Live Happy and Healthy

Published: 2013-4-27
SATURDAY APRIL 27th 2013 12 45PM TO 2 30PM HUNTINGTON YOGA AND WELLNESS STUDIO 425 New York Avenue at High St Huntington Village NY and SATURDAY May 4th 2013 12 45pm to 2 30pm AMUL YOGA STUDIO 3018 Merrick Rd Wantagh NY Just west of the Wantagh Parkway a few blocks on the left Once every month at each 8230
NATURAL Does Not Mean Organic
Published: 2011-11-06
This is an exclusive NaturalNews breaking news story A shocking new report from the Cornucopia Institute reveals that 8220 natural 8221 breakfast cereals are often loaded with GMOs and chemical pesticides Many of the most trusted brands that you might have thought were non-GMO were actually found in tests to contain high levels of genetically engineered ingredients 8230
Lavender Essential Oil
Published: 2011-9-11
Researchers in Germany have conducted a controlled study investigating the effects of lavender essential oil on anxiety disorders Lavender has long been regarded for its soothing and balancing properties At the end of the ten-week study the authors concluded that lavender significantly reduced the Hamilton Anxiety Scale HAMA scores of patients who were treated with 8230
Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup
Published: 2011-8-06
August 9 2011 7 00pm 8211 9 00pm Residence Inn by Marriott 9 Gerhard Road Plainview Register at http www meetup com LongIslandEntrepreneurs FEATURED SPEAKER Christine Segal Inner Beauty Workshops http www InnerBeautyWorkshops com Christine will be giving a talk on healthy lifestyle choices COST 10 includes buffet dinner CASH BAR
What s Your Favorite Bug Spray Recipe Or Remedy
Published: 2011-7-02
Read more http healthychild org By Healthy Child Healthy World The gnats flies ants and mosquitoes are coming out in full force To help you safely battle the bugs we ve compiled some tips from our archives and asked for recommendations from our community You may just want to bookmark this page so you always have a variety 8230
Are You Eating Pesticides
Published: 2011-7-02
Canola oil is a great insect killer Watch this http naturalnews tv
What Is GMO Exactly
Published: 2011-6-18
Well GMO stands for 8220 Genetically Modified Organism 8221 To create a genetically modified organism the genes of a plant or animal are literally altered In a laboratory the genes of a completely unrelated organism are inserted into the genes of the plant or animal i e like fish genes inserted into tomato genes 8230 and yes this has 8230
A Must See Movie Burzynski Cancer Is Serious Business
Published: 2011-6-12
The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down 8230 Important The producers of this powerful film are allowing a full and FREE preview through June 13th Please tell everyone you know to watch this film in it 8217 s entirety through June 13 2011
2011 Create Change Now Global Awakening Telesummit F R E E
Published: 2011-6-11
http www carimurphy com createchangenow Learn how to Re-Design your Life around your Passions and Purpose and Create a More Profitable Fulfilling Lifestyle from the Inside-Out Register now for free http www carimurphy com createchangenow
2011 Sunscreen Guide
Published: 2011-6-05
The Environmental Working Group has just released the 2011 version of its Sunscreen Guide Be sure to check it out before you lather yourself up http breakingnews ewg org 160 Thanks to Danielle Zanzarov of http www getnaturallyhealthy com for mentioning this great resource in her Newsletter