Loving Long Island

First Snow Of The Year
Published: 2012-1-22
Winter on Long Island is off to a slow start We 8217 ve had inconsistent temperatures and too many warm days for me to even begin to take Old Man Winter seriously With temperatures above freezing and rain in the forecast what he threw at us yesterday will be gone by tomorrow night and everything will look 8230
Halloween Boat Burning
Published: 2011-10-31
Just a quick post with some pictures from the annual Halloween boat burning at the Long Island Maritime Museum
Everyone Loves The Beach
Published: 2011-9-19
I took a book down to the Sayville Beach yesterday afternoon to relax a little before starting the grind on Monday morning I don 8217 t know what it was about yesterday but it seemed like everyone had the same idea Maybe we 8217 re all trying to enjoy the last licks of summer before fall starts on Friday Lots of folks on the beach 8230
September 11th A Decade Past
Published: 2011-9-11
I haven 8217 t thought much about the disaster that struck New York City 10 years ago Not that I 8217 ve forgotten I never will but there is enough pain and discomfort associated with those memories to make one want to avoid them I can 8217 t even watch the footage that they 8217 ve been playing way too often on television 8230
Hurricane Irene The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Published: 2011-9-01
What 8217 s good about hurricane Irene I can 8217 t think of anything good at least anything good enough to make up for the bad and the ugly side of hurricanes But there is at least some good and I 8217 ll get to that later but first the ugly and the bad The Ugly 8230 People were killed by this 8230
Memorial Day 2011
Published: 2011-6-20
This Memorial Day we decided to visit Sagamore Hill the home of Teddy Roosevelt The short road trip took us through the picturesque town of Oyster Bay where we found a couple of nice places to eat and a beach with scenic views The highlight of the day however was folding the huge American flag 8230
Dusk On A Frozen Bay
Published: 2011-1-16
I 8217 ve been reading Sippewissett or Life on a Salt Marsh by Tim Traver Don 8217 t expect a review the book is about Maine not Long Island And it 8217 s hard for me to read about inlets ponds fish shore birds boats 8230 without wanting to be on the water Fortunately living only about 2 miles from the south 8230
Please Clear Your Fire Hydrants
Published: 2011-1-14
If there 8217 s a fire hydrant near your house covered with snow you should dig it out for easy access in the event of a fire Most people don 8217 t bother but it really doesn 8217 t take long and the house you save could be your own
Who Ordered This
Published: 2011-1-13
As much as I love a good storm I 8217 m getting tired of all this snow The last thing I needed was a blizzard the day after Christmas Another storm before the streets are even fully clear from the first one is not my idea of a good time It is very pretty though 8230
Long Island Breweries From Brooklyn To Patchogue
Published: 2010-9-26
Fellow writer and beer lover Michael Yohe has been visiting the Long Island breweries with stops at the BrickHouse Brewery the Bluepoint Brewery the Brooklyn Brewery and Black Forest Brew Haus 8 beer sampler at Southampton Publick House All of these breweries produce excellent beer and some serve food as well I 8217 d be hard pressed 8230
Passing Summer
Published: 2010-8-05
Summer is in full swing Heat humidity thunderstorms luv them beer boats bbq 8217 s beaches And just when I thought it would last forever something happened to remind me that the end is just around the corner It was Saturday night There were steaks on the grill and cocktails in hand when Karilyn mentioned that she 8230
Summer Squall At The Snapper Inn
Published: 2010-7-26
If you were on Long Island yesterday afternoon you may have heard about the tornado warning and maybe even witnessed a severe summer squall blowing through your neighborhood We were sitting on the dock at the Snapper Inn enjoying cocktails and the shade provided by thick black clouds They seemed to be north of us 8230
Dust Oysters And Venus
Published: 2010-6-07
After a long day slaving away at the computer I went out for some dinner at Kingston 8217 s Clam Bar It was very windy yesterday and along the way I encountered this dust blowing across a soccer field There was so much dust in the air my eyes were burning For dinner I had clams and 8230
Scene On Memorial Day
Published: 2010-6-01
This Memorial Day weekend was s busy one for me but I did manage to spend a little time in Southold and Greenport on Long Island 8217 s north fork Of course I had my camera with me 8230 Whenever I visit Greenport I park on 3rd St by the Shelter Island ferry dock and East End Seaport 8230
Wind Storm On Long Island
Published: 2010-3-15
Well this storm took me by surprise I was expecting wind and rain but nothing like this It was pretty windy yesterday morning when I got up and then at around 6 30am I heard a noise and the loud boom of a pole transformer exploding Fortunately I didn 8217 t loose power but the folks on the 8230
Scenes Of A Snowy February
Published: 2010-2-28
It 8217 s been a snowy winter for us here on Long Island and in much of the country for that matter If you have to get up and go to work then snow is a major pain but even as I 8217 m cleaning off my car and cursing the weather I am struck by its beauty Every 8230
Low Pass Filter On The Great South Bay
Published: 2010-2-14
I love the Great South Bay Not only is it a source of fun and fish Bay Scallops Dogfish but if you hang out here on a regular basis you can observe some pretty interesting natural phenomena too A while back I posted about temperature inversions and sun pillars and this morning I saw a 8230
Snowstorm On Long Island
Published: 2009-12-21
Well winter is off to a roaring start If you live on the east coast you know we had snow however if you 8217 re one of those folks who has moved away from Long Island here 8217 s what you missed yesterday 8230 At 5am there was already 2 feet of snow on the ground and it was still 8230
Boat Burning At The Long Island Maritime Museum
Published: 2009-11-02
Every year on the Friday before Halloween the Long Island Maritime Museum burns a boat The boats are unrestorable have no historical significance and they are huge This year s boat was a 60ish foot party boat that had partially burned earlier in the season Repairs proved too expensive so the owner stripped out engines and 8230
Loving Your Blog
Published: 2009-10-13
I received some excellent fan mail yesterday Hello Loving Long Island Such a cool blog What I really like is the LOVE you put into your posts Nice photos recommendations recipes videos how to 8230 a rich lovely site You and Soundbounder have the Island covered You both make me want to explore more Thanks for 8230
Fall Sunrise
Published: 2009-9-24
I got up early on the first day of fall to see what the dawn of a new season looks like It was quite beautiful 8230 A lone gull at the end of the pier click pic for full size Hmmm Could this be the same guy from last year 8217 s fall sunrise
Hummingbirds On Long Island
Published: 2009-9-13
I saw a hummingbird in the garden on Friday and then again on Saturday Luckily I had the camera handy and snapped a few pictures before it flew away From what I ve read this is either a juvenile male or female ruby throated hummingbird Ruby throated hummingbirds are the only kind we see here on 8230
Hurricane Bill At Robert Moses
Published: 2009-8-24
I love a good storm so as soon as the beaches were open I drove down to Robert Moses State Park to see what the surf was doing and if there was any damage to the beach I wanted to climb the Fire Island Lighthouse for a bird 8217 s eye view but unfortunately that part of 8230
Published: 2009-8-23
Battle on the Bay is one of several events that take place on the Great South Bay each summer I went yesterday for the speed trials today the actual races will take place Boats are lunched from the pier with a crane Precarious but it works This is a jet engine powered boat It sounded 8230
Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
Published: 2009-8-17
Just when you thought the town of Greenport couldn t get any cooler someone goes and starts a brewery I had heard about Greenport Harbor Brewing Company but didn t think it was open yet I drove by last weekend to see how things were coming and well see for yourself Right next to the jail behind 8230
It s Snapper Time On Long Island
Published: 2009-8-15
The snappers are running and some people will do anything to catch them Jake and Kevin of East Islip carry their fishing gear to the dock with a neat little bike rack that they built themselves Their custom rack carries 4 poles and a couple of tackle boxes Good job guys Snapper fishing is fun 8230
Field Day At The Long Island Maritime Museum
Published: 2009-6-29
CQ CQ CQ field day That was the mantra heard across Long Island this past weekend as local ham radio operators took part in Field Day an annual exercise in emergency preparedness CQ is an invitation for anyone hearing the signal to respond You might have seen them in open fields at schools parks parking 8230
Scene On A Sunny Afternoon
Published: 2009-5-31
Sunshine has been scarce lately and today is not looking very good at all so I m glad I took a few minutes yesterday to snap some pictures down by the water It was a beautiful day with a brisk wind forming large swells and whitecaps on the Great South Bay The wind and the waves 8230
Tractor For Sale
Published: 2009-5-18
You have no idea how bad I want to buy this tractor If you ve driven on Rt 25 on the north fork lately you may have seen it Never mind that I have no idea what I would actually do with it other than ride in circles in my backyard I just want it Only 8230
Big Bluefish In Long Island s Great South Bay
Published: 2009-5-03
I went down to the dock at the end of Foster Avenue in Sayville for lunch and was surprised to see a lot of people fishing in the pouring rain Now fishermen are as dedicated as golfers when it comes to their sport so it takes more than a little rain to keep a good fisherman 8230