Ender Bowen – God Jots

Why Your Social Media Posts Are Hateful And What To Do About It
Published: 2020-9-01
Why are hateful social media posts often impersonal but taken personally Why do they happen in the first place and what can you do to bring Compassion into the conversation
Why You Should Let People Into Your Life
Published: 2020-8-25
Letting people into your life is how you build layers of complexity It s how you gain knowledge and discover new challenges that ultimately teach you who you are
Being Broken Is An Opportunity To Be Made New
Published: 2020-8-11
Being broken isn t the end It s the beginning Specifically it s the beginning of the new you should you choose to accept it
Compassion In A Careless Age
Published: 2020-8-04
In a world full of careless and indifferent people we should strive to be loving and vulnerable
Why The Shadow Has No Power Over You
Published: 2020-7-21
What is the Shadow How do you know there is a Light to lead you out The answer to that lies in the very existence of the Shadow itself - for there can be no Shadow without Light
How Life Makes Room For Something New
Published: 2020-7-07
What may seem like a tragedy or a failure - that terrible ending to something good - is instead the natural tendency for life to make room for something new
How Pride Makes Enemies Out Of Allies
Published: 2020-6-30
We can t let passion blind us to reason and we can t let fear do that either All that does is make enemies out of potential allies
Science And Religion Part 2 Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Published: 2020-6-23
Science and Religion are not enemies They are actually very close brothers The sooner we understand this relationship the sooner we can truly work together to understand our purpose
The True Object Of Your Hate
Published: 2020-6-09
We often think of all-consuming hate as something you might have for other people It s an eye-opener when you see what hate for a thing can start to turn you into
Understanding Your Gifts And Usefulness
Published: 2020-5-26
Once you accept yourself as good you can receive an understanding of what your gifts and usefulness and purpose are Because God is good And God made you
Your Apology Must Equal The Offense
Published: 2018-12-18
Just as the punishment must fit the crime the apology must equal or fit the offense If you re going to be small enough to cause it be big enough to fix it
There s No Such Thing As Coincidence
Published: 2018-12-04
I used to think that coincidences were just these random things that I was associating together in my head But what if God is trying to talk directly to ME
You ve Got Plenty Of Vices Too
Published: 2018-11-20
We all have vices There s no such thing as having vices that are better than another person s And recognizing that you have them doesn t make it okay
Understanding The Harvests In Our Lives
Published: 2018-11-06
How might we be misunderstanding the idea of a harvest Is it possible our lives can be likened to more than just one And if so what does that mean
The Purpose Of Status And Affluence
Published: 2018-8-14
There is a reason we are all born to different status and affluence Might it be that no matter what we are given we are expected to become more
Forgiveness Is Not Just For You
Published: 2018-8-01
A beautiful way to look at the act of forgiveness is to suggest that we are freeing ourselves from the bonds of those who hurt us But we can t forget that to forgive means to set those people free as well
The Catastrophic Power Of Love
Published: 2018-5-15
When you are asked to Love you aren t just being asked to be loving you are tasked with taking care of Love To ensure that its volatility doesn t end up in the wrong hands or to make certain that its fragility is understood and respected
Looking For A Return On Emotional Investment
Published: 2018-5-01
If you are giving someone your attention and your emotions and trying to turn it into something what is the Return On Emotional Investment that comes out
Come To Passion The Deliberate Nature Of Compassion
Published: 2018-4-17
Compassion isn t something that just happens The idea behind Compassion is that you come to passion - you actively and deliberately engage in it
Why And How You Should Rise Above Reason
Published: 2018-4-03
As human beings we fall into these traps where we believe if we ve been wronged we feel justified in our response There s more to experience in life if you rise above reason You can be more than is reasonable too
Total Solar Eclipse Coincidence Or Act Of God
Published: 2017-8-22
What if God is reminding us through the magnificent beauty of a total solar eclipse that He s here watching over all of human kind
Making Sense Of What You Should Be Doing And Why
Published: 2017-8-08
How often have you said This isn t what I should be doing Then why are you doing it Don t look for a way out Look for the reason you re there
Science And Religion Part 1 The Truth About Faith
Published: 2017-5-23
Part 1 of my series on the relationship between Science and Religion focuses on the truth about Faith What is it Why is it And how do we perceive it
Why Do We Struggle With Temptation
Published: 2017-4-11
Why do we struggle with Temptation What can your own temptations tell you about yourself your strengths and weaknesses and God s calling for you
The Importance Of Practicing Self-Compassion
Published: 2017-3-16
What is self-compassion What is the difference between that and selfishness And how is it key to understanding how to love thy neighbor
Doing God s Work And Accepting The Challenge
Published: 2017-2-21
God is very deliberate in the challenges he places in front of us Doing God s work means taking those challenges on and being grateful for them
The Truth About Chaos It s Not What You Think
Published: 2017-2-01
If the world and the universe are both full of chaos how can there possibly be a God That s because chaos is a matter of perception not the truth
When You Drag Your Feet God Gives You A Push
Published: 2017-1-25
When God gives you a push something amazing is indeed waiting for you It s a rare thing but it soon becomes clear why He does this
How Do You Know God Has A Purpose For You
Published: 2016-12-20
If God has a purpose for you why are you still struggling How do you know God hasn t abandoned you Maybe you re STILL HERE for a reason
Passing Up Judgment And Being Better Than I Am
Published: 2016-12-07
Religion Spirituality they are not for determining if you are better than others but for finding out how to be better than you are So stop worrying about the judgments of others
Compassion s Place In An Offended World
Published: 2016-11-15
Compassion compels us to open our ears and hearts no matter what side we are on If you re offended that means compassion is your duty too
How Proximity Affects Compassion
Published: 2016-11-10
You may think you re just venting your anger but have you considered who you may be hurting with your words
Justice The Error In Judging With Our Hearts
Published: 2016-8-23
Human beings have a tendency to judge based solely on how we feel about a person or situation But isn t that why Justice is Blind
The Only Thing God Creates Is Opportunity
Published: 2016-8-02
Every day is full of opportunities that God brings directly to you Though it may not seem it these opportunities are gifts
How Do You Know You re Doing The Right Thing
Published: 2016-5-31
Often in life we get confused about what the right thing to do is Sometimes it may not appear to be so obvious So what do you do
How To Fight An Infection With Joy
Published: 2016-5-17
Sometimes in life we get sick hurt or just plain miserable we refuse to allow ourselves to feel good How can you fight an infection with Joy
What You Should Be Doing In The Meantime
Published: 2016-4-26
We are often consumed by the idea of arriving But if God is going to reveal us to the world when He s ready what should we be doing in the meantime
When A Blessing Appears To Be A Curse
Published: 2016-4-19
Sometimes a blessing can come in disguise - it can come at you sideways feeling less like a blessing and more like a curse
How I Found Faith In The Face Of Fact
Published: 2016-3-22
In a class that found most of its students reveling in what they saw as the fiction of Faith I found an altogether different kind of Joy
Why You Shouldn t Invest In Hate
Published: 2016-3-15
To want anything less than happiness redemption and the best for another human being is not an exercise in Compassion - it is an investment in Hate
Active Compassion Etiquette On Social Media
Published: 2016-3-08
Who are we really offending on social media and how can we use the concept of active compassion to better and more compassionately display our opinions
Why Do I Have So Many Enemies
Published: 2016-2-23
There s so much hate and negativity because of our eagerness to define others by that one thing we don t like What if we put all that effort into making allies instead of enemies
Unconditional Love A Father s Perspective
Published: 2016-2-09
When my daughter was born two years ago today I suddenly gained insight into the concept of Unconditional Love and what it might mean
Why It s Important To Listen And Be Humble
Published: 2016-2-02
Are You Asking For Help Or Looking For Affirmation If you stop listen and be Humble you ll soon understand the difference
The Actionable Nature Of The Holy Trinity
Published: 2016-1-26
Father Son Holy Spirit These three elements make up the Holy Trinity They also explain the actionable concepts of Love Compassion and Joy
Do You Truly Love Your Neighbor As Yourself
Published: 2016-1-19
The concept behind love your neighbor goes much deeper than just treating someone else as you would want to be treated What is it And what do you do with it
How Creating Enemies Sabotages Positive Change
Published: 2016-1-12
The more we simply attack those that disagree the longer we go without putting true positive change into the world And that world is shared by all of us
PC Culture Offending Others With Our Best Wishes
Published: 2015-12-22
Have we become so PC that offending people with our best wishes is becoming the norm Isn t it an expression of love regardless of faith
Be Charitable God Has An Abundance Of Resources
Published: 2015-12-15
Helping others is not always easy But the sooner we understand that God has an abundance of resources the sooner we could do some amazing things
How Comparing Yourself To Others Can Lead To Disaster
Published: 2015-12-08
Spending our lives comparing ourselves to other people leads us down a dark road where we don t actually live our lives or invest in what we already have
Tragedy And The Struggle For Faith
Published: 2015-11-17
When a tragedy happens it reminds us not that we don t love or value other human beings - it reminds us that ultimately we do
Using Compassion To Fight Ignorance And Bigotry
Published: 2015-6-27
It doesn t make sense to respond to perceived ignorance and bigotry with further ignorance and bigotry Only Compassion can win the day