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Do Prenuptial Agreements Expire
Published: 2019-6-11
With a prenuptial agreement negotiated and executed in New York the answer to the question 8221 Do Prenuptial Agreements Expire 8221 is rather complex A prenuptial agreement is a contract and therefore the terms will vary I ll explain some of the more common scenarios Silence regarding expiration Should the agreement be silent regarding an expiration date 8211 there 8230
Why You Should Have A Healthcare Proxy
Published: 2019-5-14
If You Don 8217 t Make a Decision One Will Be Made For You My father was ill for many years with a degenerative disease Parkinson s He had his advance directives in order including a healthcare proxy however he did not choose where he was to be buried He visited several cemeteries with the family and 8230
National Association Of Divorce Professionals Conference 2019
Published: 2019-3-20
I just returned from three days at the National Association of Divorce Professionals I am a divorce mediator member conference in Fort Lauderdale It is an organization which has the mission of making the divorce process better by solving all of the parties 8217 issues The organization includes professionals in four areas legal mental health financial 8230
Why You Should Consult With An Attorney Prior To Deciding To Divorce
Published: 2019-1-17
Many potential clients come in for a consultation once they have been served with divorce papers or already moved out of their home Often if not always there are clear signs that a marriage is in trouble and that divorce may be imminent As with most other aspects of your life having information prior to 8230
Lawyer As Employer The Business Decisions Involved With Getting Help For Your Firm
Published: 2018-10-12
The first step in becoming an employer is recognizing that you need help The next step is deciding which type of help you need This article in the NYSBA Association Journal outlines the important considerations to think about when hiring and expanding your solo practice Reprinted with permission from New York State Bar Association Journal October 8230
Game Over
Published: 2018-9-20
Hitting the news lately is the fact that there is a new growing cause of divorce gaming addiction at least in the UK The video game Fortnite was listed in 200 divorces so far in 2018 as being partly to blame for the demise of the marriage While we in New York have irretrievable breakdown 8230
What Are Advance Directives In New York
Published: 2018-8-16
Advance Directives are documents which let you make decisions on how you want your financial and medical affairs handled if you cannot handle them yourself In New York we have a health care proxy which can include a HIPAA release living will and power of attorney They differ from a will in that they are 8230
Mediation Of Estate Issues
Published: 2018-6-28
Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending a continuing education class on the use of mediation in Estate cases Having been drafting estate plans for years and also being an experienced divorce mediator I pondered whether mediation might be preferable to litigation in situations where a will contest is imminent After attending the 8230
The Role Of The Review Attorney In Mediation
Published: 2018-4-26
Mediation clients often ask why do I need a review attorney Mediation is becoming ever more popular as people realize the value of having help in making decisions about their split however they do not want to lawyer up and risk having an adversarial situation The mediator does not represent either party and will be 8230
Who Gets The Frozen Embryos In A Divorce
Published: 2018-4-05
As if couples don t have enough to think about when dividing assets and deciding on custody the concept of making decisions about reproductive technology is becoming more common Many people are waiting longer to get married and start families and many people are beginning to take advantage of the newest reproductive technology available to them 8230