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A Surprising Cause Of Weight Gain
Published: 2015-1-11
If Calorie deficit were all there were to weight loss it would be simple - just eat a little less exercise a little more nbsp As many dieters find out the hard way simply counting Calories does not lead to lasting weight loss nbsp One often overlooked reason is that more than ever chemicals in your food can influence how your body uses that food Obesogens are chemicals in food drugs and or the environment that affect the way your body metabolizes fat and glucose Some examples of the many type of obesogens are pesticides non-stick pans antibiotics antidepressants diabetes medications artificial sweeteners MSG GMO s BPA in canned food plastics the lining of microwavable popcorn bags and soy protein The mechanisms by which they make you fat are many - they can Increase appetite cravingsIncrease insulin secretion and fat storageCause your fat cells to multiply or store more fatInhibit muscle protein synthesisDecrease thyroid functionAnd moreThink about this nbsp Factory farmed animals are given hormones and antibiotics to fatten them up quickly nbsp Those same hormones and antibiotics end up in you if you eat conventionally produced meat GMO crops are cultivated to withstand heavy pesticide spraying nbsp Many pesticides are estrogen mimics that cause hormone disruption nbsp They are also fat soluble and hide out in your adipose tissue Pay attention to what you eat not how how much in order to avoid weight gain
You Are What You Eat And What You Put On Your Skin
Published: 2013-7-24
We know we need to eat organic whenever possible to be sure we are not ingesting GMO and even if food is not GMO toxic pesticides and other chemicals nbsp Most of these chemicals are fat soluble so they linger in our body fat for a long time But did you know that our skin is a virtual sponge for anything lipid soluble nbsp The naturally produced oils and sebum form a protective barrier on our outer skin layer epidermis that protect us against pathogens and other inorganic toxins we normally come into contact with nbsp Inorganic toxins that is they are not hydrocarbons which all lipids are therefore do not readily penetrate the protective lipid barrier of our skin epidermis so our intact skin is our first line of defense against environmental bacteria viruses etc Most conventional cosmetics contain organic substances that can however penetrate our protective lipid barrier and become systemic nbsp One notable example are parabens used as a preservative which are estrogen mimics and can disrupt our hormonal function and possibly contribute to cancer promotion nbsp Many natural products contain herbs and other plant essences which if not organic likely have been sprayed with pesticide nbsp Many commercial pesticides belong to the category of organophosphates which are lipid soluble can be absorbed by the skin and are neurotoxins nbsp And are found in conventional produce It so happens that there are more and more non-toxic and or less toxic alternatives these days fyi a little chemistry review nbsp - Organic refers to either Plants grown without pesticides and other toxic chemicals OR chemicals that are hydrocarbons such as fatty acids nbsp Inorganic refers to chemicals such as minerals which are not hydrocarbons as opposed on NON-organic which refers to conventionally grown produce
Aspartame Is Poison
Published: 2013-3-04
Too much sugar is bad for you but just a little aspartame is poison Big Corporate wants you to buy aspartame and wants you to believe the flawed studies most of which are funded by the industry that conclude that its perfectly safe It is not Aspartame is composed of two amino acids phenylalanine and aspartate joined together by a methanol molecule Phenylalanine and aspartate are obtained naturally from healthful sources of protein and are perfectly good for you when ingested this way But in isolated form - they act as neurotoxins They upset your brain chemistry Methanol is oxidized to formaldehyde in our bodies and is toxic to the eyes and nervous system We safely ingest tiny amounts of methanol as a component of natural foods which is completely different than obtaining it in isolated form Phenylalanine is also dangerous for a small minority of people born with the genetic error of metabolism called phenylketonuria Aspartame readily breaks down into its component amino acids and methanol in the gastrointestinal tract when stored at 85 degrees farenheit or above and when used in heated or cooked foods The manufacturers of aspartame want you to buy their little yellow and blue packets and the processed food industry wants you to buy their artificially sweetened fake foods to keep you hooked on the sweet taste of addictive junk food Aspartame is hidden in many foods protein drinks gum medications and supplements - check your labels Artificial sweeteners in general are also associated with weight gain If you want a little sweetener in your tea coffee or oatmeal - a tiny bit of natural sweetener is much better for you All artificial sweeteners including sucralose Splenda acesulfame-K and the old standby saccharin are toxic But aspartame is by far the worst
What Is Worse Than Osteoporosis
Published: 2012-10-22
Fosamax Boniva and other drugs in the same class bisphosphonates are promoted in the media as a way to reverse osteoporosis but are yet another pharmaceutical nightmare despite what the celebrity promoters on TV say Adverse effects include ulcerations of the mucus membranes esophageal cancer osteonecrosis bone death of the jaw bone pain atypical fractures nbsp flu-like reactions and permanently brittle bones Bone tissue undergoes constant turnover continually maintaining a balance of breaking down and rebuilding in order to keep the bone tissue new and healthy As hormone levels decrease particularly in women the balance shifts to favor breakdown and the net effect is a decline in bone mineral density Big pharma puts a clever spin on their marketing of bisphosphonates by claiming that they slow bone breakdown alluding to an effect of preservation of bone mass and resultant reduction in fractures That is indeed the mechanism of action but unfortunately it is not a good one Old bone is supposed to break down to make room for new bone So it is easy to deduce that interfering with normal bone remodeling will lead to trouble The treatment is an example of transiently manipulating lab values in this case a higher measurable bone mineral density The problem is that these values indicate a higher density of old bone which is unhealthy weak brittle bone And the mutations can be permanent To make matters worse - the bisphosphonates are now available in once yearly injections - so that they cannot be cleared from the body if when severe side effects occur so they proceed unchecked Osteoporosis is a serious painful and potentially life threatening condition especially in genetically susceptible women that needs to be addressed - but bisphosphonates are not the solution 1 2 The only effective ways to address this condition are via a balanced intake of nutrients exercise and in some women bioidentical hormone therapy NOT Premarin nbsp Calcium on its own is not effective and can result in calcification of the arteries 1 Otto S et al Osteoporosis and bisphosphates-related osteonecrosis of the jaw Not just a sporadic coincidence - a multi-centre study Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery 2010 2 Isaacs JD et al Femoral insufficiency fractures associated with prolonged bisphosphanate therapy Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2010 This post is not intended as medical advice Please consult with your personal physician if you are concerned about your condition nbsp This information is also not intended for those taking Zometa or similar drugs for the treatment of bone cancers
Death By Corporate
Published: 2012-10-21
If you have a sedentary job you need to read this Sitting for several consecutive hours puts the body in fat storing mode increases stress hormone synthesis encourages insulin resistance and diabetes and induces blood pooling in the extremities which increases the risk of blood clots and impedes cognitive functions Even if you have a gym membership and go there faithfully three times a week you will not undo the damage that sitting all day can cause This damage has even been given a name Its called Sedentary Death Syndrome 1 If you are an employee and happen to work for a progressive company that recognizes the dangers of being unfit and overweight then lucky you If not then perhaps you could show this article to your employer If you are the employer then please seriously consider how you can learn to help yourself as well as your staff live healthy lives despite the pressures of the new economy There are ways to reverse and prevent this very real danger with properly executed exercise techniques nutrition and a few changes in mindset Booth FW Sedentary Death Syndrome Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology 2004 29 4 444-446 review
Statin Drugs Do Harm Not Cholesterol
Published: 2012-9-29
Statin drugs Crestor Lipitor etc are widely promoted not for the benefit of patients but to support the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry They are even being prescribed for children These drugs can be dangerous And newer studies indicate that with regard to preventing cardiovascular disease they don t work The goal in medical settings these days is to get so called bad cholesterol in LDL as low as possible Standards for normal levels have been artificially lowered by the drug companies who dictate to doctors There is no such thing as bad cholesterol except when it s oxidized Cholesterol is cholesterol whether it is carried in the LDL s or HDL s The findings of low HDL s and high levels of small particle LDL s may have significance with regard to heart disease but is a separate topic and not treatable by statins nbsp Cholesterol is necessary for health It is a component of cell membranes steroid hormones bile acids vitamin D and myelin It participates in the immune system nbsp It is normal and desirable for levels to moderately increase as we age Extremely high cholesterol levels can be indicative of a rare genetic variant called familial hypercholesterolemia which is found in about 1 out of 500 people and is not the focus of this post Very high serum cholesterol is most commonly a sign of inflammation somewhere in the cardiovascular system When there is inflammation in the cardiovascular system cholesterol is one of several components sent by the body to help repair the damage This can be life-saving in the short term but unfortunately when the calcified cholesterol-containing plaque patch sticks around a while it can oxidize igniting a free radical chain reaction nbsp An old calcified plaque patch can eventually break off leading to a stroke or a heart attack The way to prevent a stroke or heart attack is not to reduce cholesterol but to address the cause of very high levels Otherwise damage in the arteries proceeds unchecked Plaque formation may be reduced but the blood vessel continues to deteriorate nbsp To make matters worse - statins have recently been shown to increase calcification within the blood vessels Statin drugs not only don t solve the cause of cardiovascular damage but the drugs directly damage the muscles kidneys liver heart lens of the eye nervous system including the brain and endocrine systems The association with increased calcification of the arteries may be involved with nbsp the dementia often seen as a side effect nbsp They obliterate the body s synthesis of a very important vitamin-like chemical called Coenzyme Q-10 This is detrimental especially for the heart even with supplementation nbsp Supplements cannot really compensate for wiping out the body s own supply In addition to the damage that statins can cause directly reducing cholesterol levels too much throughout the body is unhealthy and associated with reduced immunity cancer hormonal issues neuropathies dementia and more The standards of normal have been manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry so that they can get everyone on statins Extremely high LDL-C levels especially when concurrent with low HDL s are a symptom not a direct cause of a situation in the body that needs to be addressed by lifestyle food intake and exercise Getting the numbers down may seem like a victory as far as the doctor is concerned but addressing a symptom only masks a bigger problem and is not the same as eliminating a disease process That is why statin drugs have not been shown by any well designed and properly analyzed study to improve cardiovascular health in the long term nor reduce the rate of death from cardiovascular disease This post is not intended as medical advice Please consult with your personal physician if you are concerned about your condition Golumb BA Evans MA nbsp Statin nbsp adverse effects nbsp a review of the literature and evidence for a mitochondrial mechanism American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs 2008
Our Animal Friends Deserve The Best
Published: 2012-9-04
If a food is not pure enough for you to eat then it is not good enough for your pets either nbsp So should you cook for your dog or cat Many well-meaning people who love their companion animals have been seriously misled by the pet-food industry Commercial dog and cat food is classified as unfit for human consumption for a reason The appetizing savory beef lamb or chicken shown on the labels of familiar brands of canned and dried dog food is really nowhere to be found in the product Most pet food is made from meat by-products which consist of discarded and often decaying body parts like ears cartilage hoofs intestines etc from slaughterhouses rancid fats meat from diseased animals often from sources that you would probably rather not know about toxic preservatives and other chemicals synthetic vitamins inorganic minerals plus taurine for cats and artifical thickeners in place of natural nutrients In other words nothing is wasted by the pet food industry if it can make a profit This garbage which this stuff literally is is then mixed with cheap fillers - GMO soy and dirty moldy grains such as corn and wheat - ingredients that are not at all healthful for dogs and cats to begin with and are in addition loaded with pesticides and fungicides There are cleaner organic and more healthful alternatives available that are better than nbsp supermarket brands but even these foods especially dry foods can contain ingredients that are not natural components of a dog or cat s diet If you have a parrot there are a few halfway decent bird seed brands if you know what to look for nbsp Avoid pellets extruded grain and soy products and supermarket brand seeds tainted with mold and pesticides nbsp However birds need other foods to supplement their seed intake So yes you can cook for your pets and they would be better off for it But be aware that there are certain foods that although healthful for humans can be toxic to your furry feathered friends For example don t feed your dog or cat grapes raisins chocolate onions They do usually enjoy and benefit from supplementing their meat with greens and carrots There are many so-called human foods that are beneficial for birds such as clean organic carrots lettuce and peppers but don t feed your parrot budgie avocado or vegetables from the cabbage family including broccoli
GMO 101
Published: 2012-8-31
Why avoid GMO Genetically modified organisms are foods that have had foreign genes inserted into their DNA to give them traits that are not native to the species For example some genetically modified plants contain DNA that has been modified to cause the plant to repel pests More likely it has been modified to withstand heavy spraying of herbicides or pesticides - chemicals made by the same company that sells GMO seeds - such as MonsantoDNA codes for proteins Modified DNA has the potential to code for unnatural proteins that can cause health problems in those that can consume them including life-threatening allergies and possibly cancer GMO can grow into foods with altered nutritional value or toxic properties The pollen containing DNA from genetically modified crops is blown by the wind to other fields contaminating normal crops and altering the natural environment Genetically modified fish seafood tampered with in order to grow bigger faster will eventually breed with natural fish creating strange mutations that are irreversible causing natural fish to become extinct The salmon frankenfish has been approval by the FDA but so far its distribution is being held up by the US Congress pending further study Some GMO seeds particularly the soybean seeds sold by Monsanto are programmed to self-destruct forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year from this biotech giant GMO do not have to be labeled in the United States nbsp Monsanto is spending a lot of money to fight pending labeling legislation Many European nations have banned genetically modified crops or have at least imposed labeling laws on the few approved GMOCorn and soy are two crops that are most likely to be genetically modified 90 That means that anything made with these crops most likely contain GMO such as high fructose corn syrup bakery items condiments frozen dinners fast food soymilk cereal canned vegetables and more The only way to avoid GMO with any certainty is to buy organic foods which are prohibited by law to be genetically modifed The only way to prevent these organisms from eventually contaminating even organically grown food is to refuse to buy them and decrease demand
Saturated Fat Is Not Bad For You
Published: 2012-8-20
Eating saturated fat does not cause cardiovascular disease This is not newly discovered information and it never made scientific sense to begin with nbsp Studies found in the peer-reviewed medical journals are actually often poorly designed or misinterpreted even by the researchers themselves in order to support the financial interests of those funding them such as pharmaceutical companies and the processed food industry Analyses of studies examining the relationship of saturated fatty acids and heart disease have been grossly off the mark since the 1950 s nbsp Ancel Keyes a well known epidemiologist of his time examined cohort studies from 7 countries and concluded that diets high in saturated fats and cholesterol cause heart disease and that substituting vegetable oils was protective nbsp He has since been criticized for extracting only data that could be manipulated to support his hypothesis while ignoring data that contradicted his premise There is much more convincing evidence that vegetable oils which contain pro-inflammatory omega-6 and sugar are two of the main dietary contributors to heart disease nbsp Vegetable oils and sugars are often used in place of saturated fat in prepared foods nbsp Saturated fats unlike polyunsaturated oils are stable during cooking nbsp Some saturated fats such as the short chain fatty acids found in butter and coconut may have medicinal value Dietary cholesterol as well absolutely does not pose a health risk to 499 500 people nbsp Yolks are the most healthful part of the egg nbsp The study about egg yolks that has been in the news lately which was financed by several pharmaceutical companies used ridiculously poor methodology and should be ignored The only nutritional downside to animal fat is that factory farmed animals live in very toxic conditions nbsp Toxins including injected drugs like hormones and antibiotics are stored in the adipose tissue Siri-Tarino PW Sun Q Hu FB Krauss RM Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2010 91 3 535-46
Why Diets Don t Work
Published: 2012-8-12
Did you know that barring certain metabolic disorders your body has a built-in Calorie counter nbsp An assortment of hormones and brain chemicals work together to tell your body what it needs to replace the energy Calories it expends every day nbsp This mechanism works best in active people who eat real food Once you go on a diet your built in Calorie counter takes its first hit nbsp First of all when the body senses a potential famine it will tenaciously defend its fat stores nbsp The weight you lose is mostly water muscle and glycogen nbsp When you start eating as you did before you will quickly replace the glycogen and water and you will now store more of what you eat as fat nbsp This is a protective mechanism nbsp You will not replace the muscle mass and this will result in a lower metabolic rate nbsp The only way to remedy the loss of muscle is resistance training fueled by a proper food intake Here are a few other ways that dieting can make you fat nbsp The sweet taste of artificial sweeteners alters insulin metabolism so that you store more food as fat nbsp Restricted eating behaviors can signal to your brain that you are fat and your body will comply in many cases nbsp Processed low-calorie low-fat foods provide little satiety value and can make you chronically hungry nbsp Excessive food restriction does not provide the amino acids and energy to get proper results from exercise
Soy Is Toxic
Published: 2012-8-08
Soy protein is toxic particularly if it is unfermented even if it is organic and not genetically modified most soy is GMO That means soymilk and derivatives like yogurt frozen desserts and cheese tofu edamame meat substitutes roasted soynuts the filler and flavor enhancers in processed foods and soybean flour are not good for you The toxins are numerous the isoflavones genestein and daidzein which are potent goitrogens thyroid disruptors and estrogens endocrine disruptors protease inhibitors that impede digestion and cause pancreatic dysfunction oxalates and phytates that impede mineral absorption and neurotoxins such as high levels of manganese Also despite what the ads say soy is not a source of quality protein and can stress your kidneys It is hidden in processed foods and commercial pet foods Most baby formulas are made with soymilk Many years ago soy was not considered a food but was used only as a nitrogen fixative in soil It was only cultivated as a food by people of ancient China who were experiencing serious shortages of dietary protein It was referred to as the poor man s cow and it was better than nothing nbsp nbsp However back then mostly fermented soy was eaten The process of fermentation as with making soy sauce deactivates some of the toxins If you insist on eating soy tempeh to me it is just moldy soybeans miso and natto a source of certain vitamins but supposedly tastes vile it is probably safe in moderation nbsp Too much soy sauce though can act like MSG The negative effects of soy have been known for many years I actually became aware back in the 70 s after I experienced adverse effects from experimenting with it Big Corporate successfully marks it as a health food because it is cheap to produce and is a financial goldmine