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Independent Contractors Is It Worth The Risk
Published: 2011-4-27
The title of this post is not intended to impugn the skill and knowledge of Independent Contractors but to have you a business owner question the risk of misclassifying an employee as an Independent Contractor in an attempt to save some money It is true you can save some money by using an Independent Contractor instead 8230
A Business Owner s Legal Primer What Should The Business Owner Know Part II
Published: 2011-4-26
I am going to continue from the last post and go into some more detail about issues that come up right at the beginning You are forming a company with your best friend and decide that you don 8217 t need any agreements between yourselves Say goodbye to your best friend Agreements protect both sides and your 8230
A Business Owner s Legal Primer What Should The Business Owner Know
Published: 2011-4-25
Our firm is having a seminar on May 11 2011 that will cover highlights of what business owners should know about their legal issues It seemed like a good time to write an article that covers the same topic Quite often in my practice I get a new client when they are already in trouble because 8230
Start The Year Off Right
Published: 2010-12-27
The start of the year is upon us Do we continue with the mistakes we made this past year or do we take stock and decide to change that which is in our power to change The first step is to realize what mistakes we made Without knowing what is wrong there is no hope 8230
Verbal Contracts Are They Worth The Paper They Are Printed On
Published: 2010-10-13
We enter into verbal contracts all the time in our everyday life and never think twice about it When your spouse offers to wash the dishes if you take out the garbage and you agree you have entered into a verbal contract What are the issues and consequences however of entering into a verbal contract 8230
Protecting Your Business Contracts And Business Practices
Published: 2010-7-07
Having good contracts and smart business practices could save your business money and aggravation