Wednesday Market Madness
Published: 2011-7-07
img border 0 height 510 m true src http 4 bp blogspot com -vQoiMY1IwMQ ThWcsCFwXzI AAAAAAAAAUA YPYvI-EkDkA s640 027 JPG width 640 I went wild at the Wednesday market at Christopher Morley Park nbsp Not even a cranky six-year-old already bored of life and hating on vegetables could slow me down nbsp img border 0 height 320 m true src http 2 bp blogspot com -nmJyBp04l3c ThWd QEGVoI AAAAAAAAAUE 840WE5JovJs s320 011 JPG width 284 In addition to all of the fresh produce begging to be bought dayboat scallops and offerings from Orwasher s Bakery two french guys had set up shop and were peddling an exciting array of smoked meats including this incredible chewy funky chorizo sausage smoked duck breast I will be back for you next week nbsp img border 0 height 212 m true src http 4 bp blogspot com -8K4VnJcxhx4 ThWffCC-1cI AAAAAAAAAUM GzqiGVzmvXk s320 019 JPG width 320 img border 0 height 320 m true src http 1 bp blogspot com -xHXFFqZfscQ ThWfgzT30HI AAAAAAAAAUQ LVs17Cg0SZ0 s320 022 JPG width 282 I diced the chorizo and nbsp gently warmed it in the pan adding fresh corn halved grape tomatoes and a splash of cream to the flavorful fat released from sausage nbsp nbsp nbsp A small handful of basil from the pot on the porch and a pinch of aleppo pepper more flavorful and less in your face than ordinary red pepper flakes made a divine bed for seared scallops img border 0 height 238 m true src http 3 bp blogspot com -5aFZbjHyBPM ThWhG9D7fOI AAAAAAAAAUU kugIrZPmkEs s400 031 JPG width 400 There is something to be said for a lack of restraint
Summer Round Up Part II
Published: 2010-9-06
img border 0 ox true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ9hScRtMI AAAAAAAAAPE oFt5g028YHE s320 001 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ9t75Ab0I AAAAAAAAAPM 0-lG6ISv04U s320 002 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ90iKu3zI AAAAAAAAAPU 6m2pPgah0Ao s320 006 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ97d06fGI AAAAAAAAAPc 49TdHZkJl3A s320 010 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ-BHZ0naI AAAAAAAAAPk wylqOMSz1zY s320 017 JPG Bread and butter pickles img border 0 ox true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ-RCJi2EI AAAAAAAAAPs 9g2QsplxiPM s320 050 JPG Jimmy Bradley s Mulligatawny Soup nbsp with homemade naan img border 0 ox true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ-lxZKlXI AAAAAAAAAP0 Yo0mWvPnijI s320 020 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ-ssoY2CI AAAAAAAAAP8 Re-GNdbmcx8 s320 022 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ-yk2MybI AAAAAAAAAQE nRscsz1bl7U s320 035 JPG Thomas Keller s Crispy Braised Chicken Thighs with Olives Lemon and Fennel on a bed of sauteed broccoli rabe img border 0 ox true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIQ TkuhnEI AAAAAAAAAQM Tuy5jGhU6pE s320 004 JPG Ina Garten s grown-up mac and cheese img border 0 ox true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TIRAlZAeM5I AAAAAAAAAQc K14mnh SIO4 s320 006 JPG It was a delicious summer
Summer Round Up Part I
Published: 2010-9-05
A round up of all the meals I was too hot or too tired or too cranky or too hot to write about img border 0 ox true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TILhXl-ptcI AAAAAAAAAOM ZUuX2dJ7pQ s320 013 JPG Making raspberry jam on a 95 degree day img border 0 ox true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TILhmv5rVMI AAAAAAAAAOU roOXI3gHQ7E s320 017 JPG Yes I am a glutton for punishment img border 0 height 299 ox true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TILhzzKDjKI AAAAAAAAAOc gOZ1TYYXgYA s320 031 JPG width 320 The jam was tasty if a little seedy nbsp img border 0 ox true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TILiyPvLCVI AAAAAAAAAOs u1c-eXw17TM s320 003 JPG My little helper shelling a stubborn cranberry bean img border 0 ox true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TILjC2OtbrI AAAAAAAAAO0 SFxLC2nFt7k s320 011 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TILiaOEYdZI AAAAAAAAAOk fG1z904H2sA s320 041 JPG Caponata and ciabatta bread one of many sandwich-like meals I ate this summer img border 0 ox true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TILkDl p-UI AAAAAAAAAO8 US4BIAjDq1U s320 016 JPG I ate an awful lot of this too nbsp Newman s pineapple salsa nbsp It s really amazing nbsp And no dishes to wash
Not Guilty
Published: 2010-8-19
img border 0 height 191 ox true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TGyKcdi0yNI AAAAAAAAAM8 0yzhuW8px1s s320 015 JPG width 320 All summer long I have suffered from Vegetable Guilt nbsp It happens like this it s one of those rare days when the mercury nbsp falls short of nbsp 90 degrees nbsp The farmer s market is in town nbsp I show up and tempted by all the spanking fresh produce I load up my basket nbsp No sooner do I get it home when I learn the forecast calls for eight days in a row of unseasonably warm temperatures nbsp What to do when each day seems more stupefyingly hot than the one before When you are still wiping away sweat at 10 p m When the kitchen reaches inferno-like temperatures by mid-afternoon nbsp and the thought of turning on even a burner at dinntertime is as appealing as belly flopping into a pool of lava nbsp Order Chinese of course and try to ignore the faint cries coming from the direction of the vegetable bin nbsp The droopy carrots wrinkled beans limp lettuce and softening shallots are clamoring for your attention and all you can do is eat an egg roll nbsp img border 0 ox true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TGyLQOAYP1I AAAAAAAAANE MPMx4jnn3vs s320 009 JPG Well not this time nbsp For the past week a small bunch of rainbow chard had been accusing nbsp me of neglect every time I opened the refrigerator door nbsp It was a balmy 82 degrees and overcast and I could actually imagine turning on the oven nbsp I would make potato and swiss chard enchiladas the most ambitious project I had tackled in weeks nbsp img border 0 ox true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TGyNFKtag9I AAAAAAAAANM 3wukLxTpf7w s320 011 JPG img border 0 ox true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TGyP-xtAHNI AAAAAAAAANU Wt J1nMFB78 s320 022 JPG nbsp The homemade enchilada sauce was startlingly delicious and by far the best part of this dish nbsp It was really easy to make too nbsp My Dad had foisted four pounds of ripe-to-bursting tomatoes from his garden on me no Vegetable Guilt for him nbsp nbsp I chose two of the largest from the windowsill split them in half and broiled them along with some garlic nbsp until slightly charred nbsp Then into the blender they went with a large chipotle pepper nbsp A little salt and pepper a drizzle of olive oil and that was it nbsp This was a sweet and smoky concoction that would also make a great smooth salsa for chips nbsp Tomato Chipotle Sauce2 large tomatoes2 large garlic cloves peeled1 large chipotle pepperExtra virgin olive oilsalt Core the tomatoes and cut them in half nbsp Put the tomatoes cut side down along with the garlic cloves on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil nbsp Broil for about five minutes or until lightly charred nbsp Put the tomato halves garlic cloves and chipotle pepper in a blender and puree until smooth nbsp Add salt to taste and a drizzle of olive oil nbsp
At Last
Published: 2010-6-30
img border 0 ru true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TCqZ-62UwYI AAAAAAAAAMc umzTHNEbJ4g s320 525 JPG img border 0 ru true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TCqaKJ1ObLI AAAAAAAAAMk gFl bBMxjbU s320 524 JPG In the life of a teacher the first day of summer is as glorious as it gets nbsp The yammering students sniping administrators nbsp the nbsp months and months nbsp cooped up nbsp in airless windowless rooms still hover around the consciousness like a persistent bad dream nbsp But the days ahead days and days and days nbsp 71 to be exact are filled with promise nbsp Whole books will be read projects completed day trips taken meals planned and made nbsp Anything is possible especially after a couple of these watermelon margaritas nbsp This recipe makes two drinks but can easily be doubled or tripled nbsp Heck quadruple it nbsp It s summer at last Watermelon Margaritas2 oz top shelf tequila2 oz triple sec Cointreau or Gran MarnierJuice of one lime1 cup of ice cold watermelon chunks no seedsA hanful of ice cubesPut everything in the blender and blend until smooth nbsp Strain into chilled martini glasses nbsp Garnish with watermelon slices nbsp Add a squeeze of lime juice to taste nbsp
A New Green
Published: 2010-6-20
img border 0 height 225 qu true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TB1ViNXR0oI AAAAAAAAAMM 8Wmq3YpTAcI s320 026 JPG width 320 I finally made it to my farmer s market this morning nbsp with summer just two days away nbsp I had in mind a recipe by Mark Bittman from the June 16 nbsp edition of the Times for Pasta with Peas Proscuitto and Lettuce nbsp Bittman s emphasis was on using small quantities of meat--in this case crisped prociutto--as a garnish as opposed to it being the nbsp star player in a dish nbsp Great idea but what really struck me was the use of lettuce in a hot preparation nbsp Sure I ve wilted my share of spinach and arugula even watercress but lettuce nbsp I grabbed a bowling ball sized head of Boston lettuce and nbsp some handfuls of fresh peas determined to try it out nbsp img border 0 height 213 qu true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TB1ZeDNfCGI AAAAAAAAAMU 6RTc9rJo hI s320 034 JPG width 320 I took some liberties with the recipe nbsp Crisping prociutto is blasphemous in my book as its soft satiny texture is what makes it so darn good in the first place nbsp But crispy bacon--who could quibble with that nbsp I also added some shrimp tasty wild caught but sort of superfluous as the lettuce stole the show nbsp Were you worried nbsp it would turn out nbsp limp and watery nbsp I ll admit nbsp I was nbsp Instead it was sweet and fresh tasting and even retained a bit of its crunch at the ribs nbsp The splash of nbsp citrusy sauvignon blanc I used to green the vegetables woke up all the flavors and tasted good in the glass alongside as well nbsp It was the pefect way to welcome summer Pasta with Lettuce Bacon and Shrimp6 slices of smoky bacon cut into batons1 pound pasta the gemelli I used were perfect 1 pound shrimp shelled and deveined2 tablespoons butter1 shallot minced2 cups of peas preferably fresh1 head of Boston lettuce cored leaves cut into ribbons1 2 cup dry white wine1 cup freshly grated parmesanBring a large pot of water to boil nbsp Meanwhile cook the bacon batons until crisp nbsp Drain on paper towels and reserve nbsp Spill out most of the bacon fat nbsp Season shrimp with salt and pepper and saute in the fat until just cooked through nbsp Remove and reserve nbsp Melt butter in the same skillet and saute the shallot until softened about 4 minutes nbsp Turn off the flame while you wait for the pasta to catch up When water boils add pasta and cook until just tender Drain pasta nbsp Turn the flame back on under the shallots and add peas lettuce and wine nbsp Cook until lettuce is wilted but still bright green maybe 5 minutes nbsp Don t overcook nbsp nbsp Add pasta and shrimp back to pan and cook until just heated through nbsp Off the heat toss with parmesan nbsp Taste for salt and pepper garnish with bacon and serve Serves 4
Pesto s Cousin
Published: 2010-6-05
img border 0 gu true height 213 src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TAmUtVwDMgI AAAAAAAAALs K0fxykBgO9g s320 085 JPG width 320 As an apartment dweller I am limited to growing things in containers--and not even very large containers either nbsp But that doesn t stop me from dreaming big dreams of pesto like this one which I clipped from the nbsp back page of Gourmet in August of last year and just finally got around to making nbsp So what if I had to pit stop at North Shore Farms for a bunch of the not-so-homegrown nbsp stuff to supplement my meager supply img border 0 gu true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TAmWiU22ljI AAAAAAAAAL0 xgJKGsdU-8k s320 081 JPG With roasted almonds standing in for the pine nuts a cloud of fresh ricotta cheese in place of most of the traditional parmesan and a garnish of briny kalamata olives I had a suspicion this would be great nbsp img border 0 gu true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TAo5IlRoNhI AAAAAAAAAL8 4NKAWsmpYyI s320 098 JPG I was right nbsp This was ordinary pesto s suave and sophisticated cousin nbsp The ricotta lent a velvety texture and was a wonderful carrier for the basil and garlic flavors mellowing and smoothing them out nbsp The olives provided a welcome salty sharpness with each bite nbsp nbsp It was a big bowl of comfort summer weather style perfect with a chilled glass of Savignon Blanc nbsp And the garnish is just-picked from nbsp my garden thank you very much
Philly Fresh
Published: 2010-5-31
img border 0 gu true height 252 src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TAMFsBNxTyI AAAAAAAAALc PirVQJN8Fc4 s400 354 JPG width 400 The first trip to the farmer s market is always a treat even more so with nbsp my sister and her delicious nbsp child for company nbsp At the Glenside Farmer s Market just north of Philadelphia I couldn t resist a green corrugated carton of the juiciest just picked strawberries as far removed from those ginormous woody supermarket berries as apples are from oranges nbsp img border 0 gu true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c TAMJz7bW96I AAAAAAAAALk khqpvo52424 s320 366 JPG Another salad candy sweet strawberries slightly tart dressing creamy goat cheese and toasty walnuts--perfection Strawberry Salad Serves 42 c stawberries hulled divided1 4 c sugar1 4 c red wine vinegar1 T dry mustard1 2 tsp salt1 2 tsp lemon juice1 4 c mild flavored oil1 4 c walnut oil 1 5 oz log of goat cheese crumbled3 4 c chopped walnuts toasted6 oz greens--baby arugula and spinach are niceBlend 1 c strawberries with next 5 ingredients in food processor nbsp With motor running add oils nbsp Taste for balance and seasoning nbsp Slice remaining cup of strawberries nbsp Arrange greens on plates nbsp Top with goat cheese walnuts strawberries and dressing nbsp
Rainy Day Braise
Published: 2010-3-14
img border 0 height 213 src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S5w963oz oI AAAAAAAAALM Sjedg48ef20 s320 056 JPG vt true width 320 Just when I swore off braising until next fall the weather took a turn for the truly miserable--cold and blustery with rain that meant business nbsp It nbsp was the perfect opportunity to try this recipe I had been eying for a while now nbsp Yes it s a braise but it feels lighter for some reason Maybe because it cooks entirely on top of the stove nbsp Or could it be the abundance of sweet sour carrots nbsp Or the welcome freshness of a handful of chopped cilantro sprinkled on top nbsp img border 0 src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S5xANIOsGpI AAAAAAAAALU jqEs4d TPvM s320 063 JPG vt true These meaty chicken thighs cozied up to a pile of mashed potatoes but buttered egg noodles would work too nbsp And while this was easy no-mess one-skillet cooking at its best this dish would be perfectly welcome nbsp at Passover or any other special nbsp occasion nbsp
Lighten Up
Published: 2010-3-08
img border 0 height 208 kt true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S5RgsOtohDI AAAAAAAAALE jIWJCM4nfJI s320 006 JPG width 320 I am officially sick of soups stews braises nbsp and baked goods of any kind nbsp Like everyone else I am longing for spring and the lighter fresher eating it brings nbsp Unfortunately opening day at my farmer s market is months away and there nbsp isn t much inspiration at my local indoor market either nbsp Except for blood oranges which happily I can t seem to get enough of nbsp While they used to be something of a novelty I ve been treated to a fairly steady supply over the whole duration of winter nbsp They really shine in this salad which is chock full of things the way I like my salads to be--medjool dates roasted almonds shards of parmesan and those tart refreshing orange segments nbsp
Meatball Of My Youth
Published: 2010-2-26
img border 0 height 316 kt true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S4cvrZrN64I AAAAAAAAAKs tQV7gh5cUiE s400 017 JPG width 400 The last really good meatball I remember eating was at the home of my Italian American neighbor Angela Vita when I was about 15 years old nbsp I ve made meatballs since all of them dense heavy disappointments no matter how hard I tried mixing with a light hand nbsp This time when the craving for meatballs hit I remembered nbsp recipes I ve seen lately that incorporate ricotta cheese right into the meatball nbsp nbsp These nbsp ricotta balls were made with nbsp pork veal or a combination of both nbsp Would it work with beef nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp img border 0 kt true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S4cywh-z67I AAAAAAAAAK0 dHG1inkMT1s s320 007 JPG It did nbsp The meat mixture with the fresh ricotta folded in was so light it was almost mousselike yet after baking the meatballs held together nbsp remarkably well nbsp The finished balls were incredibly light and juicy rich and flavorful nbsp Served in a quick tomato sauce with some extra ricotta dolloped on top they were almost as good as Angela s nbsp
Manhattan Vacation
Published: 2010-2-20
Question Name the most densely populated city in the United States the one that boasts over 40 million visitors annually about a third of them from other countries nbsp Answer Manhattan nbsp Just 22 miles from my home and I never go nbsp Well on the last day of a pretty underwhelming Presidents week off from work nbsp Sunday doesn t count I hopped on the LIRR with the idea of taking a mini-vacation to Manhattan nbsp First stop was the Hell s Kitchen Flea Market where fashion models apparently converge to try on vintage furs and hand-me-down boots nbsp Then I was off to Chelsea Market a paradise for food-lovers nbsp I had cappuccino at Ninth Street Espresso with half a Chocolate Sourdough Bread Twist from Amy s Bread img border 0 ct true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S4BWuiHS4jI AAAAAAAAAKU GqsCWzy6y7c s320 003 JPG here s the other half Then I shopped until I was hungry again and refreshed myself with a cup of scallop and bacon chowder at The Lobster Place nbsp On my way out I nbsp bought some smoked peppered mackerel for an at-home treat nbsp img border 0 ct true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S4BYg3nRTuI AAAAAAAAAKk zHUkqT3hFuc s320 012 JPG I can t seem to get enough of those oily fish My feet were seriously killing me at this point but I wasn t ready to call it day nbsp Plus believe it or not I was actually getting hungry again nbsp I left Chelsea Market nbsp and happily stumbled nbsp into Cafe Riazor nbsp The awning boasted tapas so I took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of rioja and croquetas de jamon nbsp The friendly barmaid was softly singing along to Spanish music emanating from the jukebox the wine was warming and the croquettes served piping hot nbsp in a nbsp cast iron skillet nbsp were the perfect combination of crusty and creamy nbsp I kept one eye on the Women s Ski Jumping on the television and the other on passing tourists outside and I felt like I was a million miles from home
Something New
Published: 2010-2-18
nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp img border 0 ct true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S3yaAaKHNZI AAAAAAAAAKM yxdnAS3o8SA s320 014 JPG I owned a bamboo steamer for ten years and never once got around to using it nbsp When I finally decided to break it out the other day it was full of spiderwebs and smelled faintly of mildew--one too many years in the basement I guess nbsp So I treated myself to a new one--at 9 95 I figured I couldn t go wrong nbsp I had bookmarked the Steamed Cod with Caramelized Onion Ginger and Scallions from Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges nbsp It s a book I ve had in my Amazon saved items queue ever since I nbsp discovered it at the library nbsp One day my finger will slip and it will end up in my shopping cart items--to buy now queue but until then I ll keep trying not to splatter up the pages of the library copy nbsp nbsp nbsp img border 0 ct true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S3yYtWhc2bI AAAAAAAAAJ8 zpoyqgHpncQ s320 019 JPG I m not sure if I rigged this up correctly but it seemed to work just fine nbsp I lined the baskets with parchment paper--if you have lettuce leaves use those nbsp I set the steamer in my cast iron pan filled it halfway with water brought the water to a boil then steamed for 10 minutes or so adding water when necessary to keep the level up nbsp img border 0 ct true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S3yZx0-JgTI AAAAAAAAAKE DK x9CGsScE s320 020 JPG The finished dish served with a stir-fry of baby zucchini shitake mushrooms and snow peas was clean and light the fish was exceptionally moist and the flavors were surprisingly nuanced despite the few ingredients and ease of preparation--this is nbsp by far nbsp the easiest recipe in this cookbook nbsp I ll be using this steamer again in the very near future Steamed Cod with Caramelized Onion Ginger and ScallionsFrom Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges1 4 c plus 2 T peanut oil or any neutral flavored oil 2 medium onions slicedOne 1-inch piece fresh ginger juliennedFour 6-ounce thick cod fillets or any white-fleshed fish SaltCayenne pepper2 T sesame oil1 4 c slivered scallions1 4 c chopped fresh cilantroSoy sauce1 nbsp Heat 1 4 c of the peanut oil in a large skillet over medium high heat until almost smoking nbsp Add the onions and brown but do not cook through about 2 minutes nbsp Toss in the ginger and remove from the heat 2 nbsp Prepare a steamer nbsp Season cod with salt and cayenne pepper then top each piece with the onion-and-ginger mixture nbsp Steam until a thin-bladed knife pierces through the flesh easily about 10 minutes 3 nbsp Meanwhile heat the sesame oil and remaining 2 T peanut oil in the same skillet in which you cooked the onions until the oil smokes watch this one--I burned my first batch of oil nbsp Transfer the cod from the steamer to serving plates nbsp Top each piece with some scallions then pour on the hot sesame-peanut oil mixture nbsp Top the fish with cilantro season to taste with soy and serve Serves 4
Feeling Blue
Published: 2010-2-10
img border 0 height 303 kt true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S3IZuuX21dI AAAAAAAAAJs 474hiSY6fkc s400 021 JPG width 400 Blue cheese makes me feel like a grown up nbsp Until very recently I couldn t even look at a hunk o blue without surpressing a shudder nbsp You see blue cheese is riddled with mold and I ve been phobic of mold ever since I unwittingly popped a piece of pre-cut supermarket canteloupe into my mouth nbsp only to find--after I began chewing--that it was covered in four layers of fuzz nbsp But somewhere somehow I recovered from my trauma my tastebuds matured and I overcame my aversion nbsp Oh happy day nbsp Now I lick blue cheese off my fingers like it was frosting nbsp I d rather have blue cheese than ice cream nbsp And this blue cheese dressing satisfies my every craving Easy Blue Cheese DressingServes 22 T mayonnaise2 T plain yogurt1 2 tsp cider vinegarfew dashes of hot pepper sauce2 oz blue cheese more or lessWhisk together the first four ingredients nbsp Stir in blue cheese nbsp Pour liberally over salad greens and sliced tomato nbsp Crumbled bacon would taste good too nbsp Sprinkle with additional blue cheese and freshly ground black pepper
Trio Of Tastes
Published: 2010-2-06
img border 0 height 190 kt true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S2zWrxnClEI AAAAAAAAAJc yqWObuB8TPo s400 015 JPG width 400 Crostini are one of my dinner party staples served either as hors d oeuvres or as a first course nbsp Tonight they were my dinner and a tasty one too nbsp They are Goat Cheese Crostini with Blood Orange and Black Pepper Marmalade zucchini and almond crostini isnpired by the fabulous Red Cat recipe and roasted garlic and white bean puree with smoked paprika nbsp The white bean puree was just okay--the splash of sherry vinegar I added in lieu of lemon juice nbsp just didn t work nbsp The zucchini and almonds were begging for shards of pecorino on top--I forgot to pick it up at the market nbsp But the blood orange marmalade was divine truly the best thing you will make in ten minutes nbsp I am already looking forward to having it for breakfast tomorrow on toast
Beating The Blahs
Published: 2010-2-03
Every year right around February I start wishing I was anywhere but here I don t even know how I got to work this morning so lost was I in a fantasy about swapping my apartment for one in Barcelona Let s see a stylish fully equipped and furnished luxury duplex with a sunny private terrace overlooking Plaza Catalunya for my two bedroom filled with cat hair overlooking a gravel parking lot nbsp I don t think so That s when it s nice to be a cook I pulled my copy of Patricia Wells Bistro Cooking off the shelf et voila I was on my way to Provence For decades this has been the Monday special at La Mere Besson a traditional family bistro in the sun-drenched city of Cannes Wells writes about the recipe for Estouffade Provencale or Provencal Beef Stew Take me there Please img border 0 height 266 kt true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S2jhYkUG6DI AAAAAAAAAIU swDWrFqlrY s400 004 - Copy JPG width 400 Provided you plan ahead this is the easiest recipe you will ever make nbsp For me nbsp it began with a beautiful boneless beef chuck roast from Eight O Clock Ranch nbsp img border 0 height 233 kt true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S2m4qb-TdyI AAAAAAAAAI8 phzUgy4S8aw s320 015 JPG width 320 After cutting it into chunks add a bottle of red wine--from Provence of course Go ahead squander nbsp the entire bottle on just one recipe nbsp After an entire month of tedium punctuated by boredom you will feel sort of wanton and extravagant and maybe even a little French img border 0 height 213 kt true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S2m404ky-SI AAAAAAAAAJE SSZU-ZGI58 s320 024 - Copy JPG width 320 nbsp The meat along with some vegetables fresh thyme and bay leaves ripens in the refrigerator for two days nbsp After that you pull the pot out of the fridge plop it on the burner and allow it to percolate for 3-4 hours while you try to keep from fishing out chunks of it before its time The best part is the orange zest you stir in right before serving--it turns this dark delicious stew into something bright and a little exotic nbsp nbsp img border 0 height 266 kt true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S2jn-R-t1YI AAAAAAAAAIs G7 xs2bF9M8 s400 009 - Copy 2 JPG width 400 When it s finished help yourself to a warm satisfying bowl and be sure to thank God for nbsp putting you nbsp exactly where nbsp you are Estouffade ProvencaleFrom Bistro Cooking2 1 2 lbs stewing beef cut into 1 1 2 inch chunks2 medium onions coarsely chopped2 garlic cloves crushed1 carrot peeled and cut in rounds1 celery rib mincedsalt and freshly ground pepper2 T extra virgin olive oil1 bottle of red wine preferable Provencal1 bunch fresh thyme leaves3 imported bay leaves1 strip of orange zest about 2 inches chopped1 nbsp Two days before serving the stew combine all of the ingredients except orange zest in a large enameled casserole nbsp Cover and refrigerate overnight 2 nbsp The next day bring the mixture to a simmer over low heat nbsp Simmer gently until the meat is very tender 3 to 4 hours 3 nbsp Allow the stew to cool down nbsp Refrigerate until the fat rises to the top and can be scraped off about 12 hours 4 nbsp At serving time reheat until meat is heated through 10-15 minutes nbsp Adjust seasonings nbsp To serve remove bay leaves and thyme stir in orange zest Makes 8 servings
Sunday Supper
Published: 2010-1-31
I ve found myself drifting back to the basics lately which brings me to Joy of Cooking probably the first cookbook I ever read--and I do mean read--as in cover to cover nbsp I have the nbsp 1997 nbsp edition which still manages to maintain that quaint coversational tone despite nbsp modern nbsp inclusions like nbsp Tomato Jalepeno Chilaquiles and Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup nbsp I bookmarked Sunday Supper Fishcakes because they sounded so delightfully old-fashioned and because cod is cheaper than crab and because--hey--it s Sunday and I wanted something nbsp tasty for supper nbsp All began well nbsp The fish mixture nbsp came together in a snap nbsp The accompanying horseradish sauce was cool and creamy yet bracing nbsp nbsp Then it came time to shape into 8 cakes pressing the ingredients firmly together nbsp Well I pressed and pressed and all I got was a pile of ingredients nbsp So I cursed Joy and I cursed myself for ignoring the headnote recommending I use some of a more oily fish and I cursed the fishcakes for good measure--and all this before church nbsp Then I turned two slices of white bread to crumbs in the food processor added them to the mix and taking a cue from the Bible allowed the fishcakes to rest for ten minutes img border 0 kt true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S2XbFFED5aI AAAAAAAAAH8 DGcJwIkzc8k s320 006 JPG That did the trick img border 0 kt true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S2Xb2U-7RzI AAAAAAAAAIM T4Bhe0J9sO4 s320 011 JPG Served with the sauce they made a perfectly respectable Sunday supper
Rainbows And Peace Signs
Published: 2010-1-27
It s Regents week which means regular classes are cancelled and no high school students are on the premises nbsp nbsp As teachers our only job other than the odd proctoring assignment is to make ourselves scarce in our rooms nbsp There nbsp was a two hour stretch today where I did not speak To anyone nbsp It was bliss nbsp It was peace nbsp It was zen nbsp To honor the experience I made my version of Nina Simonds Rainbow Peanut Noodles from her excellent book Asian Noodles for dinner img border 0 mt true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S1-lGnuL1WI AAAAAAAAAHs b2LsuTV54ZU s320 003 JPG Here is the Chinese Peanut Dressing nbsp Doesn t it look serene nbsp img border 0 mt true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S1-loIY3rUI AAAAAAAAAH0 OSh1dKxoek8 s320 013 JPG Here is the salad made with soba noodles instead of the linguine nbsp Simonds suggests nbsp Did you know soba noodles are a whole grain nbsp They are made from buckwheat and nbsp are highly nutritious full of fiber protein magnesium nbsp and many other nutrients nbsp And they don t have the taste and texture of cardboard nbsp They just taste sort of nutty Rainbow Peanut Noodles1 2 lb soba noodles cooked until tender four and a half minutes rinsed in cold water and drained1 large carrot peeled and grated1 persian cucumber thinly sliced1 small red pepper julienned1 handful of snowpeas de-stringed and cut in thirds lengthwise3 scallions thinly sliced into ringsChinese Peanut Dressing1 1 4 inch thick slice of fresh ginger peeled and cut in half2 small cloves of garlic peeled1 tsp chile garlic paste1 4 c smooth peanut butterhandful of peanuts if you happen to have them around1 8 cup soy sauce1 1 2 T sugar1 1 2 T Chinese black vinegar or Worcestershire sauce1 1 2 T toasted sesame oilFor Dressing Finely chop ginger and garlic in a food processor nbsp Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth nbsp Add water to thin if necessary For Salad Toss everything together with dressing nbsp Or make it pretty like a rainbow then toss it together with the dressing nbsp Serves 3
Desperation Dinner
Published: 2010-1-25
img border 0 mt true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S1z9IfETp8I AAAAAAAAAG8 se3XKACNUig s320 002 JPG A freezer ready meal is a working mom s best friend nbsp However ever since I read Michael Pollan s book--you know which one--and subsequently ditched the Lean Cuisines I still jump when I see the sign in the supermarket 4 for 12 my freezer is full of Belle and Evans chicken parts grass fed meat whole wheat flour and not much else nbsp Not exactly the makings of a desperation dinner Then I had a brainstorm nbsp What about a frozen burrito like the kind they have at Trader Joe s nbsp So I whipped up a batch for dinner deliberately making extra for the freezer nbsp Don t you just love tomato paste in the tube nbsp Forget Kindle here is real progress nbsp I flavored two cans of pinto beans with two tablespoons of paste onions garlic chili powder and cumin nbsp img border 0 mt true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S1z VmOZoII AAAAAAAAAHE UOPzuf8WWEo s320 006 JPG Then I toasted some flour tortillas over my stove s open flame img border 0 height 212 mt true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S10BM4SOLxI AAAAAAAAAHU GzlfB878yao s320 013 JPG width 320 I piled each tortilla with a generous spoonful of beans some leftover rice from the fridge and some grated cheddar cheese nbsp The picture does not do it justice nbsp It was really good especially with sour cream and salsa nbsp The only thing missing is cilantro nbsp Next time img border 0 mt true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S10BiN6JUhI AAAAAAAAAHc Cfg936mWz3s s320 018 JPG And here they are freezer ready nbsp Like money in the bank img border 0 mt true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S10CPVBPQrI AAAAAAAAAHk qweZhVwIcd0 s320 020 JPG Vegetarian Bean Burritos1 medium onion chopped2 garlic cloves chopped1 medium japeno chopped2 T olive oil1 tsp cumin more to taste1 tsp chili powder more to taste1 1 2 T tomato paste2 cans of pinto beans 15 oz drained and rinseda handful of chpped cilantro1 c cooked rice could be brown rice I guess 6 oz shredded cheddar or monterey jack cheese6 burrito sized flour tortillassalsa and sour cream for serving1 nbsp Heat oil in large saucepan over medium heat nbsp Saute onions garlic jalepeno chile powder cumin and a good pinch of salt until golden about 10 minutes nbsp Add tomato paste and cook a minute or so more nbsp 2 nbsp Add beans and 1 c of water bring to boil reduce heat to medium and simmer stirring occasionally until thickened about 10 minutes nbsp Remove from heat nbsp Stir in cilantro 3 nbsp If you have a gas stove toast tortillas nbsp 4 nbsp Fill with bean mixture rice and cheese nbsp Fold and serve nbsp To Freeze nbsp Wrap in plastic wrap then aluminium foil nbsp To reheat Nuke for 1 1 2 to 2 minutes straight from freezer then bake in 350 degree oven for 12 minutes nbsp I think you can just microwave them too--perfect for a work lunch
Weird Craving
Published: 2010-1-04
While the rest of the modern nbsp world is busy getting their post New Year s diet on I find myself craving a chimichanga nbsp Which is nbsp weird because I can t remember when or where I might have had one before nbsp But there is definitely a chimichanga lodged in my memory bank nbsp It is crispy and corny and wickedly greasy and good nbsp But how to make one nbsp An nbsp Internet search turned up plenty nbsp of recipes--but these were corpulent specimens more like fried burritos than the crunchy little cigars I remember from somewhere nbsp Typing in skinny chimichangas was no help either--you wouldn t believe how many diet versions of chimis there are out there Who in their right mind wants to eat a Weight Watchers chimichanga nbsp img border 0 ps true src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S0FJs4XbBrI AAAAAAAAAGk cmzREkggRqM s320 010 JPG So I invented my own nbsp The filling was easy enough--sauteed tomatoes onions garlic yellow peppers and chopped roasted chicken seasoned with cumin chili powder and oregano with a healthy amount of cilantro stirred in at the end nbsp Filling the tortillas was more of a challenge--they kept cracking even after I took Emeril s suggestion and nuked them for a few seconds under a damp paper towel nbsp Eventually I ended up twice frying them--first dipping them in hot oil for a few seconds per side until pliable then filling and rolling them nbsp then frying them a second time until golden brown nbsp img border 0 ps true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c S0FL-mYOi0I AAAAAAAAAGs Z5HZiuo0Vrk s320 025 JPG Okay so maybe they are a little plumper than they should be but so am I nbsp Happy New Year
Ten A Day
Published: 2009-12-27
Two straight days of cooking and some serious holiday eating has left me culinarily drained and feeling like a total beast nbsp Too many cookbooks nbsp Too much rich food nbsp I briefly considered a diet then vetoed that idea--all that emphasis on nbsp foods I nbsp shouldn t eat seems to nbsp invariably lead to failure and self-loathing nbsp No thank you and pass the tirimisu leftovers nbsp Then my sister suggested eating 10 a day--servings of fruits and nbsp vegetables that is nbsp With the emphasis on adding healthy and delicious foods to my diet this is a plan I can get excited about img border 0 ps true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SzbDZEfaPVI AAAAAAAAAGU a0e04s0FVRI s320 007 JPG So why the chocolate then nbsp It s the secret ingredient in my vegetarian chili nbsp I ve made this so many times I hardly need a recipe nbsp It s fast cheap easy and filling nbsp and counts as at least two of my veggie servings nbsp img border 0 ps true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SzbGD26UTWI AAAAAAAAAGc vaDclGho dg s320 014 JPG Which still only brings me to seven servings for the day nbsp But the night is young and there is a pear with my name on it in the fridge nbsp
Last Squash Standing
Published: 2009-12-17
img border 0 rs true src http 3 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SybsSnuMaHI AAAAAAAAAFs 8IEMaGZLqFw s320 007 JPG This is it the last squash standing my final purchase at the Port Washington farmers market before it closed for the season nbsp He has outlasted the potatoes and shallots and even the garlic nbsp He stands alone a nbsp reminder of the vegetable bounty that was once mine for the choosing nbsp And now he is dinner nbsp It was that or watch him grow soft or develop some kind of weird vegetable mold nbsp Admittedly butternut squash is not my favorite nbsp Plus I never seem to know what to do with them The vast majority of butternut sqash seem destined for soup and squash soups despite any funky additions always end up tasting like baby food nbsp So once again I turned to the following preparation what is fast becoming my old standby when it comes to butternut squash img border 0 ps true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SymUtfDkJ3I AAAAAAAAAF8 5oANRMKvLR8 s320 023 JPG It features this nbsp remarkably underrated nbsp product plus some crisply sauteed shallots and the squash roasted in cubes img border 0 ps true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SymVcc8Eq9I AAAAAAAAAGE 5zJVKNVVr-0 s320 006 JPG finished with some lightly wilted baby spinach leaves and crumbled Amish blue cheese img border 0 ps true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SymVt0niR2I AAAAAAAAAGM eQHHyC1n9J8 s320 025 JPG It was a tasty sendoff
Oh My Darling
Published: 2009-12-07
img border 0 er true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SxxkrsZEmBI AAAAAAAAAFQ T-KfM-uVZ1A s320 017 JPG One of the few perks of nbsp the season nbsp are the nbsp crates of clementines that begin arriving at the market in early December nbsp However even with my daily regimen of two clementines after lunch it s still a challenge to finish a whole box before they go soft nbsp With six sorry looking specimens staring up at me I quickly revised a recipe for Spicy Orange Chicken with Snow Peas and Red Pepper from nbsp my splattered old copy of nbsp All The Best Stir-Fries by Joie Warner img border 0 er true src http 1 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SxxmjJwucII AAAAAAAAAFY fjC1DnMslE4 s320 027 JPG Using the zest and the juice made for a bright tasting dish nbsp The chili paste added nbsp just enough heat to balance the sweetness nbsp A sunny dinner on one of the first truly cold nights of winter nbsp Spicy Clementine Chicken1 lb skinless boneless chicken breasts cut into 1 4 inch strips2 T water2 T cornstarch1 2 tsp salt4 nbsp T vegetable oil1 2 c fresh squeezed clementine juiceFinely grated zest of one clementine4 tsp sugar4 tsp rice vinegar2 tsp soy sauce1 tsp chinese chili paste1 T cornstarch1 2 tsp Japanese sesame oil2 garlic cloves chopped2 T grated ginger1 2 red pepper seeded and cut into julienne10 large snow peas trimmed and sliced in half lengthwise nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Combine chicken with water in a small bowl thoroughly stir in cornstarch and salt then 2 T of oil set aside to marinate for 30 minutes or up to 24 hours covered in the refrigerator nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Combine juice zest sugar rice vinegar soy sauce chili paste cornstarch and sesame oil in a small bowl nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Heat nbsp 1 T of oil in a large skillet or wok over high heat nbsp When hot add garlic ginger red pepper and snow peas and toss for 1 minute remove to a plate be careful not to overcook snow peas nbsp Add nbsp 1 T oil add chicken and stir-fry for 3 minutes or until opaque and cooked through nbsp Return vegetables to the pan restir clementine-juice mixture and add stirring until lightly glazed nbsp Serves 4 img border 0 er true src http 4 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SxxoApOHb3I AAAAAAAAAFg FZSMoUWVRAs s320 032 JPG
Memories Preserved
Published: 2009-11-28
img border 0 src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c Sw3ob5ZPsFI AAAAAAAAAE4 tqYL-EwApsM s320 019 JPG yr true With summer winding down and September and school looming large my parents and I retreated to Shelter Island for a final weekend by the ocean nbsp We crashed the private beach of a swanky resort and within moments were basking in the guazy nbsp glow of nbsp opulence and indolence all around us--without spending 420 a night nbsp We dug our beach chairs into the sand and concentrated hard on enjoying our last 48 hours of freedom nbsp For Dad that meant making nbsp sure every inch of his bare flesh was covered with clothing then inserting earbuds into his ears and nbsp staring vacantly at the seagulls nbsp Mom wasted no time slipping into an unresponsive stupor while the backs of her legs fried nbsp I consumed books whole chapters at a time pausing every so often nbsp to watch the visible annoyance on the faces of the legitimate hotel guests as the wind flapped their swanky umbrellas nbsp It was glorious On the drive home we approached Wickham s Fruit Farm and nbsp looking to prolong our mini vacation we stopped to pick our own nbsp peaches nbsp They were heavy on the trees thick on the ground and warm in our hands nbsp We were hungry so we ate as we filled our bushel baskets with the tangy yellow-fleshed variety as well as the sweeter white ones nbsp We finished our feast with crisp yeasty cinnamon sugar donuts nbsp straight from the fryer into white paper bags--the best I ve ever eaten nbsp When I got home I made peach preserves from the recipe on the back of the Sure-Jell box nbsp It was my first attempt at preserving and it was throroughly gratifying nbsp to see the peaches transformed into adorable little jars of jam nbsp on my shelves nbsp Whether the jam was fit for human consumption was another story img border 0 src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SxCPhN1LQAI AAAAAAAAAFI 4xyN6 -vBCI s320 021 JPG yr true Mid-November I pried open a jar and encouraged by the strong sucking sound as the cap came off proceeded to make Jam Crumb Cake at Epicurious nbsp for the church coffee hour nbsp Beneath a layer of cinnamony crumbs the jam tasted almost as sweet as those remaining days of summer--and the church members lived to see another Sunday
The Antidote
Published: 2009-11-20
Why do I always feel like a truck rolled over me at the end of the working week nbsp Half asleep at the wheel I navigated my way home through the aggressive Friday afternoon traffic staggered across the parking lot nbsp trailing fourteen bags in my wake and stumbled through the door to find a centipede nbsp And not just an ordinary nbsp centipede either but the nbsp great grandpappy of centipedes nbsp He was like four centipedes stuck together nbsp He was perched on the wall above the sofa his fringe of legs undulating a greeting nbsp The instinct to run was very strong nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Have you ever swatted a centipede They are not very quick which is good But they sort of explode like firecrackers their parts flying every which way I was grateful this guy s parts flew behind the sofa because I was free to ignore them and head to the kitchen for a glass of wine to nbsp still my shaking hands nbsp Then I nbsp rustled up this dish img border 0 src http 2 bp blogspot com iYkOfApM6 c SwcjkWar74I AAAAAAAAAB8 294KPI0znBU s320 007 JPG yr true It s a quick hash of yellow potatoes thick cut bacon and barely wilted baby spinach leaves with my latest obsession nestled on top a poached egg nbsp This was the perfect antidote to work-weariness and an epic confrontation with an insect nbsp Followed by my other current obsession Kozy Shack flan and it almost felt like the weekend had arrived