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Published: 2011-2-05
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My Most Recent LIBN Column Clusters Can Create Jobs If Zoning Will Get Out Of The Way
Published: 2011-1-29
Long Island can lead the way as America strives to compete nbsp The past few weeks have seen significant movement that can benefit our intellectual institutions and has the potential to spur massive economic growth nbsp Last week Senator Schumer joined with leaders from Stony Brook University Cold Spring Harbor Labs and BNL to push for a regional innovation cluster nbsp This week Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko continued the call when he announced Accelerate LI at his State of the Town nbsp And President Obama stressed the need to invest in technology and education in the State of the Union Schumer and Lesko are smart to push a regional innovation cluster for Long Island because that s exactly the direction of federal policy Originally an idea that was born out of Harvard Business School the Administration and Congress has funded various new programs promoting clusters through the Departments of Commerce and Energy And more recently Congress passed the COMPETES Act which created a new federal cluster program aimed at efforts like those being spearhead on Long Island These new programs put a premium on linking research institutions business organizations and private investors That s exactly what we need on Long Island nbsp Programs like these have the potential to transform local economies if they are executed properly nbsp It will fall on local government to assure that new industries born through these partnerships have the opportunity to grow nbsp If local government doesn t provide quick approvals and incentives for innovators and investors to build their businesses when they leave the institutions jobs created by our innovation cluster will leave the island just as they have in the past nbsp I am confident that the institutions above along with North Shore LIJ s Feinstein Institute Hofstra Adelphi and LIU will produce great minds with great ideas nbsp They in turn will develop companies capable of creating good jobs nbsp They have in the past but can we keep them here nbsp It s time for Long Island governments to wake up nbsp In the face of one of the worst economic climates in history some LI towns are putting ultra-parochial concerns before regional needs by saying no to good projects that can produce jobs stimulate the local economy and provide homes for young professionals nbsp We can build these companies but where will their employees live nbsp nbsp I have often used this space to talk about how our region changed from a farming and fishing community to a region with a population the size of Chicago nbsp We have all of the problems of major cities but we pretend we live in Mayburry when we zone nbsp That s got to change or we might as well take the money we are investing in clusters and light it on fire nbsp nbsp
POLITICO Arena Christopher Hahn s Response To Kumbaya Congress A Sham
Published: 2011-1-25
POLITICO Arena Christopher Hahn s response to Kumbaya Congress a sham
POLITICO Arena Christopher Hahn s Response To Why The Scalia Outrage
Published: 2011-1-24
POLITICO Arena Christopher Hahn s response to Why the Scalia outrage
Hannity Tonight 1-17
Published: 2011-1-17
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LIBN Column Public Officials Public Events
Published: 2011-1-14
Below is the Text from my LIBN nbsp Column nbsp published today 1 14 2011I ve nbsp been there retail politics with a high-profile elected official nbsp In my case it was US Senator Chuck Schumer on whose staff I served for nearly 6 years nbsp Chuck loves retail and does it often and well nbsp He spends countless hours on LIRR platforms in front of supermarkets and at countless parades and festivals nbsp nbsp He listens to everyone even people who disagreed with him nbsp Chances are if you have gone to the Oyster Fest Riverhead or Huntington Fall Festivals you have seen the Senior Senator talking with his constituents and enjoying the local corn nbsp He loves getting and I loved being with him even though it often meant working weekends and always added to my workload nbsp Elected officials exist to serve the public and you can t serve the public if you re not willing to go to them nbsp I never worried that a public event would end in violence nbsp To think a nameless faceless thug would attempt to take the life of an elected official for any reason is unfathomable even today nbsp nbsp While rhetoric employed in modern politics has received greater attention in the wake of the Arizona shootings it s nothing new nbsp Jefferson once referred to John Adams as a hermaphrodite and there are countless examples of heated politics in our history nbsp I m sure we will debate what effect the tone of the last election had but clearly this was an act of insanity and fanaticism that has no place in our republic After what happened in Arizona elected officials and staffs across the nation are likely reconsidering how they interact with voters nbsp I m confident this won t stop them all from participating in retail politics but it will certainly stop some nbsp Let s hope the lasting impact of Arizona won t be less access to our leaders by regular people who need their help and rarely have opportunities to interact with members of congress nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I pray that Giffords survives and goes back to that Safeway for a Congress on Your Corner event soon and I hope that others don t hide in their offices as a result of what happened in Arizona nbsp
Representative Giffords Shooting Discussed
Published: 2011-1-10
I appear on Fox News Saturday w Angela McGlowan to discuss the tragic events in Arizona nbsp I would love your thoughts on this appearance
VIDEO Fox Friends 1-5-2011
Published: 2011-1-07
Here are the clips of my first appearance on Fox amp Friends FYI These are re-posts so the titles are not mine nbsp Take a look and let me know what you think Part 1 Part 2
My First Time On Studio B
Published: 2011-1-04
Reform Town Government My LIBN Piece From 12 24
Published: 2010-12-27
The census data that has started to trickle out confirms what we already know Long Island is growing and its population has changed While the last 10 years haven t brought dramatic change it could be said the last 330 haven t either Our town governments are pretty much the same as when they were created at the Duke s Law Convention in the 1680s The Dukes Law Convention established 12 counties Suffolk was among them Nassau was part of Queens until 1900 The Dongan Patents named for Col nbsp Thomas Dongan who the King appointed his governor of New York in 1683 established town governance as we know it on Long Island Designed for agrarian communities with limited populations and ultimately accountable to the King of England the council supervisor system rarely works well in today s large towns Today the system allows bureaucrats rather than elected officials to control key decisions Moreover no elected official is in charge Supervisors may look like mayors but only additional administrative powers differentiate them from their fellow council members This lack of accountability and control is starting to kill our region and is precisely why the supervisor chair has been a revolving door in Suffolk s largest town Long Island has a population of 3 million more than Chicago We need to start behaving more like a modern suburban area and less like a 16th century farming community Our supervisor council system should be scrapped and replaced with a mayor council system where a chief executive elected to a four-year term can hire the people who make decisions on land use and other vital government functions Right now the buck doesn t stop anywhere in most town halls it gets passed around the table indefinitely and that spells trouble if you need a decision from a town In order for towns to progress someone needs to be in charge We see how some towns operate better than others The difference is always leadership Where there is a strong supervisor who behaves like a mayor things get done Where there is a quarrelling council things don t I don t blame the people elected to these offices They are doing the best they can with the hand they were dealt I have spoken with many frustrated current and former elected town officials all who go into the position with the best of intentions They quickly discover the system can t be fixed but rather must be scrapped I am shocked that the state Legislature hasn t tried to address this It should be near the top of both the Senate and Assembly s local government agenda next session This broken government structure has had a negative impact on regional planning Regional planning efforts have been thwarted by the parochialism that exists all over this Island Our Regional Planning Board should have the authority to overrule town zoning decisions that have a negative impact on regionally significant projects If we can t figure out a way to legally make that happen planning needs to be removed from the towns altogether and vested in the county Again the problem goes back to the Dukes Law Convention Counties had limited powers at that time but unlike towns county government evolved to meet the demands of changing times The towns were given land use powers then and unfortunately still have it now Regional concerns rarely trump local ones at town board meetings No one ever lost an election by saying no to a regionally significant project that faced even minimal opposition The Dongan Patents have had a good run It s time to put them in a museum where they belong They were written for a time that s long gone We need town governments that are capable of dealing with our modern world I hope that 2011 is the year that the state Legislature addresses this so Long Island can prosper
Scoreboard W Nick Cannon
Published: 2010-12-26
in this clip we play Play Buy Sell Hold nbsp We all are happy that Howard Stern got a new contact nbsp Especially me
Christmas Eve Debate On FOX
Published: 2010-12-26
Hannity Appearance On Earmark Showdown
Published: 2010-12-23
My Hannity appearance from a few weeks back
Fox News Debate On Debt Commission
Published: 2010-12-17
A debate on the Debt Commission
Hannity 11-23-2010
Published: 2010-11-26
2 clips from my Hannity Appearance on Tuesday nbsp In the first clip there is a funny moment
Your World W Cavuto Appearance From Friday 11-19
Published: 2010-11-21
A tough debate with Neil over extending jobless nbsp benefits My stats are accurate nbsp At the end of the day this argument comes down to the question of how would you want to be treated nbsp There but for the grace of God go I nbsp I would rather the economy create jobs but nbsp until nbsp it does our friends and nbsp neighbors nbsp need this aid
Some Video From Over The Summer
Published: 2010-11-15
I come in about 3 minutes into this and completely correct the misunderstanding of this report
NYC Marathon
Published: 2010-11-14
After months or training nbsp preparation fundraising and anticipation I ran the NYC Marathon last Sunday 11-7-2010 nbsp It was an nbsp experience nbsp I will never forget nbsp If you re a runner and have ever considered participating in a marathon this is the one to do nbsp NY is the greatest city on earth and running through all 5 nbsp boroughs nbsp you get a wonderful feel for the city and its residents I was impressed with the logistical organization of the event nbsp 43 000 runners participated 10 s of nbsp thousands nbsp of volunteers along the course and millions of spectators and the event appeared to go off without a hitch As for my run I completed the 26 2 mile course in 3 52 04 and moved at nbsp roughly nbsp 8 41 seconds per mile Thats my moving pace I ran a slightly longer course nbsp My actual pace was 8 49 nbsp I felt great for the first 22 miles then started tightening up the last 4 and really had to dig deep the last 1 2 mile I only stopped to give my wife a kiss at mile 17 nbsp I passed the Chilean Miner at mile 17 5 he started 35 minutes before me nbsp There is a great site that has more info on my run and nbsp the stats check it out nbsp http www runpix info wrace 00 finord php nbsp nbsp MORE BELOW PHOTO img border 0 height 320 src http 4 bp blogspot com oSU1t3KPY0c TOAIN1G 2oI AAAAAAAAABk XMi5vwH8vxc s320 Marathon JPG width 240 The race tapped off two years of improving nbsp fitness nbsp and changing some bad nbsp habits nbsp When I started on my journey in March of 2009 I weighed in at 230 lbs nbsp I ran the race at 168 just 3 lbs heavier then I was when I graduated HS in 1989 nbsp I gave up white flour and started counting calories nbsp I gave up nbsp alcohol nbsp and nbsp avoid nbsp calories from liquids nbsp I exercise every day now and I love it nbsp I wish I could say it was easy it wasn t it took time and dedication nbsp It wasn t a fad diet I have tried them in the past - nbsp they don t last nbsp It was a nbsp commitment nbsp to a change in lifestyle and an nbsp acknowledgment nbsp that this is a long term nbsp change nbsp for a healthier life nbsp I encourage those of you who have struggled with weight issues to consider making small changes to your diet and exercise nbsp routine nbsp with a goal of losing 1-2 lbs per week nbsp You will be very glad you did
Election Day-final Thoughts On 2010 Cycle
Published: 2010-11-02
I am sure the sun will rise tomorrow regardless of tonights outcome nbsp Elections rarely bring major change even in tidal wave years If you think this election will be different I encourage you to read the Federalist Papers as to why and review the past 200 years of our history to see what has happened every other time there has been a wave election I voted today early and turnout was about where it always is when I vote nbsp I am hearing the same from friends across the country nbsp Who knows who will show up today nbsp The tone of this year s contests where harsh but spirited nbsp Competition is vital to the survival of our republic again see Federalist Papers nbsp I hope those elected understand that what makes us great is our ability to come together to deal with problems Let s hope that nbsp Congressional nbsp Freshman take the time to read our founding documents and understand their role in our republic
Video Hahn Debates The NYS Governors Debate W Bruce Blakeman On News 12
Published: 2010-10-28
Click the link below for video of my post debate debate share
Hannity Appearance Video From Friday Night In Case You Missed It
Published: 2010-10-27
Here is my Hannity Appearance from 10-22-2010
NPR Debate On Follow The Money 10-22
Published: 2010-10-23
http video foxbusiness com v 4383575 should-npr-receive-taxpayer-funding Check out this video where I debate the issue of funding NPR in the wake of the Juan Williams firing
Hannity Friday Night 9pm
Published: 2010-10-22
I will be on Hannity Friday Night with actor Vincent Curatola who played nbsp Johnny nbsp Sack on the Sopranos nbsp We will be talking about NPR firing Juan Williams The elections and more Tune in at 9pm And post your thoughts here nbsp
Published: 2010-10-14
Got bumped
Published: 2010-10-13
I will be appearing on Hannity tonight 9 00 pm East Fox News Channel nbsp Let me know what you think by commenting here nbsp