Notes from the Attic

Our Top Ten Favorite Purple Hair Color Looks For Fall
Published: 2018-9-24
Purple is one of the most versatile shades out there when you want to go with an 8220 unnatural 8221 shade From pretty pastels to jewel-toned deep violets with vivid color that 8217 s the center of attention purple makes a statement without saying a word The shades of purple are almost endless Deep violets can blend beautifully into 8230
Nail Art For Oddballs
Published: 2017-12-24
Making your nails look cool can be hard Designs that look good on one hand tend to look a little sketchy on your dominant hand You can get them done professionally sure but that can get pricy and when that first chip happens So you 8217 ll be happy to hear that we have some awesome solutions 8230
Stylish Spoonie Stuff
Published: 2017-12-22
If you 8217 re like me you forget to take your pills with you All The Time And guess what If you forget your pills they DON 8217 T WORK VERY WELL So to help combat this huge issue we 8217 ve just added some ridiculously cute pill boxes to the shop 160 160 160 How cute are those They all 8230
It s Been A While
Published: 2017-12-19
As you know this is a tiny operation Largely a one-man show and I being that man have about 19 other jobs so Attic stuff not orders but social media things sometimes fall by the wayside But we 8217 re back with the blog here and figured hey you might wanna know about our Holiday Schedule We will 8230
This Just In
Published: 2017-4-25
Looking for new swim tops and leggings We 8217 ve got em Check em out
Negan Really Ladies
Published: 2017-3-15
Every so often I 8217 ll hit up a horror or comic con and I 8217 ve noticed something odd with the cosplayers of late There are a LOT of women dressed up as Negan from The Walking Dead Yeah that guy I gotta say ladies I 8217 m utterly baffled by this choice Negan is an unrepentant asshole and generally an 8230
How s Everyone Doing
Published: 2017-2-03
Historically this blog has been a place to hawk our various wares talk about hair tv and sometimes even zucchini but right now it 8217 s getting hard to be pithy We 8217 re spending a lot of time like this Honestly it 8217 s ugly So what can you do to keep current on what 8217 s going on and yet not 8230
Another Women s March Story- Meggan Wornek
Published: 2017-1-26
We 8217 re trying to do our part in the resistance by sharing stories essays and photos from people who attended the Women 8217 s March or who simply feel strongly about what 8217 s going on in our country right now Our freak flags don 8217 t mean we have nothing to say Quite the opposite This piece by Meggan Wornek 160 The 8230
We re Having A GET WOKE Giveaway
Published: 2017-1-26
Amalthea here Things are rough kids I not gonna lie it 8217 s getting scary out there Unfortunately as a spoonie and just a year out of my transplant marching isn 8217 t really a physical option right now erhaps in the future though I 8217 ll have to talk to doctors about it So what 8217 s a freaked out gal who 8217 s worried 8230
More Hairdye Q A
Published: 2017-1-24
I know You guys thought we 8217 d veered off into politics forever Nope just sometimes The world is scary and we have feelings about it But you know what else we have feelings about YOUR QUESTIONS Seriously the idea of you guys being kept up at night by hair dying questions leaves us cold So we 8217 re 8230