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Golf Outings
Published: 2011-6-24
Hey golfers Another golf outing for a worthwhile charity did not happen due to lack of participants The bad part is that the charity club do not want to give back the money somewhere around 500 golfer This is a tough situation indeed The club blocks the day based on getting 80 golfers and then a few days before the charity tries to cancel due to a small number of golfers The solution There s no easy answer where all parties are made whole Maybe all concerned should lower their expectations in this economy and take what they get without having to worry about minimums Maybe cut back on the over the top amount of food for the buffet and maybe a few less amenities Case in point is the NY Islanders They were having a tough season with lots of injuries and in March made a great decision to lower all ticket prices to 20 They filled up the old barn and made lots of money on food and merchandise A lot more than if they still had the 4 000 game Can charity golf outings learn from this example I hope so People are looking for value Even at a golf outing held in a plush private club When you deliver a product service at a price point that the target audience perceives to be a good value you ll get the golfers and their money for raffle tickets and auction prizes
No Time For 18 Then Nine Dine
Published: 2010-5-25
Hi LI Golfers With Memorial Day upon us the LI golf season is in full swing Many say the courses are at their best right now with minimal play and without the scorching summer sun to dry out the fairways and greens For many golfers the chance to play on the weekends are slim with kids and family obligations it s tough to fit in a five hour round of golf For those who want to get out and have limited time to do so Harbor Links offers a great alternative - Nine Dine You can play their great executive course Thursday nights starting 5 30 PM and included in the low price is dinner in their beautiful Clubhouse Grill Room To reserve your Nine Dine tee time and dinner reservation call 516-965-8870 See you on the teebox Chuck
Three Of 10 Is Pretty Damn Good
Published: 2010-5-17
Hi LI golfers Golfweek magazine has come out with the Top 10 Courses You Can Play in New York read public courses Happy to say that Long Island has three of the Top 10 The first of course is Bethpage Black Yes the greens fee is quite a bit higher than last year But so are a lot of other things We re lucky that we re NY state residents or else we d be paying over 100 At 8 is Tallgrass in Shoreham This course deserves the ranking It s a beautiful track that s well maintained and you can play there on a weekend in about five hours It s a bit of a hike for anybody West of the Nassau Suffolk line but well worth the drive At 9 is Bethpage Red Again I agree with the ranking The Red course offers a variety of holes and makes you use most of the clubs in your bag Sorry to see The Links Shirley has closed That was a nice course that was built on the premise they would get 40K rounds a year When they only had half that the past couple of years it was just a matter of time Any course you enjoyed playing please share with the rest of us See you on the teebox Chuck
An Outing Or Tournament
Published: 2009-9-09
Hey LI golfers I love Fall golf The weather is cool and the humidity is low A great combination Yes you have to deal with aerated greens But if you call ahead and check around you can find a course where the greens are in good shape There were definitely fewer outings this season and I heard the NY Isles outing scheduled for tomorrow has a lot less people than last year For those of you that are as old as my brother 50 two of Suffolk s better courses Timber Point and West Sayville are hosting a tournament on Sept 16th The package 130 golfer features all the amenities of an outing but is being billed as a tournament So all of you who like to get their competitive juices going this may work well as long as the wind off the Great South Bay isn t too bad For those looking for good buys on that 22 degree hybrid or the R5 driver wait another month and check out ebay There are several indoor golf practice facilities on Long Island Please let us know if you have a favorite See you on the tee box Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
A Round A Meal - World Golf Network
Published: 2009-8-13
Hey LI golfers We ve played lots of golf this summer Yes there were lots of cart path only golf in the rainiest June on record and lately the Dog Days of Summer have made reaching the 18th tee box a happy occasion And after the 18th there s always every golfer s favorite - the 19th Hole The good - and smart people - Stonebridge Golf Club on the border of Hauppauge and Smithtown have come up a great golf and dinner package Starting August 7th on Fridays golfer have a chance to play a round of golf and follow that with a great dinner in their nice and relaxed grill room all for 80 I ve heard of Nine Dine programs 9 holes with a 5 00 PM tee time followed by dinner but this is the first I ve seen of an 18 hole dinner package I think it s a great idea You play Stonebridge s well manicured course with their undulating greens and get to enjoy a fine dinner just steps from the 18th green I m sure we ll see many clubs adopt a similar promotion in 2010 It s a Win - Win the golf club keeps the golfer on-site and the golfer can extend their experience with their client or friends I ve heard that the World Golf Network is expanding to Long Island in 2010 This is a great organization that helps put business executives in position to engage other decision makers both on and off the course at seven outings one of which will take place Stonebridge For more information visit www worldgolfnetwork com See you on the tee box Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
Thank You Mr Watson
Published: 2009-7-24
Hi LI golfers I know many golfers young and old watched 59 yr old Tom Watson with an artificial hip in the British Open Tom who already had won 5 British Opens had the lead after 72 holes Unfortunately Stewart Cink shared the lead and then when Tom faltered in the four hole playoff put a damper on what would have the THE sports story of the year I know many non-golfers are using the fact that Tom Watson almost won the British Open to say that golf is not a sport All I have to say to the is BAH HUMBUG Did you ever see Charles Barkley try to play golf on that TV show Golf my friends is a unique sport Yes you can play it well into your seventies not like tackle football or full court basketball And this great sport s detractors often times use that fact as testament that golf is a pussy sport Non-golfers are usually those who probably went to a range once or twice and int heir attempt to hit a driver off the tee did a pirouette like Scott Hamilton left the ball on the rubber tee and twisted a back muscle in the process Ladies and gentlemen when you go out on the links this weekend think of Tom Watson and use him as your golf muse And just like Tom take the club back slowly rotate the hips and follow through high and watch your shot land softly on the fairway or onto the green I was fortunate to play beautiful Harbor Links in Port Washington last week I great golf experience The course has its quirks as all good courses should have but if you have never played this Palmer golf managed facility I highly recommend playing See you on the tee box Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
Help A Charity Play A New Course
Published: 2009-7-13
Hey LI golfers It s a beautiful Monday on Long Island Hopefully you ll be at one of the many golf outings taking place to help raise awareness and funds for a variety of charitable organizations For many LI golfers an outing may well be the only way they get to play a private golf club this season The fee is about 500 golfer But when you add up the golf the food and drink as well as a donation the cost becomes less of an issue Hey you might even hit a hole in one and win a two or three year lease on a new car or win one of the many cool raffle prizes which of course is an additional expense If the price tag to play in an outing in a private club is too high consider the many outings held on high-end public course and thus have a low price point Courses like Harbour Links and Oyster Bay are two courses that come to mind especially for non-residents So do something nice for an organization that is trying to do some good in this crazy world of ours and treat yourself to an enjoyable round of golf at the same time See you on the tee box Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
The Only LI Public Course With ProLink GPS
Published: 2009-7-08
Hey LI golfers At last I can look at the weather forecast and see blue skies predicted for the next week I can finally break out my new Footjoys that I did not want to wear in the mud the past few weeks The first course I m going to wear my new shoes on is the Hamlet Wind Watch in Hauppauge For those who might have heard that this gem is too tight and too hilly have heard wrong The ProLink GPS is definitely one reason to play this well kept course with not too fast greens But the feeling you get while you play this track is that you re playing one of Long Island s best From the bag drop outside the clubhouse which helps since you have to descend down the steps to the pro shop the Wind Watch staff are both courteous and helpful The knowledgeable people behind the desk and at the carts helps set the tone for a great day They sign you in with a smile ask if you know how to get to the great driving range and to the first tee box with a level of customer service that beats most places And after the round you get to gloat about your great score on the beautiful outdoor deck and enjoy some delicious food When you want to treat yourself or a client or friend to an enjoyable golf experience consider Hamlet Wind Watch You ll be glad you did See you on the tee box Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
Pine Ridge Golf Club Is Good To Go
Published: 2009-7-06
Hey LI golfers I hope you had a chance to get at least one round in over what was the best weekend weather we ve had this season You may have read the story in the new reduced size Newsday about a former disgruntled employee of Pine Ridge Golf Club took a golf cart and did damage to this fine course We spoke with a Pine Ridge Golf Club representative and they report there is no damage to any of the greens We are happy to hear the good news for this Billy Casper managed course who with it s pine tree lined fairways lets golfers feel like they re playing the famous Pine Valley course in southern New Jersey or one of the many great Pinehurst courses For those who have not yet played Pine Ridge we suggest you take a trip to Coram and experience a great course that offers a high level of service as well See you on the tee box Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
Bring On Summer
Published: 2009-6-30
Hey LI golfers July 4th weekend is here and that s when Long Island golf courses see golfers come out of the woodworks The rounds tend to get a bit longer a typical weekend round at Bethpage is 5 5 hours way too long Perhaps NY State should take some of that 6 million they took from the USGA and help us golfers in two ways First spread out the tee times a bit The average Bethpage golfer shoots just over 100 for 18 so maybe every 12 minutes instead of every eight minutes So they won t get 300 round day but they ll have a lot more satisfied golfers Second why not on-course Rangers I have never seen a Ranger on any Bethpage course in all my years playing there Please don t let them say they don t have the budget In an attempt to speed up play on Bethpage Hamlet Wind Watch Harbor Links or where ever you re fortunate to play this weekend follow some simple rules Maximum number of shots hole is a snowman When putting take a moderate amount of time to line up your putt I understand you might be playing one of several golf betting games with your buddies but hey think of the group standing in the fairway waiting for you to putt out And lastly if you hit into the woods as I often do keep the search time to a minimum If you can t find it in less that 10 minutes drop one alongside the fairway and play on See you on the teebox Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
Monday The US Open
Published: 2009-6-22
Hey LI golfers So after several rain delays and a silly decision to start the Final Round with less than an hour of daylight - even on the longest day of the year - the US Open has two co-leaders that Johnny Miller insists will fold on the Final day and Phil will win the 109th US Open Geez Louise Yes Ricky Barnes was ranked 518th in the World and Miller is trying to say that s a BAD thing Being ranked 518th in the world in anything is pretty damn good and means you have a great shot at winning one of golf s four major championships Why not root for Ricky or his co-leader Lucas Glover it would make a great story for the media and take some of the heat off Tiger and Phil But no They have to extend NBC s coverage of today s US Open coverage so that they can watch Tiger finish up There s more to golf than Tiger Woods what s going to happen when Tiger retires What will the golf media do the ratings will be off 30 percent that s the increase a professional golf tournament gets when Tiger plays maybe they should start showing the young guys who I must admit look like mere teenagers But let us not forget tha tomorrow is NOT a playoff and thus Playoff tickets will NOT be allowed only Thursday tickets which until the NY Attorney General got involved were worthless mementoes from one of sport s premier events So now the USGA will have a size able gallery for window dressing to crown a champion of their most popular event Maybe The Donald who the very first hospitality tent on Bethpage Black I wonder how he got that spot Enough of the small talk We shall have an exciting finish on Monday to what has been an eventful event I m glad the USGA had to play on Monday at least they gave golf fans a way to experience the US Open up close and personal See you on the tee box Chuck www longislandgolfbygolfers com
USGA Stinks
Published: 2009-6-19
Hey LI golfer Yes I m one of the 42 500 golf fans that got screwed yesterday by the callous USGA I slogged through mud that made my white Nikes brown with Bethpage Black mud How can they NOT refund our 100 Grounds ticket and who knows how much more for the la di da Trophy Room tent which would have been a great place to hang And what about all those fancy corporate tents The USAGA execs and their guests i e Bernadette Castro et al probably sat around all day eating caviar and washing it down with Grey Goose and Johnnie Walker Blue - all on our tax dollars I mean the stingiest MLB team - the NY Yankees even offered to redeem all tickets for yesterday s 5 5 hours rain delayed game - and the Yankees played the game albeit at night The USGA has mud and egg on its face It s up to them to make it right by golf fans and redeem the tickets for Thursday s round See you on the tee box Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
Rain Rain Go Away
Published: 2009-6-17
Hey LI golfers I just checked the weather report and and 8 07AM on Thursday the first day of the US Open Championship it appears Tiger will tee off in heavy rain What is it with the golf and rain g-ds Why can t they mutually agree to have a Major championship on Bethpage Black without rain It happened in 2002 and from what every weather expert says or posts it looks like Tiger s toes will be squishing water in his shoes as he slogs through the Black course on his way of course to shoot a 68 or there abouts So what s are golf fans like us to do First thing is to leave our cell phone behind That in itself is tough But I remember seeing several people slip and slide in 2002 I just hope that I will not be one of them this year After all my legs ain t what they used to be seven years ago I ve already scoped out where I ll take up residence the next few days I did hear that a relative of a friend rented his house to a PGA TOUR player and received 8 000 for the week That s a lot better than many of the competitors in the US Open will make for the week Course of the week Hamlet Wind Watch A truly great golf course that is not as tight as the stories you may have heard There s a few hills but in a cart they re manageable The greens are in great shape and the service in the pro shop and in the grill room is superb If you re looking to treat yourself or a client check out this beauty off the LIE 57 See you at Bethpage Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
The US Open Is Here
Published: 2009-6-15
Hey LI golfers After seven long years the US Open - one of golf s Major Championships - is right here on Long Island I know several people who couldn t wait and are at today s practice round They took their digital camera allowed on practice rounds discarded for Championship rounds and are looking forward to seeing the world s best practice their craft There are still tickets available at the Bethpage box office for practic rounds through Wednesday I recommend if you re one of the nine percent of unemployed Americans you make it out to a US Open practice round the players are accessbile and the crowds are much smaller than the weekend Don t have a ticket for Thurs - Sun Don t fret there s a ticket glut I have received quite a few calls asking if I want tickets - at half price I like many others ordered tickets last year If you have an AMEX card you can buy tix now before they go on sale to the general public to next year s US Open at hallowed Pebble Beach they re Trophy room and can be purchased by the day as compared to Bethpage where you had to buy the whole strip See you at Bethpage Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
USGA Does Right By Juniors
Published: 2009-6-10
Hey LI golfers I had an opportunity to attend the USGA volunteer training in the merchandise tent which is the size of a football field and is stocked with lots of stuff some of which would look great on my head on my body or on my wall The thing I liked hearing the most from the very nice USGA staff who ran the meeting were the low cost ways for aspiring golfers to attend the US Open practice and championship rounds The following is based on two children per adult Juniors 12 under are admitted free the entire week Juniors 13 - 17 are 15 each for the practice rounds and 30 each for the championship rounds A bargain based on the Adult ticket prices This is just another way the USGA is trying to introduce the great sport we love to a new audience I just hope that one of you will take your child nephew niece or grandchild to walk along the ropes at Bethpage Black and experience together one of the world s premier sports events See you in the merchandise tent Chuckwww longislandgolfbygolfers com
Tiger Is Ready For Bethpage
Published: 2009-6-08
Hi golfers Shooting a 65 and overcome a six stroke deficit shows Tiger is ready for Bethpage Black The rest of the field to be determined at several US Open qualifiers across the country better ready They know Tiger has his A game and his surgically repaired knee will withstand the steep climb up to Bethpage Black s greens Will Angel Cabrera be strong enough to get the second leg of golf s Grand Slam His portly size suggests that he might wilt under the conditions guaranteed to be a bot warmer and more humid than August in April And will Phil want to win a Major for his ailing wife who could use all the support she can get All I know is that golf fans are in for a real treat right in our own backyard whether you drive to Jones Beach or take the train to the LIRR Farmingdale station for four days the golf world will be watching closely on what will be a great test of golf and endurance See you at the Black course Chuck
US Open Practice Rounds
Published: 2009-6-06
Hey LI golfers The US Open competition begins Thursday June 18th And the Black will put the world s best golfers to a true test of skills and endurance Especially as many of us know that walking up the the 17th 18th greens are very tough hills to climb no less than try to beat out Tiger For those who have never ventured I recommend you get your butt to the US Open Practice Rounds The tickets face value are considerably less than the four days of competition and you get many opportunities to see the golfers up close and personal they would say if this were the Olympics First off cameras or your fancy Blackberry or iPhone are allowed and you get to take pictures and watch the pros practice When I went grudgingly to a US Open practice round in Shinnecock I was pleasantly surprised at how accessible the players were The day was great A lot less crowds and we had a chance to see and even talk to a few golfers something that would never happen Thursday - Sunday So get out to Bethpage for the US Open Practice Rounds It ll be fun See you on the tee box Chuck
Good News On Phil
Published: 2009-6-03
Hey LI Golfers Glad to hear Amy Mickelson is doing well enough for Phil to rejoin the PGA TOUR in time to compete in this year s US OPEN on Bethpage Black I know many Long Island golfers are happy that Lefty will be there in just a few weeks going for another Major I would not rush to buy US OPEN tix on Stub Hub From what we hear there is a glut of tix which will have a tremendous effect on the price My suggestion is to hang out in the Jones Beach parking lot or by the Farmingdale LIRR station and pick up tickets from those who will be trying to unload their extra tickets There might even be some of the Trophy Club tickets available at a reasonable price I played Oyster Bay over the weekend I took a lesson with Doug Miller their PGA Professional and played bogey golf on what was a very well conditioned course Please write in and let us know the condition of the courses as you play them so that other Long Island golfers will be able to make a more informed decision as to where to spend five hours six if you play any Bethpage course on the weekend See you on the tee box Chuck
Long Island Greens Fees
Published: 2009-5-29
Hey LI Golfers So what s it going to be Are the powers that be going to give the struggling Long Island public golfer a break on this season s greens fees Or are they going to increase their fees and get what they can from the guy who s going to find it a bit tougher to shell out 50 or up to 110 for his weekly round of golf One promotion I ve seen is Bring four golfers and pay for three Not a bad idea for the golf courses based on the theory that they get a full foursome who will spend money on F B and perhaps a less expensive brand of cigar from the pro shop s humidor I ve also seen clubs advertise 10 Rounds for 450 Not bad if you have the 450 to shell out at one time and then have to wait to see what tee times their members have taken before you even decided if when you were going to play Here s a tip to make the rounds you ll be fortunate to play on the many great Long Island courses this season Take a lesson from your local PGA Teaching Professional They ll help you lower your score and lose less golf balls in the process See you on the tee box Chuck T
John Daly
Published: 2009-5-28
Hey LI Golfers Earlier today John Daly yes the man who is one of four Americans to win two Major championships before his 30th b-day slogged his way through the first round of the European Open with a one under 71 and T53 The man is a legend for all the wrong reasons But through it all he remains a fan favorite Perhaps it s his extensive charity work he does for Make a Wish and the Boys and Girls Clubs He s playing across the pond due to a PGA TOUR suspension which he hopes will be lifted shortly which will enable him to accept some sponsor exemptions and play the rest of 09 in the country he still calls home Yes he s been married four times and Butch Harmon ditched him as a client earlier this year because of his passion for alcohol was greater than his desire to play golf I understand John has been in a fair amount of trouble The current PGA TOUR suspension was based in large part on the picture taken in some jail house of him in an orange jumpsuit Commissioner Finchem thought John was arrested and summarily suspended him The fact was that John was NOT arrested But that seems to be John s life story He s a bit like the late great Rodney Dangerfield he gets no respect The 1990 PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year is seeking a bit of respect in 2009 the year he is hoping to turn around his career In 2008 John made 5 of 17 cuts and earned 56 017 a far cry from the 1 000 000 he earned few years before I m rooting for you John And I know a lot of other Long Island golfers are as well See you soon Chuck
NY Golf Shuttle
Published: 2009-5-27
Hey LI Golfers We re all excited about the US Open Bethpage this year Hopefully this year it won t rain and we will not have to slog through mud to catch a glimpse of Tiger Phil and the rest of the world s best golfers This NY Golf Shuttle situation annoys me How is a scalper able to GET Bethpage Black tee times - let alone sell them for 850 golfer Bethpage is a NY State Park and is supposed to be for the people I guess in some cases to semi-quote George Orwell some people are more equal than others We had heard that some of the Bethpage Pro shop staff were re-selling Black course tee times but at a much less more humanitarian price point Many of us have been beaten up by the Black course and see it add an additional 12 or more strokes to our score as compared to any of the other Bethpage courses But oh to tell the story on your subsequent rounds - for years to come makes it all worth it I hope Bethpage Black consistently rated by Golf Digest as one of the USA s top courses remains attainable for the middle class amateur golfer who wants to experience what it feels like to walk up the 18th fairway just like Tiger Let s keep the Black course as available to the golfer who lives in Levittown as to the guy who takes a car service from the Upper East Side to play on one of the World s most famous sports venues See you there Chuck