Long Island Woman

Norton Museum Of Art
Published: 2020-10-18
img alt Norton Museum Eraser height 358 src https live staticflickr com 65535 49333728152 9660f6f123 jpg width 500 nbsp nbsp Are you old enough to remember this typewriter eraser I do nbsp Not doing much these days due to the virus restrictions nbsp Staying safe and well and wishing you all the same nbsp Thanks for your visit
Shanghai China
Published: 2019-10-23
img alt Shanghai Architecture height 302 src https live staticflickr com 65535 48899288041 4e6694c631 jpg width 500 nbsp Shanghai ChinaThe Hu ngp River is a 70 mile long river flowing through Shanghai that was first excavated and created by Lord Chunshen one of the Four Lords of the Warring States It is the last significant tributary of the Yangtze before it empties into the East China Sea The Bund and Lujiazui are located along the river
East China Sea
Published: 2019-10-23
img alt Shipping Lane src https live staticflickr com 65535 48890143323 7b55da6df0 z jpg width 500 nbsp On to new travel adventures Shipping Lane in the East China Sea destination Shanghai China
Take The Ferry To The National Seashore
Published: 2019-7-03
img alt Watch Hill Panorama height 220 src https live staticflickr com 8879 28847251686 846db3174d jpg width 500 nbsp Ferries to Watch Hill the National Seashore leave from Patchogue
First Sunrise 2019
Published: 2019-1-05
img alt Jensen Beach Causeway2019 src https farm8 staticflickr com 7895 44755897600 23680e9981 z jpg width 500 nbsp My annual tradition of viewing and recording the new year sunrise continues Starting in the year 2000 I began taking a photo of every New Year s Day sunrise nbsp Remember the Y2K panic when we thought nothing would be the same if the computers couldn t figure out the new numbers nbsp Sounds so ridiculous now but it was discussed as a real threat back in 1999 nbsp It seems like yesterday but that was 19 years ago before smart phones and Facebook and well you get the idea So I woke up and went down to the water surprised to see so many other people and I took a photo I had one of the first digital cameras a point amp shoot where you saved the photo on a floppy disc in the camera and it was less than 1mp in size I thought it was really neat that so many people were down on the beach watching the sunrise of the first day of a new year and decided I would do it every year Now I have friends who wait for my photo I can t disappoint them or myself So here is the sunrise January 1 2019 nbsp I m still alive the world didn t end and the sunrise is as beautiful as ever I m very fortunate I know and will appreciate the new year as long as I can Happy New Year
Bi-Plane Ride
Published: 2018-12-09
img alt Waco 1941 BiPlane height 307 src https farm2 staticflickr com 1954 30077693167 35af88f244 jpg width 500 nbsp Always an adventure One bucket list item is checked off a ride in a bi-lane To think that these planes were used in war time is just amazing nbsp We flew over the NASA landing field and over cruise ships at the pier Florida Air Tours in Cocoa Beach Florida
Brittany Coast Of France
Published: 2018-10-17
img alt Wall by the Sea src https farm2 staticflickr com 1930 31263683138 f1806c7cc4 c jpg width 500 nbsp The one issue of living in Florida is the August September humidity and heat We ve solved the problem Leave This year we traveled to France in September to get away September is a good month to go because the summer European crowds are lessened The weather is pleasant in September although still warm We traveled to the Brittany Coast with side trips to Normandy and Omaha Beach and many small towns along the way We ate oysters in Canales which are considered one of the best There were many small adventures so check out my Flickr site for more photos This is an excellent way to avoid the Florida humidity and see the world
France And The Seine River
Published: 2018-9-20
img alt Limestone Cliffs on the Seine height 333 src https farm2 staticflickr com 1883 30931681408 719b16c815 jpg width 500 nbsp Limestone cliffs along the SeineOur latest travels took us to France Beautiful countryside along the Seine River Paris Normandy and the Brittany coast were our destinations nbsp More photos will follow
Real Cowboys Colorado
Published: 2018-8-19
img alt Real Cowboys height 334 src https farm2 staticflickr com 1862 44136927331 12e10529b8 jpg width 500 nbsp For a change of pace and to get away from the Florida humidity we took a road trip to Colorado Great time great state and the air is mountain cool nbsp
Fire Island National Seashore 2018
Published: 2018-6-28
img src https farm1 staticflickr com 967 27298992377 c8b3c7cdfb jpg width 500 height 334 alt Talisman2007
Davis Park Fire Island
Published: 2018-4-29
img alt Davis Park Fire Island src https farm4 staticflickr com 3903 14388056778 5ef239f661 z jpg width 600 nbsp Missing Fire Island as the summer approaches nbsp This is the time to secure your summer rental Wait another few weeks and it will be too late I won t be renting at Davis Park this year It s getting more and more expensive and for good reason So for this year it s time for me and my husband to look elsewhere for some summer adventures We are planning to travel to other parts of our beautiful country nbsp Perhaps in a year or two we will return to a summer on Fire Island nbsp No year is the same nor do we want it to be nbsp Long Island and Fire Island especially will always be in my heart so I know I will return It s all good
Doing What I Love
Published: 2018-4-14
img alt sebago cubed src https farm1 staticflickr com 795 39630754730 b8a02bdc5b c jpg width 500 nbsp I love being out on the water Boating is something I did when I lived on Long Island and it s what I do here in Florida The only difference is that I can now do this all year round The photo above was taken on a sunset sail in Key West Florida
Winter In Florida
Published: 2018-4-04
img alt Sunrise Blue src https farm5 staticflickr com 4634 27659247649 46d6ea57c3 c jpg width 500 nbsp Winters in Florida are wonderful all because of the weather The photo above was taken at sunrise in January On this morning I needed nothing more than a light sweatshirt to keep me warm Watching the sun rise anywhere is special but it s so much more pleasant without freezing hands and cold feet My heart will always be in New York especially Long Island but it s nice to get away from the snow ice and freezing cold nbsp nbsp
Orient Point Lighthouse
Published: 2018-1-13
img src https farm7 staticflickr com 6200 6065980173 62b65f1d7f b jpg width 500 alt Orient Point Lighthouse
Happy New Year 2018
Published: 2017-12-31
img src https farm5 staticflickr com 4634 27592077629 9989418182 c jpg width 500 alt Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Published: 2017-12-25
img src https farm5 staticflickr com 4729 38389253525 3d035c4814 jpg width 500 height 333 alt Christmas Bokeh
Published: 2017-11-05
img alt Valley Ireland nbsp src https farm5 staticflickr com 4461 37691344486 49c75c2165 c jpg width 500
Lake Wallenpaupack Pennsylvania
Published: 2017-10-06
img alt Misty Lake Morning src https farm5 staticflickr com 4478 37530864701 ea83f9094e c jpg width 500 nbsp First week in October on Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania We were hoping for more vibrant autumn colors but the trees were just beginning to prepare for the winter Cool early morning walks were very much appreciated especially when the lake produced a misty wonderland
Our Mediterranean Voyage
Published: 2017-6-03
img alt Montserrat door height 394 src https c1 staticflickr com 5 4262 35057987265 5b648fecb0 jpg width 500 My husband and I recently spent some time in Europe traveling and exploring nbsp and of course taking photos Check out my Flickr com photos for a quick look at the places we ve seen in the last few weeks nbsp Click on the photo above
Tulips For Spring
Published: 2017-4-14
img alt tulips not yet opened src https c1 staticflickr com 3 2404 2326803947 0f5408842c b jpg width 500
My Images On Flickr
Published: 2017-2-15
img src https c1 staticflickr com 8 7225 7094333279 59013c36d1 c jpg width 500 alt ICW looking south panoramic view
New Year s Day Sunrise 2017
Published: 2017-1-03
img alt Indian River Park src https c1 staticflickr com 1 507 32009209456 1422490d7a c jpg width 500 Happy New Year Since the year 2000 I have taken a photo of the sunrise welcoming the new year nbsp This year was no different Some years were more difficult than others It all depended on how late I went to sleep on the Eve Some years on Long Island or in Pennsylvania it was extremely cold so a sunrise image was not exactly what I wanted to do- but I did it anyway I have friends who wait for the photo to be posted Family will ask Are you setting the alarm nbsp I can t let them down but most of all I can t let myself down nbsp Living in Florida makes it a little easier No freezing temperatures to endure Just throw on some shorts and sandals a light shirt and maybe a light jacket and I m out the door nbsp I must admit sunrise in January is not really happening very early for me but I must be there and ready long before the sun actually rises nbsp The light just before sunrise can be even more important and spectacular So this year I woke up at 5AM with just four hours of sleep had only one cup of coffee grabbed my camera gear and ventured out to the park near a body of water nbsp Watching the sun rise in solitude with birds flying over the water song birds chirping watching the fish jump and herons hunting for their breakfast is the real reason I do this It s the promise of a new day new year and I feel blessed How spiritually wonderful it feels to be part of nature and be able to witness the dawning of a another year nbsp Mission accomplished nbsp
Hobe Sound Beach Jupiter Island
Published: 2016-11-19
img src https c7 staticflickr com 6 5775 31031774006 cc244940cd jpg width 500 height 300 alt Hobe Sound Beach
Central Park NYC
Published: 2016-11-04
img alt central park autumn height 500 src https c2 staticflickr com 3 2684 4115589201 d1a6b29861 jpg width 425 Central Park in AutumnI do miss my visits to Central Park and New York City About once a month or every other month my husband and I would make the trek into the city - as Long Islanders called it nbsp Either we would drive on a weekend or take the Long Island Railroad We d see a play often Roundabout regulars or we d meet some photography buddies to spend the day taking pictures I ve always felt very fortunate to be able to do that and never took it for granted but my roots began long before my Long Island days nbsp Growing up in Brooklyn my friends and I would take the elevated train into the city Even as a young teenager and then young adult we would hop on the train which came just about every five mintues and within 20 minutes we were in the city How fortunate is that That part of Brooklyn the Bushwick section went into decline in the 1970s through the early 2000s nbsp In the last 15 years or so the neighborhood has been rebuilding nbsp It s proximity to NYC has made it a very desireable area now Apartment buildings that couldn t be given away are now bringing in high prices and the rents are exorbitant Where else can you live in New York and be in the city in minutes Yes I was fortunate indeed Now that I m a Florida resident I hope I can still visit my New York City I love my lifestyle here in Florida but miss the NYC autumn I m getting older and wonder how many times I will make the trek back there since now it will involve plane rides over-night hotel visits and a huge expense nbsp In the meantime like everything else we lose in our lifetime I have my memories to make me smile
Autumn On Fire Island
Published: 2016-10-01
img alt Watch Hill Walk height 333 src https c1 staticflickr com 9 8186 8112270944 11381793a6 jpg width 500 Fire Island is beautiful in the fall nbsp The colors do change and walking on the trails in cooler weather is ideal nbsp Check the ferry schedule and visit our beautiful Fire Island