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One Long Island Meta Chart 3 15 10
Published: 2010-3-15
img alt border 0 id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5448883525870546786 src http 4 bp blogspot com fMYwcBsq0aw S55SsoX972I AAAAAAAAAvE LPfpvMCCZrE s1600 MetaChart 3 15 10 jpg style display block margin 0px auto 10px text-align center Just thought I d post the chart for review before I continue with the expansion Each individual element of the chart is described in previous posts The design is modular in nature as previously discussed so that the different elements contain common features which may be linked as quickly or deliberately as desired This NY Times article gives somewhat of an overview of what the project is about
A Couple Of Worthwhile Sites
Published: 2010-3-05
img alt border 0 id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5445188428034733074 src http 1 bp blogspot com fMYwcBsq0aw S5EyBoQT9BI AAAAAAAAAu0 Jj04- pkj5M s400 Oyster Bay II jpg style cursor pointer display block height 400px margin 0px auto 10px text-align center width 397px Some interesting alternative news and information sources popping up on Long Island One is from AmericanTowns com and the other is from a subdivision of AOL called Patch Both appear to be anticipating the dissolution or at least the marginalization of long standing media here on Long Island as elsewhere and are attempting to position themselves to reap the rewards Both sites are worth checking out I will be attempting to incorporate sources of this type with others in my role with the Long Island Regional Planning Council to promote the type of meta information concepts I ve written about previously here on this site
Good Idea
Published: 2010-2-25
We ve all experienced the feeling that government agencies work in silos The Partnership for Sustainable Communities is a critical initiative to enable HUD DOT and EPA to work in a purposefully coordinated way This is a small example of the type of project contemplated in the One Long Island series of ideas and good for Long Island One Long Island also contemplates a modular approach within the meta approach so that programs of this type have common links to all other Long Island based initiatives In this way we build a long term dynamic and sustainable model for Long Island
Thanks To The Nassau County Legislature
Published: 2010-2-22
for unanimously appointing me a member of the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency today
I Accepted Of Course
Published: 2010-2-19
img style margin 0px auto 10px display block text-align center cursor pointer width 245px height 400px src http 4 bp blogspot com fMYwcBsq0aw S364m5-svuI AAAAAAAAAus Acccmaxm2dM s400 LIRPC invite gif alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5439988378448477922 border 0 The Long Island Regional Planning Council with whom I ve been talking with for some time regarding some of the One Long Island concepts is I believe in a unique position to bring it all together for the benefit of Long Island They are taking a unique dynamic approach which if executed properly will be highly successful I m happy to play a small part in this forward looking plan
Collaborative Information Models
Published: 2010-2-17
New models of journalism those that satisfy a growing hunger for up-to-the-second news were a popular subject Since there is no guarantee that journalists will be at the right place at the right time to report important events the new journalism must be one that is open to both amateur and professional reporters said Bill Kovach founder of the Committee of Concerned Journalists Somewhere each day he continued another site moves a step closer to becoming a direct competitor or a valuable new addition to the legacy press Perhaps like the Long Island Independent Media Consortium Or the Long Island Meta-News Service One Long Island is full of ideas on how we the public can govern and inform ourselves both within and outside of the already established norms Only through this type of mass collaboration can common ground be established for moving Long Island forward Otherwise we will constantly be vulnerable to the divide and conquer mentality that currently carries the day
Looks Like An Interesting Gathering
Published: 2010-1-29
Every year at Personal Democracy Forum the nation s top political and technology innovators gather for two days of networking schmoozing intelligence-gathering networking skills-polishing and did we mention networking But we also try to look at the big picture of how technology is changing politics and this June we re going to tackle the following big question Can the Internet Fix Politics A majority of Americans thinks the country is on the wrong track Congress is deeply divided Legislation is often stalled by gridlock or packed with pork Fundraising dominates the time of politicians while the media cycle speeds up and public attention crashes Voters are more volatile when they aren t sitting out elections entirely img alt src http gallery mailchimp com 8b4022bd4853e5600d5fac9f9 images theme image jpg width 527 border 0 height 218 It s a troubling picture But in recent years a wide array of activists academics bloggers hackers politicians and visionaries have argued that the Internet can change politics and governance for the better With some smart dissents to be sure This year at Personal Democracy Forum the country s premiere conference on technology and politics we ll explore the question can the Internet fix politics
Connect The Dots For Effective Change
Published: 2010-1-21
A new study has identified a sea of parking lots and vacant space in Long Island s downtowns land whose development could bring about the downtown renaissance many locals and politicians have been asking for The Long Island Index 2010 a nearly 40-page report by the Regional Plan Association released Thursday identified 8 300 acres within a half mile of downtown centers as ripe for redevelopment including more than 4 000 acres of parking lots Another potentially useful study in a sea of potentially useful studies divorced from one another Until and unless Long Island commits to a dynamic flexible uniform method of data collection and analysis common language project it will be very difficult to reach a consensus on anything of sustainable value No one group has all the answers We handicap ourselves by not working collaboratively and by not reaching out effectively to all Long Island residents There is still too much of the protecting my own turf mentality from organizations and entities of all types There is a basic lack of trust in the populous which can only be overcome by approaching the problem differently One Long Island is a suggested method of doing so
Change In The Environment
Published: 2010-1-07
Time and time again New Yorkers have demonstrated the ability to rebuild and renew - that is the promise of the Empire State New Yorkers have recovered from economic crises and rebuilt after disasters both natural and man made Every time our capacity for hope has been questioned every time our faith has been tested every time we have approached a wall that seemed too high to scale we have proven that our fight knows no bounds New York will rebound again To solve these problems in these times will require sustained effort seriousness of purpose and the ability to build a coalition for change Fixing the problems of New York State is not and should not be the burden of one person While it is traditionally thought and in some ways true that we elect individuals to lead us to a better and more productive society one person will never have the ability required to effect positive sustainable change What one person can do is give his or her constituents the tools necessary to create a dynamic collaborative society What one person can do is reach beyond the rhetoric and incorporate ideas and concepts from all sources in order to recreate New York What one person can do is challenge his or her constituents to be better and work harder for the common good What one person can do is create an environment of trust through verifiable information This does not require the accumulation of power by one person or a small group to complete but rather the dissemination of power directly to the residents of New York It is an environmental change based upon a fundamental rethinking of how we govern ourselves One Long Island is an attempt to create an environment for dynamic collaborative fundamental change
Random Music CD Released
Published: 2009-12-22
img style margin 0px auto 10px display block text-align center cursor pointer width 364px height 348px src http 1 bp blogspot com fMYwcBsq0aw SzDNEZrJ 0I AAAAAAAAAuk q8xFrylLRRs s400 BRRM II jpg alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5418055827221774146 border 0 Available here
For True Reform We Need Merely Look In The Mirror
Published: 2009-12-21
It is of course an unrealistic dream Politics image-making and sloganeering are easy Governing - especially the nitty-gritty of state and local government - is hard It has a way of tarnishing the veneer of idealism And political idealism raises expectations that are almost impossible to fulfill leading to disillusionment Once the original idealism fades as it did for Lindsay and Schundler and appears to have done for Suozzi it is difficult to recapture The old Tammany Hall politician George Washington Plunkitt put it best over a hundred years ago A reformer can t last in politics He can make a show for a while but he always comes down like a rocket Of course a single reformer will ultimately fail if his or her reform is based upon personal charisma Where there is no structural reform failure is almost always certain Where there is no participation by the governed reform will almost always fail This is a story as old as recorded history yet somehow we cling to the concept of being saved by an individual If someone wishes to show true reform create a system where collaboration and the free exchange of ideas and methods is made dynamic and simple One Long Island is an attempt at creating this type of system True reform will break the cycle of stagnation we currently find ourselves mired in on Long Island and in the country in general True reform will assist the public in creating a fair just and efficient society in a way that no top down dictate can We are the reformers For true reform we need merely look in the mirror
Good Article
Published: 2009-12-10
People are reluctant to participate in community activity when they do not have enough information to act responsibly Issues such as fluoridation of water supplies or the establishment of nuclear power plants require knowledge that many people do not have They simply do not know how to act Thus they will avoid participation as long as possible or until they have what they believe to be sufficient information If forced they will usually act negatively This participatory action may be generalized as follows Citizens will voluntarily participate in a community activity when they have better knowledge of an issue or situation
Unchain Long Island
Published: 2009-12-08
The media s mistake with posting reader comments is in failing to uphold its old standard Before online postings there were letters to the editor The traditional standard held that letter writers were identified and verified But now that the media has taken a beating for elitism and liberalism and a whole host of other -isms it wants to appear as if it suddenly cares what the reader has to say So it s thrown the standard out the window and wants to engage the reader in the conversation Reality check For a conversation to take place you need to show up for it Once the media reports what it has to say it walks away A look at the online postings shows there s no conversation between the public and media or even among the public It s a cyber back alley strewn with negativity and needs to be cleaned up What should be dominating the public consciousness is what s wrong with the local media infrastructure that allowed the major contender for seat to bear a name unknown to 80 percent of the populace Not enough coverage that s what wrong What coverage appeared in Newsday was outweighed by the aforementioned commentary and suffered from probable bias as reported by the Long Island Press Part of the problem on Long Island is that we tend to analyze the different elements that comprise Long Island separate and apart from one another This is not unusual in that all of us have different areas of expertise in which we feel comfortable Part of the One Long Island series of ideas is way to bridge the different disciplines and to find common ground and common elements between them We all need to think in a meta sort of way This is not an easy thing to do immediately it is a skill to be learned and to be taught and passed on until it becomes the norm Any of the One Long Island ideas may operate alone or in connection with one or more of the other elements of the concept True certain elements of the concept are necessary to do first such as the common language but many of these are easily started because the technology is readily available It just requires a little organization Once you have the framework in place true conversation may occur And conversation not just based on visceral opinion but on real information and analysis and informed opinion The anarchy we see in today s media is most likely caused by the unknown What is the role of media today and going forward Where can we get our news unfiltered through the lens of opinion Can we trust the media We ve written before of the need for Long Islanders to form collaborative constituencies and in essence inform themselves and their neighbors The current anonymous postings may be cathartic and sometimes entertaining but they do not substitute for real dialogue based upon a common Long Island Philosophy The question then becomes can we handle the truth Can we work collaboratively Do we want to be successful or do we enjoy and sometimes profit from the chaos I believe out of the current confusion we will find a way to work collaboratively I believe that certainly some of what we ve proposed in One Long Island is essential to the turnaround I know that there are more intelligent folks per square inch on Long Island than almost anywhere else on this planet Perhaps its time to open up the process and see how intelligent Long Islanders truly are
Tools Progress
Published: 2009-12-01
Long Islanders are gloomy and how they feel about their future is sobering Clearly without active participation by Long Islanders the regional economy can t be expected to grow and without a dynamic system which allows the participation of Long Islanders from all walks of life we can not expect the region to grow This is the main thrust of the One Long Island series of concepts We can t expect a spontaneous organizational event to occur We must give our citizens the tools and a framework within which to utilize these tools Then we will see progress
Some Validation Of The Concept
Published: 2009-11-28
Finally Ostrom would ask if consolidation is so compelling why isn t it happening already School districts and other authorities don t have to be merged into the same person or organization or offices There are many ways for them to cooperate - telephones e-mail texting - and talk to each other As we ve been advocating with One Long Island Metadata and meta-analysis organizational diversity and collaborative constituencies among other ideas may be more effective in the long term please see previous posts for details
Conversation Is Good
Published: 2009-11-27
This kind of silent revolution cannot begin and end at the polls however Nor can we expect a membership organization such as the LIA to advocate for real change We as individuals business owners and civic leaders must be the alchemists of change and transmute the elements of our discontent into the golden solidarity of reform In Civil Disobedience Thoreau writes All men recognize the right of revolution that is the right to refuse allegiance to and to resist the government when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable The governing bodies that bleed New York and Long Island dry are not tyrannical but they are unendurable in their inefficiency If we are to believe that civil disobedience is a uniquely human right in a free society we must therefore resoundingly reject any further encroachments on our freedom and ability to prosper Or as Thoreau suggests Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine This may be a time of change on Long Island as perhaps it is finally recognized that the old forms and the old ways are not up to the task of serving the public Talking about what needs to change is important obviously but frankly until we do the difficult and rather boring to some task of creating an structural environment for dynamic and sustainable change all the talk in the world we have little or no effect
Another Barrier Falls
Published: 2009-11-23
Seven of the world s top 10 supercomputers use standard chips from A M D and Intel as do about 90 percent of the 500 fastest machines I think this says that supercomputing technology is affordable said Margaret Lewis an A M D director We are kind of getting away from this ivory tower Yet another barrier falls in the effort to create a meta-planning project on Long Island
What Works
Published: 2009-11-17
The new feature to be formally introduced on Tuesday is a tool to make it easy for YouTube users to submit clips that news media companies can choose to highlight The site plans to sign up other media partners We re trying to connect media organizations with citizen reporters on YouTube said Steve Grove the Web site s head of news and politics OK so if it works for news why wouldn t work as a collaborative tool for helping citizens connect with citizens see IdeaTV in a previous post on Long Island and in New York generally What ideas will reduce property taxes and create jobs If there is a great idea out there and there are but implementation is blocked by one or more special interests how does the general public overcome this obstacle Right now there is no effective method for the general public to bypass the traditional forms of governance Part of the reason as previously stated is because there isn t any normalization of meta data Also there isn t any method for dynamic analysis see the 300 or so previous posts for details So in essence the public is constantly attempting to analyze a shell game to ascertain where the marble is located In short the game is constructed in a way to be difficult and confusing Part of this may have been intentional but most of it is the result layers of information rules laws etc accumulated over the decades to the point now where it s so confusing no one really has a handle on what to do or how to do it Everyone may have an opinion since admitting incompetence is never a good thing to do but the truth remains elusive So can we unwind this mess and give the public accurate information and analysis Of course This is what we ve been advocating over the past 15 years or so A method for reform without a predetermined agenda Give the public the truth and let them us decide
More Than Hard Data
Published: 2009-11-12
Those are two measures any taxpayer could support - if and others who support the idea of school consolidation come up with hard data to support them Correct Hard data is required to make any responsible decision But it is more than hard data It requires accurate dynamic meta data and analysis of the type we have been advocating It requires data and analysis that is beyond reproach and in which all parties most importantly the public have had the opportunity to participate First we must build the requisite system for finding the truth The truth will then become self evident
A Golden Opportunity
Published: 2009-11-09
The public s in a bad mood Yes of course the public is in a bad mood Why Many reasons but primarily because the public which is generally ahead of the curve in understanding the need for change is frustrated at the inability of the current system to implement reasonable and ordered change for the public good In short a dramatic overhaul is required in the way we think about government and those organizations which interact with government in some manner and the way we collaborate with one another to bring about substantive and sustainable change It s about process not revolution It s about the empowerment of the public to govern themselves Its about dynamic accurate information and analysis presented in an common sense and understandable way Public anger will not be enough to change the current reality unless those who are put in position to effect the change required empower and enable the public to be an equal partner in the process The One Long Island series of concepts is a method to channel this anger into a new way of creating a sustainable and dynamic Long Island or any region for that matter The anger will dissipate over time It always does But if we have not left a better system in its place we will have lost a golden opportunity to make Long Island a better place
One Long Island Metachart 11 5 09
Published: 2009-11-05
img style margin 0px auto 10px display block text-align center cursor pointer width 400px height 370px src http 4 bp blogspot com fMYwcBsq0aw SvL Kh-t-sI AAAAAAAAAuM ucI 8NZXGXM s400 MetaChart 3 25 09 jpg alt id BLOGGER PHOTO ID 5400659459555850946 border 0
Buckram Road Random Music CD
Published: 2009-11-02
You can download it free here Just go to where it says go to the music page for more and select the downward facing arrow To listen instead of downloading select the right facing arrow The first 12 songs are from the new CD The rest is older material and material from the first Buckram Road CD CD number three should be out next summer It took me away from the Long Island Idea Factory for a few weeks but I should be back posting a bunch of new ideas soon I tend to go from one creative outlet to another It helps keep me sane Please drop me a line and let me know what you think Thanks
Some Additional Progress
Published: 2009-10-23
The council also unveiled their new website developed by Karma411 com offering an information portal for all local chambers This new technology provides a Web 2 0 tool which empowers all the chambers of commerce members to broadcast their news and events I was happy to play a small part in making this happen The Council is on the right track by setting a foundation for their members to interact with one another and with other entities employing Web 2 0 and Web 3 0 technologies They have much more ambitious plans ahead Congratulations to them for having the courage to change This is a central tenet in the One Long Island series of ideas Sustainability on Long Island will be achieved through collaboration and shared information analysis and philosophy rather than wholesale consolidation which the people of Long Island have resisted for years Any consolidation must come organically and as a logical outcome to the hard work of providing accurate information analysis and further to achieving the trust of the citizens without which it can not be effective and sustainable Details in the previous 300 plus posts more to come
Interesting Reading
Published: 2009-10-13
Government data is being put online to increase accountability contribute valuable information about the world and to enable government the country and the world to function more efficiently All of these purposes are served by putting the information on the Web as Linked Data Start with the low-hanging fruit Whatever else the raw data should be made available as soon as possible Preferably it should be put up as Linked Data As a third priority it should be linked to other sources As a lower priority nice user interfaces should be made to it -- if interested communities outside government have not already done it The Linked Data technology unlike any other technology allows any data communication to be composed of many mixed vocabularies Each vocabulary is from a community be it international national state or local or specific to an industry sector This optimizes the usual trade-off between the expense and difficulty of getting wide agreement and the practicality of working in a smaller community Effort toward interoperability can be spent where most needed making the evolution with time smoother and more productive
Dynamic Collaboration Required
Published: 2009-10-08
I think this shows a collaborative spirit and it shows that Paterson is listening to the concerns of Long Island Alexander said We have not seen this level of attention to organizations that really are working on a community level in the past Past governors been attentive to lobbyists and business interests but getting to the interests of small businesses of community organizations and other not-for-profits that shows a real commitment The collaboration part is a good sign Now we need to add the dynamic part to the collaboration part and make sure all voices are heard both individual and organizational Also we should be reviewing and discussing the regional issues based upon a normalized data set and flexible analysis standards Meetings are great But if there is no mechanism for follow up and dynamic collaboration the meetings will never be as effective as they could or should be