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RadioJ Goes To Santos Party House In NYC
Published: 2009-12-02
Last month I went to Santos Party House in NYC and interviewed to great bands from the area EVE to Adam and The Bleeding Bombshells You can hear the noise of the city come to life in the background as the sirens blasted me in the ear check it our right now Plus some new music check out the play list below img src http b9 ac-images myspacecdn com 01411 97 71 1411031779 m jpg alt img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images02 103 150ba2c174f3409d937436388f96c52f m jpg alt Norwood 6 26 09Photo by Joel Zimmer http flickr com photos joelzimmer 1 Eve To Adam-Black Flag Days NY 2 Mr Bella-Cross my heart FL 3 Revenge Of The Dragon-Damn near NY 4 Eve To Adam- 2 pills NY 5 Diablo Royale-Resistance NY 6 Eve to Adam-151 NY 7 The Bleeding Bombshells-Paradise NY 8 Idiot-Lockjaw NY 9 Me Talk Pretty-Wake up wake up NY
Dinosaurs In Vietnam Show
Published: 2009-10-23
Will Forthman from the artist support collective known as Dinosaurs in Vietnam stopped by StudioJ to co-host and play music from up and coming artists Check it our right now You can also view this weeks play list img src http i24 photobucket com albums c33 Iamradioguy stegosinvietnam jpg border 0 alt Photobucket 1 El Rio Humano-Race of thieves NY 2 The Sonitus Revolution-Laius NY 3 Exemption-Friction NY 4 The Helicopter Goes KABOOM-Animal engines NY 5 Christian Peslak-Made my demise NJ 6 Bonus Eventus-End of the line NY 7 Tom Moran-Jelly bean ny RadioJ Premiere 8 The Banana Convention MI 9 Vision Through Sound-The Doldrums -edit NY 10 FFR-Move on NY BAND OF THE MONTH 11 The Bleeding Bombshells-We found Love NY BONUS TRACK
Band Of The Monthcontest And New Music Show
Published: 2009-10-06
It is now October and there is a RadioJ band of the month but what about November Want to find out more listen to the show also alot of new music Check it out right nowPlay list1 Morgeus Garvin-overload Sweden 2 Eve to adam-151 NY 3 Diablo Royale-Nothing good NY 4 The Material-Before this ship goes down CA 5 Lansdowne-I ll see you again MA 6 Tangents-Arrow in the heart RI MA7 Lopan-Dragline OH 8 Tenpoint-Killing me NY 9 Symptom 7-Trip NY 10 FFR-Still h ours NY 11 Big City Lights Wrecking Ball NY 12 Tragic Orange-Soul bound NY 13 ChibaKen what do we do now CA 12 Five Star Iris-Where Are We now GA 13 Diet Kong-Coma motor inn NY 14 Gina Cutillo-Like you know NY
Shadows Lie Show
Published: 2009-10-01
Here is the Shadows Lie interview that I did over the Summer This all took place at tech 9 studios This is a very special show as you will hear it before what may possible be Shadows Lie s final performance at The Crash Mansion on October 17th Check it out right now img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images02 23 add92fe7c8b04297bcc2915dbfd41bba m jpg alt Photo by Nikolas Redzaj
The Fearless Interview
Published: 2009-9-10
After months of talking about it it s finally here A couple of months ago The Fearless stopped by the show check it our right now img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images02 8 2fb4b1134a5143eb8970f8f3e082b148 m jpg alt
The After Anniversary Show show
Published: 2009-8-31
It s been a couple of months since I did a show I have not forgotten about a few interviews that I have not been posted yet they will be up soon The RadioJ 2 yr anniversary just happened this past Saturday I was very happy with it The video footage should be up sometime this week on www radiojshow com This particular shoow was recorded the day of the anniversary I have alot of great new music as well as music from the three bands that participated in the show Check it all out right now img style float left margin 0 10px 10px 0 cursor pointer cursor hand width 258px height 320px src http 4 bp blogspot com vXyEozjdu8M SpvHhSX1j6I AAAAAAAAAFM o9v9z8XvFuI s320 theJflyer3 jpg border 0 alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5376109954878246818
Genre Clash Show
Published: 2009-6-26
n 6 27 09 we will Genre Clashwhich is taking place at The Nutty Irishman in Bayshore The show features acts of different music hence the name Members of Conceptual Elements Argotech Revenge Of The Dragon and They Fall to Pieces stopped by These bands and more will be performing at Genre Clash Hear what everyone had to say img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images02 107 6156a1593eb341d68d3c163cd4b744ad m jpg alt
The BorgoPass Show
Published: 2009-6-08
So it has been about a month since I had a new show up Recently the band Borgopass stopped by the studio along with my special guest co-host Rich from Charetta May s Band Of The Month Finally the show is up so don t be confused when you hear me say it s May and it is actually June If you are can t help you there So hear it is Coming soon The Fearless The Long awaiting Craving Strange interview and more img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images01 100 f5b36d0c35373eadc7dd37bba2086474 m jpg alt
RadioJ Auralfix Take Over Show With Bound By Substance
Published: 2009-4-28
This week I was supposed to have the Craving strange and Cast In Shadows show up however thats not the cast this week So to hold you over here is the show I did over the weekend with Mike Ferrari on his Auralfix Transmission show on www mywcwp com I helped Mike interview Bound By Substance well no I actually took over the entire show check it out right now
All New Music Show
Published: 2009-4-10
No interviews this week So instead its all about new music from different local unsigned and indi label bands I also have a play list enjoy Next Podcast will feature the long awaited Craving Strange Show They happen to be the RadioJ-April Band Of The Month 1 Chiba-Ken-Paradise Lost2 A Farewell Fire-Dim The Light3 Surviving Sunrise-Domino4 Stranger In Arms-Its Been A Mess Since New Years5 Korotory-Transmogrify6 Silent Fate-Burned7 Soul Made Visible-Funeral Pyre8 Borgopass-The Dog Knows Better9 Black Suite Youth-Hot Summers In Hi-Fi10 Conceptual Elements-Sweet Heady Poetry11 Cast In Shadows-Circles12 Craving Strange BAND OF THE MONTH -Tonight We Die For13 Gambit-All The Time In the World 14 Talionis-Stigma
Chiba-Ken CD Release Show
Published: 2009-3-25
Chiba-Ken is releasing their CD Hard To Be Human tomorrow on March 26th at Mulchahey s in Wantaugh Tonight you have the chance to hear a few new songs off of the new Cd before you can buy it Chiba-Ken is also in studio to discuss Hard to be Human Check it out right now img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images02 1 ce263d451d9f44d881a3b1864f9adf7a m jpg alt Chiba-Ken img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images02 105 1507e401a69a4d45a960885ac290f495 m jpg alt Front cover of Hard To Be Human
Farther From Resolution Show
Published: 2009-3-22
The Farther From resolution show is finally up The guys stopped by to talk about their yet to be released new CD and what not I also threw in some great music from other great local unsigned bands as well including Cast in Shadows and Ready Jet just to name a few img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images01 101 653548ec7f108a3f529a1b6fd1f5ed06 m jpg alt
Vision Through Sound Show
Published: 2009-2-23
The Vision Through Sound show is Finally up so check it out right now img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images01 74 1a748b506aa24fa6fbab61430e388ac2 m jpg alt
The Special RadioJ Fresh Music Series
Published: 2009-2-09
On Saturday Feb 7th I did a show with Bruce the head oof the Longisland Podcast network we combined our shows together to bring you a show featuring different local bands that we have played on our individual shows Hope you enjoy this show The Vision Through sound show will be up very soon
Charetta Show
Published: 2009-2-05
Finally an all new Radio J show the day before the big early BirthJ Extravaganza This week Charetta stops by to hang out Also playing brand new music from the band before the release of their CD img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images02 42 7d3deb14c8b34d0cbd458ffdc31f67ff m jpg alt photo by Gladys Lafrossia make-up by Anna Nasso edited by V2S editing
Dirty Bath Water Show
Published: 2009-1-17
A few weeks ago Dirty Bath Water stopped by and hung out Check out the show right now You can also click the link below img src http hotlink myspacecdn com images01 73 4f0ccded259d28803b5326adb7c50c2e m gif alt our new album IN stores April 4th hahaha img src http img89 imageshack us img89 8374 radiojimagelinkld6 jpg
The EXemption Show
Published: 2008-12-12
img style float left margin 0 10px 10px 0 cursor pointer cursor hand width 320px height 246px src http 3 bp blogspot com vXyEozjdu8M SUNKHRhoxII AAAAAAAAAEU juG77Yc18mg s320 radiojheader jpg border 0 alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5279144677032379522 img style float left margin 0 10px 10px 0 cursor pointer cursor hand width 320px height 251px src http 4 bp blogspot com vXyEozjdu8M SUNJ-MH23yI AAAAAAAAAEM oy7XzP284BA s320 exemption1 jpg border 0 alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5279144520963252002 This week the December band of the month Exemption is here in studio We talk about their latestest EP and more You also have a chance to hear a new song before the band releases it Check it out right now on RadioJ radio for the scene
RadioJ New Music Show Part 1
Published: 2008-11-18
Tonight is part one of 2 shows taking place this week the first show is all about new music Thje second fetures an amazing new rock band Enjoy 1 Charretta-On the line2 Madison Ambush-Sillohettes and telephones3 Dirty Bathwater-Sorbett Blend4 STEM-Natural Sun5 Killcode-6am6 Single Spade-Here in my Eyes 7 Vaeda-Breathe8 Craving Strange-Tonight We die for9 Arbor Lights-Falling forward10 A Farewell Fire-Anybody11 Bhive-Devil in a white dress12 Cortez The Killer-Make a move13 Tat-Pessimist14 Surviving Sunrise Domino
Published: 2008-10-06
1 Vision Through Sound-Now that doesn t make sense2 Fastizio-The fix is in3 Exemption-bleeding blue4 Bound By Substance-Garden state prison5 Code Anchor-Lonley Savior6 Charetta-Too far in7 5North-Anyone8 Korro-Guilty one time only 9 Seer-Mechanical10 Vaeda-Asleep at the wheel11 All Grown Up-The physics of point break12 Bombers-One foot in the grave and the other on the banana peel13 Arbor Lights-Falling forward
Back From Hitatus Tonsalitis Show
Published: 2008-8-21
RadioJ is finally back with an all new episode I was on hiatus for a bit thanks to a week of tonsillitis but I m back with a block of local bands from the warped tour the band of the month and some RADIOJ premiers check them out right now 1 Blameshift-The Sirens are set2 Me Talk Pretty-Half of Me3 The Mercurial-The 2 year old man4 TV TV-Let it go5 TAT-Pessimistic6 Dead Legend-Not alone7 Vision Through Sound-Po-tee-weet Band Of The Month 8 Anna Yvette The Ohms-Resolution9 Paging Grace-All you re made of10 Bound By Substance RadioJ Premiere 11 Bound By Substance RadioJ Premiere 12 Apophenia-Charon radioj extra 13 Sonic Bliss-Sahara
The Show That Shpould Of Happend Already
Published: 2008-7-21
This show was supposed to be a preview to the RadioJ 1 yr anniversary show that took place last week also references to the Great South Bay music fest that already happend as well So its a couple of weeks late but here it is Plus tons of brand new music 1 The Fearless-Birthday cake2 Show Me Action-Sebastian and the islands3 Vaeda-All for you4 Facing The Sun-Decent from the throne5 Rage From With in-Blood christ6 Circadian Schism -Killing Circus7 Tauk-Eva8 Camera Head Shark-Help me out 9 Farther From Resolution-Move on10 Soul Made Visible-Funeral Pyre11 Chiba-Ken-The funeral12 A Farewell Fire-RX
RadioJ All New
Published: 2008-6-29
It s been almost month since I posted a show ell here it is an all new RadioJ enjoy1 Surving sunrise-Domino2 Tenstrong-I defy3 Wilbur-Red dress4 Black Suit you th East of Eden5 Tv Tv-Get it Get it6 Anna Ivette -Cellar door7 Exemption-Bleeding Blue8 12 eyes-Ride home9 John Wilkes Booth-Eye Rack10 Irridencence Don t Say11 Farther From Resolution-Stay12 Soul Made Visible-Repent13 Chiba-Ken-The War14 A Farewell Fire-Burden of the blame15 Soma-Living experiment
Published: 2008-12-10
img style float left margin 0 10px 10px 0 cursor pointer cursor hand src http 1 bp blogspot com vXyEozjdu8M SDuSVbQOpCI AAAAAAAAACc yFYXJ7iB4PU s320 tensbtt jpg border 0 alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5204914691147473954 Finally your chance to hear new songs from Tenstrong s new album The break Through Tragedy before their cd release party on Friday night Also hear from the band before they left for tour previously recorded of course Hear it right now1 Tenstrong-Karma2 Tenstrong-I Defy3 Tenstrong-Charade4 Tenstrong-Believe Me
Soul Made Visible Show
Published: 2008-5-25
img src http i24 photobucket com albums c33 Iamradioguy smv jpg border 0 alt Photobucket Before The release of The Innocence Lost is released Soul Made Visible stops by to premier a few songs 1 Soul Made Visible- Funeral Pyre2 Dormitory Effect-Let this cease3 Soul Made Visible-Piece of mind4 John Wilkes-The albino mechanic5 Soul Made Visible-Innocence lost6 West Nyle-Jezebel7 Soul Made Visible-Enjoy the ride
Rage From Within Show
Published: 2008-12-10
img style float left margin 0 10px 10px 0 cursor pointer cursor hand src http 4 bp blogspot com vXyEozjdu8M SDolGbQOpBI AAAAAAAAACU 3urRI4ifVq8 s320 rfwpic jpg border 0 alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5204513111705297938 For Memorial weekend I m giving you two shows in one night starting with the Rage From With In Interview 1 Rage From Within-Blood Christ2 Borgopass-14 days that killed me slow3 Rage From Within-Betrayed4 John Wilkes Booth-L I P loneliness is pure 5 Rage From Within-Killing Zone6 Castrofate-Awakening of the beat7 Rage From Within-20128 Circadian Skizm-Killing Circus