very cool By the way tendonitis is a misnomer Studies show that there really is no inflammatory process in the tissue itis but there is degeneration therefore the term should be tendinosis As a matter of fact stubborn chronic cases are best reated with surgical removal of the degenerated tissue after traditional rehab has failed So it s best to seek a physical therapist as soon as symptoms appear rather than wait-and-see
Schools Bells Are Ringing- Watch Your Kids Backs
Published: 2009-8-25
Summer is winding down The school year is looming Kids and parents are gearing up stuffing those familiar backpacks with heavy books and other supplies One thing to remember- and it is too often overlooked- is that heavy books and improperly worn backpacks can put kids at risk for back and shoulder injury The American Physical Therapy Association APTA recommends that children carry no more than 15 of their body weight on their backs Heed that advice and get the school year off to a safe start
Reddy-Care Speaks
Published: 2009-8-18
A presentation highlighting physical therapy and its role in wellness for seniors will take place at 10 15 am on Thursday September 24 at the Clearview Senior Center in Bayside Queens The Senior Center is located at 208-11 26th Avenue in Bayside The featured speaker will be Allen Eshmoili PT MPT OCS CSCS of Reddy-Care Allen s topics will include safe and effective exercise and physical activity for the aging adult He speaks frequently to senior groups on similar subjects For information call us at 516-829-0030 or the Senior Center at 718-224-7888
Shout-Out To AP Striders
Published: 2009-8-11
Last Thursday evening Dr Vinod Somareddy DPT addressed the August meeting of the AP Striders a walking running club based at Alley Pond Park in Bayside AP Striders is a community-based club started nearly 30 years ago There was a nice turnout on hand for the talk on a warm summer s night Topics included common runners injuries and ways to prevent or appropriately rehab them Everyone there including Vinod seemed to enjoy the lively Q A session Thanks to the AP Striders for being such great hosts
Seniors- Safeguarding Against Falls
Published: 2009-8-04
The Well Blog in a recent edition of The New York Times included an interesting story about the need for seniors to senior proof their homes The article raised some very legitimate concerns with so many accidents happening in the home Falls in particular are a very serious problem for seniors In fact they are the leading cause of injury deaths among people 65 years or older In the United States one of every three people this age falls each year Of all fractures from falls hip fractures cause the greatest number of deaths and lead to the most severe health problems In our physical therapy practice we regularly perform balance and risk of fall assessments for many of the seniors among our patients In addition we advise them to reduce their risk of falling by maintaining a regular program of exercise making the living area in their homes safer by removing tripping hazards and installing grab bars handrails and asking their doctors to review their medications to minimize side effects and interactions We recommend these steps to safeguard members of our senior population and are pleased to pass along any ingenious ideas for senior proofing homes to these patients - Vinod Somareddy DPT