Monica Bennett

Come Over To The Wild Side
Published: 2020-10-15
8220 Hard Times Requires Furious Dancing 8221 Alice Walker Some people have decided to buckle up for safety because life has become bumpy The ride has been quite wild the last eight or more months So much uncertainty So much unpredictability I can certainly understand people wanting to hold tight protect and keep safe from a world 8230 The post Come Over to the Wild Side first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
Get Ready To Rumble
Published: 2020-10-06
It s time for us to join the line of the madmen all chained together Time to be totally free and estranged To set fire to structures and run out in the street Time to ferment How else can we leave the world-vat and go to the lip We must die to become true human beings 8230 The post Get Ready to Rumble first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
The Seventh Generation
Published: 2020-9-15
Iroquois Confederacy Constitution The Tree of Peace The Seventh Generation takes its name from the Great Law of the Haudenosaunee the founding document of the Iroquois Confederacy the oldest living participatory democracy on Earth It is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy that In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our 8230 The post The Seventh Generation first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
Things That Make You Go Bohm
Published: 2020-9-09
160 160 160 160 160 160 Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing Dr Wayne Dyer Out of the past 3 400 years humans have been entirely at peace for only 268 of them or just 8 of recorded history Wars and conflict are created in the minds of men The attachment to one way of 8230 The post Things That Make You Go Bohm first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
My Broken Heart
Published: 2020-8-27
8220 In solitude there is healing Speak to your soul Listen to your heart Sometimes in the absence of noise we find the answer 8221 Dodinsky How I long for solitude and a quiet place Somewhere I can go to rest and find some peace It seems like my life has accelerated and everything is moving in 8230 The post My Broken Heart first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
A Force For Good
Published: 2020-8-05
Together you can redeem the soul of our nation Though I am gone I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe These were some of the last words said by John Lewis the civil rights leader who died on July 17 2020 Powerful words 8230 The post A Force for Good first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
Let Your Heart Do The Talking
Published: 2020-7-29
I love when I 8217 m able to connect with total strangers in the most deep and profound way Today I was teaching some dance classes via Zoom I am so grateful for this platform to be able to connect with women to help them move their bodies and ease their minds Well I then went to 8230 The post Let Your Heart do the Talking first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
Be Loyal To The Soil
Published: 2020-7-22
Whats soil have to do with being positive Everything Healthy soil is dwindling at an alarming rate You might ask why should I care Well as above so below If our soil is depleted we as humans will witness the most devastating consequences yet to be seen on earth It will make this corona virus 8230 The post Be Loyal to the Soil first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
Just Be Nice
Published: 2020-7-15
I love Sunday Mornings There seems to be this extra amount of peacefulness and serenity on Sunday mornings Maybe it 8217 s just me but that 8217 s how I feel This Sunday I woke up around 5 30 AM 160 and felt so calm and tranquil I was sort of in a lucid dream state mesmerized by a vibration of 8230 The post Just Be Nice first appeared on Positive Mind LLC
Happy Independence Day
Published: 2020-7-03
As America celebrates Independence Day this year many are not feeling so independent After being quarantined in our homes for months our routines disrupted jobs lost asked to wear masks and gloves when going out for essentials 160 loved ones dying because of this virus fear spreading everywhere and unrest in the streets we ve become more 8230 The post Happy Independence Day first appeared on Positive Mind LLC