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Time For Another Post I Guess
Published: 2017-4-12
I took a nap and woke up and it looks like about a year has passed since I wrote my last post So I guess it s time for my yearly update Okay so yeah definitely things like Yelp and Google reviews and other things killed the short-lived food blog era Here s the thing though The people who post on Yelp and in Google reviews are IDIOTS They are idiots Their opinions are stupid and terrible and they are terrible people And remember this blog started because idiots would post on AOL about restaurants that I had been to and these people were clearly stupid and had no idea what was good food and what was garbage I would post on those web pages and tell the people how stupid they were and I think my comments got deleted or something I don t know Screw them So I was like I m going to create a website and set people straight So I got in early in the food blogging days But with the rise of Yelp blah blah the food bloggers lost their influence One of the first was kipblog or something which went from blogging to just a list of food bloggers One was the amateur gourmet who apparently had some small fame for a short time and now does whatever There was a french chick I don t know what happened to her Anyway where are we in 2017 We are back to the same awful place we were back in the early 2000 s with idiots posting their stupid opinions for consumption by the gullible masses We have traveled a full cruel merciless circle of culinary stupidity I weep
More On The Death Of Food Blogs
Published: 2016-7-15
I guess a fairly obvious answer to the death of food blogs is the rise of things like Yelp and reviews on Google and Google Maps The good thing especially with Yelp is that you can see potentially lots of reviews all at once The bad thing is that those apps make everyone a food critic and people are idiots For instance I searched for restaurants on Google Maps The app gave me a bunch of local restaurants with ratings from people A certain Chinese restaurant was rated 4 9 out of 5 0 stars I m like WTF Those reviewers are idiots That place is average at best And if 2 5 out of 5 0 means average it deserves a 2 5
Published: 2016-7-14
OMG who still comes to this thing nbsp It makes me almost want to start blogging again Just because I feel bad for the people coming here and seeing a vast wasteland img border 0 height 162 src https 3 bp blogspot com -EVmiDpxUIq0 V4gQeguudzI AAAAAAAAAmg cWODgnz4RrQYTXKtxsq2sBkHUJWDvxsfQCK4B s320 page 2Bviews 2Bomg png width 320 2 new posts in one day Unprecedented
Where s Everybody Been
Published: 2016-7-14
So how s everyone s summer Haha omg who even looks at this thing But seriously Have recently been checking out food blogs that were once popular like in 2005 I see many have folded But not me I m still around This post is proof I m old enough to remember when people thought they could actually make a living writing about food or wine on stupid blogs like a stupid blog such as this Not that I ever thought I could And never intended to The reality No one cares about food blogs They sure went away fast huh And I m sure whoever currently gets paid to write posts about food makes squat Anyway I m still around i e I exist on this earthly plane Maybe more posts to come You never know
BJ s Laughs At My Salted Butter Purchase
Published: 2014-11-23
Yeah I got some salted butter It s not that funny BJ s img border 0 src http 2 bp blogspot com -VN fGf0hWLo VHFz5SGy28I AAAAAAAAAlo -jCWvHBr4DI s1600 LOL 2Bbutter jpg height 112 width 320
Hamburger At Pace s Shockingly Good Deal
Published: 2014-2-27
Had lunch at Pace s in Hauppauge recently Never been there before Weird decor i e law books but whatever Got the hamburger for lunch I think it was 10 75 The burger was big and comes with a good amount of fries and cole slaw I added cheese for I think a buck 25 Can t believe I m saying this but an expensive steak house actually has a good deal -- gt the lunchtime hamburger It s not the greatest hamburger but it s a good-size meal and I ll take that deal all day long
Just In Time For Christmas
Published: 2013-12-20
As usual I m probably late to the party but just saw a commercial for the StufZ burger maker Just in time for Christmas for the person who is incapable of stuffing things inside a hamburger without the use of a mechanical device
Review Revel In Garden City
Published: 2013-9-21
img border 0 height 105 src http 2 bp blogspot com -O2l2OdjSboo Uj2psuBTwUI AAAAAAAAAj0 mcMvYZmmW0I s400 7 jpg width 400 New place opened on Tuesday Sep 17 on Franklin Ave in Garden City TD Bank building Had lunch there on Friday img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -jBX9Ow--saM Uj2pBJjI5vI AAAAAAAAAjU FG6axIJotbs s320 4 jpg width 320 The dining area is small so they try to create the illusion of space with an open ceiling and big mirrors on the walls A big bar spans almost the entire back of the dining area They also did a good job of hiring all cute waitresses a la the hostesses at Insignia That s smart of course Older successful businessmen and their male clients want to be around young pretty girls img border 0 height 320 src http 4 bp blogspot com -K5aqB60oewg Uj2pDTaFqII AAAAAAAAAjc Fse4DkJq6aI s320 5 jpg width 240 The decor is an overall gray and dark blue green which I didn t really dig though my lunch companion liked it Unusual for a Franklin Ave restaurant I guess it s trying to be city edgy modern--even the font of the letters They seem to be targeting the local finance and other professional crowd for lunch and dinner The seats are covered in a fabric that was on a couch my grandma had when I was a kid which she called a davenport So my first thought was cheap Maybe that s unfair The menu is big and ambitious and a little strange Grilled octopus sandwich With olives on it Sounds f cking gross Prices for lunch are 2-3 more per dish more than an average Garden City place Dinner is priced like an upper-tier Long Island restaurant though not the most expensive Dinner entrees average around 27 Much more for steak img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -IVT9NiC4amg Uj2pGPiMOXI AAAAAAAAAjk uqvxGTzO6Ns s320 IMG 6018 jpg width 320 I had the 1855 hamburger 14 00 because not much else on the lunch menu sounded very good for under 15 The meat was dry the bun was dry and crumbly stale hate that and way too big for the hamburger There was no cheese and instead of onions there was a red wine shallot marmalade which didn t really add to my enjoyment So it was OK not great img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -OTv446b1I1k Uj2pT9oT3SI AAAAAAAAAjs fuM d iWRsE s320 6 jpg width 320 My lunch companion had the chicken amp avocado BLT 12 00 She said it was OK but was dry and needed some kind of sauce The sandwiches are served with waffle fries They are not waffle fries more like french fry pillows They also come with a little mesclun salad and a mustard vinaigrette That did nothing for me If I were the owners I d scale down the menu and concentrate on getting each dish perfect You re a small restaurant and it s Garden City And if you re trying to stand out with the flavors of the food don t get too crazy I m sure they don t care what I say 2 5 out of 5 starsRevel Restaurant amp Bar835 Franklin AvenueGarden City NY
What The Frick Kerry
Published: 2013-9-03
img border 0 height 291 src http 3 bp blogspot com -PWB0e8eJuhE UiU5IrhI bI AAAAAAAAAjE pAP3YgnE4FE s400 Kerry Assad jpg width 400 All right I see what s going on here I have ONE QUESTION for you Secretary of State John Kerry dining with that dictator and tyrant Bashar al-Assad Why is your table so shitty I mean you re like right next to the counter or something Like a sushi bar And you re stuck out there in the open Jesus Embarrassing
Funny Food Pics
Published: 2013-8-30
img border 0 height 246 src http 3 bp blogspot com -M4myjRAq9IM Uh gKGE6 FI AAAAAAAAAi0 iMYxiTGck5w s320 Ronald jpg width 320 Me trying to explain this to people today nbsp It s Ronald McDonald And he s at a podium so he s speaking about something And he looks concerned So you know he s worried about the Hamburlgar
Port Jeff Greek Fest
Published: 2013-8-25
Went to the Port Jefferson Greek Festival Saturday night Didn t get there until almost 9 00 Place was mobbed Expect to walk about 1 2 a mile to get there from where you park There were people being bused around but I m not sure where they were parked Lots of jewelry vendor stands Some other junk like 5 00 Minnie Mouse ears which I was forced to buy A few rides and games Mostly went there for the food There is a central food area where the customers are herded like cattle to the slaughter through a long maze Took about 25 mins to get the food after getting in line The food was OK Decent prices Greek salad was not the best Some pics img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -U Op4nrwLsA Uho8zFkUoxI AAAAAAAAAhs r1-I7SxmdXM s320 greek1 jpg width 320 Near the entrance Lots of vendor stands Some guy giving me look of displeasure Way to ruin my shot img border 0 height 240 src http 3 bp blogspot com -Yh3c7anEIOM Uho8z1TnZqI AAAAAAAAAh0 8v82oBt1IGA s320 greek2 jpg width 320 Blurry pic of more vendor stands img border 0 height 240 src http 2 bp blogspot com -8zfiv7uhIBA Uho80698EOI AAAAAAAAAh8 ufh5rieeB g s320 greek3 jpg width 320 Food line maze Not unlike King Minos Labyrinth Nerd loser joke img border 0 height 240 src http 4 bp blogspot com -wL9GhDKMQ50 Uho82DZM-TI AAAAAAAAAiE tokRaOi1elM s320 greek4 jpg width 320 Menu img border 0 height 240 src http 2 bp blogspot com -i89774CyPpk Uho83YJ6GcI AAAAAAAAAiM TTZWo6qLAIU s320 greek5 jpg width 320 Combo platter of mousaka and pastitso with Greek salad and fries img border 0 height 240 src http 4 bp blogspot com -Nqo3nJLuGYY Uho86Od4d-I AAAAAAAAAic SHOf8jH9GME s320 greek6 jpg width 320 Pork souvlaki Greek salad and a tyropita feta cheese pie--very rich and very salty img border 0 height 240 src http 2 bp blogspot com -TZsd0vBPN4Q Uho87ZAposI AAAAAAAAAik ihXJ87Ki8wQ s320 greek7 jpg width 320 Me sneaking pic of other people s food
House Of Dogs Yo
Published: 2013-8-20
Saw this on Hawkins Ave in Ronkonkoma img border 0 height 246 src http 2 bp blogspot com -GYlynuMjvr0 UhK06T5B1mI AAAAAAAAAhI tUUVg89KgrE s320 dogs jpg width 320 That s funny cuz I live in a house of cats img border 0 height 263 src http 4 bp blogspot com -nb-NLrB LcU UhK3mCOu2II AAAAAAAAAhc s6Ix7bVpRuk s320 cats jpg width 320
Coastal Cooking With John Shields
Published: 2013-8-17
At 1 00 AM on Saturday nights Sunday mornings I ll often put on Coastal Cooking with John Shields on WLIW before I head out to the clubs Reader nbsp You are so full of shit First you wouldn t be allowed into any clubs Second we all know you never leave your house unless you run out of Twinkies or bourbon ANYWAY I have no idea what anyone is saying on the show I just watch to see John Shields weird mannerisms and facial expressions when he s talking to people They can only be truly appreciated by watching the actual show but here are some screen captures img border 0 height 267 src http 2 bp blogspot com -PXEF1jxunpA Ug-IhkJiMwI AAAAAAAAAgo pjbGwjP 7F0 s320 2 jpg width 320 Raised eyebrows feigned interest in what the person is saying img border 0 height 265 src http 4 bp blogspot com -TAFrdj3sdmo Ug-IiMB9B9I AAAAAAAAAg4 hUxWdqMoik0 s320 4 jpg width 320 Listening hard continued feigned interest img border 0 height 283 src http 1 bp blogspot com -WIJ8god4mfQ Ug-IhssSb5I AAAAAAAAAgg xhVzoovC6S8 s320 1 jpg width 320 Awkward too-big smile img border 0 height 259 src http 4 bp blogspot com -ay FyjMnrk4 Ug-IhlXaRTI AAAAAAAAAgk sEmW3etjcVY s320 3 jpg width 320 I like bunnies
Don Peppe
Published: 2013-8-04
From recent meal at the famous Don Peppe in Ozone Park img border 0 height 240 src http 3 bp blogspot com -EqxNcq1M3Oc Uf59O16YnNI AAAAAAAAAf4 jqPw36GC1vM s320 IMG 4841 JPG width 320 Baked clams img border 0 height 240 src http 3 bp blogspot com -MeWPrXeVro4 Uf59ULMUlPI AAAAAAAAAgA IOF3pixA7a8 s320 IMG 4844 JPG width 320 Linguini I think with red sauce img border 0 height 240 src http 4 bp blogspot com -IIzutAepH3c Uf59XlbmIeI AAAAAAAAAgI YIK0fUEohb4 s320 IMG 4846 JPG width 320 Veal Don Peppe and Chicken with Eggplant img border 0 height 240 src http 4 bp blogspot com -uMhnPlKtGp4 Uf59c0P09SI AAAAAAAAAgQ -oRkRU7GQck s320 IMG 4845 JPG width 320 Veal Don Peppe and Chicken with Eggplant being served img border 0 height 240 src http 4 bp blogspot com -WVBHMFDSRYU Uf59H9vh36I AAAAAAAAAf0 qd1BMJh6snk s320 IMG 4840 JPG width 320 Caprese salad with Red PepperFor more check out the nbsp facebook page
Meson Ole In Patchogue
Published: 2013-8-03
Went to the Patchogue Meson Ole on a recent Saturday night The food is pretty standard Mexican on Long Island My combo came with a tamale that was very wet Little bummed about that Entrees average around 14- 15 The combos average around 13 The main appeal is that it s a nice place to sit outside on a summer evening and have dinner For reasons men don t understand this is a big deal to women The front outdoor eating area was about 20 feet from Montauk Highway So it can get noisy About half of the dinner conversation was me shouting What The other half was me pretending to care what she was saying Ha LolzDrink prices are reasonable The GF got a blue something Was 9 00 As opposed to the 15 or whatever at the Cheesecake Factory and other places img border 0 height 258 src http 2 bp blogspot com -cCIXV7ubcLk Uf1DZfaL5CI AAAAAAAAAfY NJKn-cxSaC4 s320 012 JPG width 320 Objects on the road are closer than they appear img border 0 height 250 src http 2 bp blogspot com -XHozkoSGo A Uf1DbXa8moI AAAAAAAAAfg YgimTQhuAQU s320 013 JPG width 320 My combo with a wet tamale nbsp Later that night I got my other tamale wet Ha Not really2 1 2 starsMeson Ole507 West Main StreetPatchogue NY 11772
Totally Glamping
Published: 2013-5-31
When people drive by on their way to the Hamptons and see me sitting outside my trailer with a beer in my hand and my 3-legged dog and throw trash at me I m all like Dude nbsp I m just nbsp glamping img border 0 height 211 src http 1 bp blogspot com --Xx0nh5Lgyo Uaovz719EJI AAAAAAAAAfA C8y8yPNlOFo s320 food2 jpg width 320 nbsp
Gordon Ramsay
Published: 2013-5-26
One of the funniest things on the interwebs
Review Insignia
Published: 2013-5-19
Finally made it to Insignia Everyone who eats there loves it and says Oh you have to go Hey guess what Those people have no idea what they re talking about I ve been to Bryant amp Cooper several times Capital Grille and other good steakhouses on Long Island Those places are overpriced but at least the food is decent I knew I was going to get ripped off at Insignia but I thought I d at least have a good-ish meal--or maybe very good It wasn t nbsp good-ish nbsp It was horrible for the money It was about the quality of a J amp R s Steakhouse meal The place is big and dark and noisy with pounding music Don t expect to have an intimate conversation there The menus are one-page deals and laminated like a J amp R s if I remember Looking back that was the first red flag Appetizers were Caesar salad 10 and the crab cake 16 The Caesar salad was about the quality you d get at a diner The crab cake was terrible It had green onions in it huh and a flavor I couldn t place cumin curry that completely overpowered any crab flavor It also had julienned carrots on the top which made no sense I got a ribeye 46 which was a thin cut It was cooked fine but I can cook them fine too and I like a thicker cut There is one item on the menu which is by bar the biggest ripoff and that is the broiled lobster tail for 44 Lobster tail That s it No sides nothing So of course my girlfriend got the lobster tail She liked it but how do you mess up a lobster tail I d say it was a 6 oz tail And you know what You can get one at Waldbaum s for 10 The menu is a la carte so sides are extra but they feed two people We got hash browns 10 and asparagus 10 The asparagus was nothing special The hash browns were salty as hell and tiny which was weird You have to eat them with a spoon I ve never seen anything like it I only had iced tea and a cappuccino The girlfriend got two cosmos 15 each which is not unusual Tax and tip came to 205 00 Bottom line nbsp you can get the same quality food at a J amp R s steakhouse for 50 00 img border 0 height 284 src http 2 bp blogspot com -nT7pv0FTVGE UZlMN4hSWtI AAAAAAAAAeA bmgW0o InX4 s320 IMG 4389 JPG width 320 Crab Cake img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -kuFJww6XLrA UZlMSR yQtI AAAAAAAAAeI hNXgiUfPXb8 s320 IMG 4390 JPG width 320 Caesar Salad img border 0 height 252 src http 1 bp blogspot com -ejFWmP5HSqM UZlMVbfDyPI AAAAAAAAAeQ AukbffQXNrQ s320 IMG 4392 JPG width 320 Lobster Tail img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -Bt49uh7EhBE UZlMZ9rvQlI AAAAAAAAAeY P P4zMsSFjk s320 IMG 4391 JPG width 320 Ribeye Steak img border 0 height 320 src http 2 bp blogspot com -3OoICy-Yeyg UZlM0PE0F-I AAAAAAAAAeg KXfJSCTMijg s320 599 JPG width 240 6 oz lobster tail from Waldbaum s for 9 99 nbsp 2 out of 5 starsInsignia610 Nesconset HighwaySmithtown NY 11787
Mother s Day Eating
Published: 2013-5-12
I know where I M taking mom for Mother s Day dinner img border 0 height 241 src http 1 bp blogspot com -XPHvxY1QqOk UY zZxBJjXI AAAAAAAAAdk -QJrAnuBcUg s400 blog 1 jpg width 400
Review Leo s In Garden City
Published: 2013-4-13
img border 0 height 174 src http 2 bp blogspot com -81LLVYNLrDY UY 1vHPuvXI AAAAAAAAAdw f8EfKKeRNcw s320 Leos jpg width 320 Smallish restaurant pub on 7th Street in Garden City There are Virginia lacrosse pics on the walls but also lots of caricature drawings There s a bar with several TV s showing sports Is it a pub A sports bar I don t know what this place is going for Went there for lunch recently A chicken sandwich a turkey club and two iced teas 36 00 Yikes Any diner could make food equally shitty for half the price The booths are cramped The food is terrible and overpriced Maybe the focus is on the bar and not the food Maybe this place is fun during a football game when the beer is flowing and the food is an afterthought But as a local place in Garden City for lunch or dinner it sucks Reminds me of similar places in college towns except the prices are about twice as expensive 1 star out of 5 Leo s190 7th StreetGarden City NY
More Celebs Who ve Never Been To A Grocery Store
Published: 2013-3-16
img border 0 height 274 src http 2 bp blogspot com -d K VYYvI-w UUTN-2cQWlI AAAAAAAAAdI e5VKHiwDYOw s320 redfoo jpg width 320 Oh so that WAS RedFoo singing into a banana at Waldbaum s Thursday night
Food News
Published: 2013-3-09
img border 0 height 156 src http 1 bp blogspot com -12IsdijOtIg UTuknJFUYBI AAAAAAAAAc0 dgP3GPao2dQ s320 ScreenHunter 01 Mar 09 16 05 jpg width 320 Here Oh so that WAS Lady Gaga buying a pound of potato salad at the deli counter last Tuesday night
Mysteries At The Supermarket
Published: 2012-12-03
Saw this at the store on Sunday Threw up in my mouth img border 0 height 320 src http 2 bp blogspot com -qvwcOgoaSZs UL0K0LRG6TI AAAAAAAAAcY qzyWH-l7niQ s320 223 JPG width 240
Riesterer s Halloween Cookies
Published: 2012-10-26
Was in Riesterer s bakery in West Hempstead today Lots of Halloween-themed cookies and other goodies Reasonable prices Many of the cookies were 1 00 or 2 00 The 2 00 cookies are pretty big Small pumpkin pies are 2 95 I got a Frankenstein cookie for 2 00 Top row in the pic right below It was good Filling img border 0 height 240 src http 3 bp blogspot com -ii0SodrH35U UInhTBbjcUI AAAAAAAAAbo 8UPI48sPwp8 s320 071 JPG width 320 img border 0 height 320 src http 1 bp blogspot com -vgSzVJF-2wI UInhV46RM0I AAAAAAAAAbw 92jWovPov8I s320 072 JPG width 240 img border 0 height 320 src http 3 bp blogspot com -b91az0 kDCQ UInhrBX6XYI AAAAAAAAAcE 0z0WvgbAFTU s320 074 JPG width 230 Riesterer s282 Hempstead AvenueWest Hempstead NY 11552 516 481-7636
Haunted Food Blogging
Published: 2012-10-15
On Saturday October 13 went to Smalley s Inn in Carmel It s a restaurant converted from an inn that was opened by James Smalley in 1852 It was featured on Travel Channel s The Dead Files I sat in one of the four front booths The owner nbsp Anthony Porto came out to speak to the people who were sitting in the booths for a few minutes He was very nice and very gracious and showed us all some of the pictures of apparitions that had been captured nbsp One of the booths Table 21 apparently has a spirit that stays there all the time The Dead Files episode focused on the second wife of James Smalley who appears to haunt the basement and appear to people as a banshee nbsp Porto wasn t thrilled with how the show portrayed the place and said that in fact there are 8 or 9 spirits there and which are apparently harmless Sometimes spirits lay down with him in bed Supposedly waitresses and others have had their cell phone batteries drained Another time everyone s cell phones started ringing at the same time I took lots of pictures Didn t catch any spirits Sad face However at one point the auto focus on my iPhone got wacky The auto focus acted like something was right in front of it so it wouldn t focus at a distance even though I couldn t see anything in front of me It was working fine It started acting weird Then it worked fine again The food was eh I had a roast beef sandwich 9 00 Not too bad So the prices are decent Plenty of food for lunch The place is more an attraction for its atmosphere It was really decked out for Halloween Apparently after 5 00 they have actors in costume try to scare people img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -VK261ekNtDE UHyP0josF5I AAAAAAAAAZ0 06vOkXdk3zA s320 120 JPG width 320 img border 0 height 320 src http 2 bp blogspot com -4iNOd65Z7SI UHyP3R YHhI AAAAAAAAAZ8 4WgoP9rxv6M s320 121 JPG width 240 img border 0 height 240 src http 2 bp blogspot com -DD-J5UFxz5c UHyP622-XmI AAAAAAAAAaE hz6TDTKTKpw s320 123 JPG width 320 img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -JgUAG5WdlM4 UHyP-BIGq1I AAAAAAAAAaM p6kKfGrc2lw s320 124 JPG width 320 img border 0 height 240 src http 3 bp blogspot com -yl8Tv NWi-Q UHyRKNe2lsI AAAAAAAAAbE iSEmNcZI-iE s320 155 JPG width 320 The view from my booth img border 0 height 320 src http 4 bp blogspot com -l0HUWSMTozA UHyQBAMARBI AAAAAAAAAaU PupYP-9ar M s320 127 JPG width 240 img border 0 height 320 src http 2 bp blogspot com -exs9Ll4E4EA UHyQHUCoN9I AAAAAAAAAag xXdejwnT1DI s320 131 JPG width 240 img border 0 height 240 src http 1 bp blogspot com -EzHEi2qIPXo UHyTTW 8PuI AAAAAAAAAbM puTj5y9ytwY s320 141 JPG width 320 The Boss sandwich on the lunch specials nbsp img border 0 height 240 src http 2 bp blogspot com -Ms8JqPkKGrM UHyQXRQ2aTI AAAAAAAAAa0 9Vx923yOc3Y s320 139 JPG width 320 Spirit captured at Table 21 in September 2011 And mysterious yellow orb Actually glare from the light above my booth img border 0 height 240 src http 3 bp blogspot com -u4pV194n2XE UHyQdTP8ZHI AAAAAAAAAa8 nWHcRhYZ Ok s320 159 JPG width 320 My picture of Table 21 No spirit 3 out of 5 ghostsSmalley s Inn57 Gleneida AvenueCarmel NY 10512