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Finding Love Despite Any Current Situation
Published: 2019-7-17
You can choose to be lonely or not It is a choice
Forgiving And Letting Go After A Breakup
Published: 2019-6-18
Don t worry whether or not they finally understand you Love them and release them
10 Things You Should Do To Meet Your Person In 2020
Published: 2018-9-12
10 Things You Should Do to Meet Your Person in 2019 None of Which Are Apps By Daisy Barringer January 15 2018 Daisy Barringer Meeting people is hard There are apps of course but I think we all agree those are mostly a waste of time And then there s trying to meet people in real life 8230
Difference Between Wanting Somebody And Needing Someone
Published: 2016-3-08
Recently a close friend called to tell me that she s breaking up with her fianc who she has been with for six years They got engaged just last year and were even planning to buy a new house together Of course it came as a huge shock as I had always thought everything was running 8230
Loving Others Starts With Loving Yourself
Published: 2015-12-16
Are You Secretly Judgmental Of Others Do you notice that you often secretly judge others For example your sister tells you about a new car she bought and you think She can t possibly afford that car on her salary She s so irresponsible about money Or your partner leaves his dirty dishes in the sink before 8230
Loneliness it s How You Choose To Socialize
Published: 2015-3-03
Loneliness it 8217 s how you choose to socialize One of the biggest causes of unhappiness is loneliness I 8217 m not referring to having somebody special in your life having a significant other doesn 8217 t mean you won 8217 t be lonely Being lonely generally stems from lack of social stimulation The technology age is definitely perpetuating this by means of 8230
Singles Guide To A Happy Valentines Day
Published: 2015-1-28
OK so its Valentines Day For those of us that are single this little holiday can be a rather challenging day to get through with the constant in your face reminders of our unattached status and not having someone to spend the day in romantic bliss Personally I think Valentine s day may have started 8230
She Almost Didn t Go Out With Him Now She s Married To Him
Published: 2015-1-15
This story is brought to you by Liesel Rigsby The Energetic Matchmaker CLICK HERE to view web site Erin and Tom s Love Story Before Tom After my divorce and before I met Tom I dated a couple of guys seriously and both times I got super heart broken I went into a period of just 8230
2015 Will This Be Your Year To Find True Love
Published: 2015-1-02
The next chapter of your life can be written as you desire To avoid a repeat year of heartache start to focus forward instead of looking back and refrain from seeing your situation as unchanging
What Happens When Your Online Date DOESN T Look Like Their Picture
Published: 2014-9-26
The Appalling Responses To A Woman Who Wore A Fat Suit To Meet Her Tinder Dates The Huffington Post By Cavan Sieczkowski What happens when someone 8217 s online dating photos don 8217 t match the real-life version For men and women the responses are dramatically different 8212 and definitely a bit sexist In the world of online dating 8230
First Dates Who Should Pay and Why
Published: 2014-7-22
First Dates Who Should Pay 8230 and Why This topic always stirs up great conversation and surprising controversy Relationship expert Dave Elliott believes it is the men who should take care of the check and below are his reasons why Written by Dave Elliott YourTango com relationship expert Recently the advertising agency Leo Burnett conducted an exhaustive study 8230
My Love Life No One Is Coming
Published: 2014-7-10
Nobody is coming to magically fix things You have to do the same thing you did in your career and take action so you can be successful
Speed Pool Connection Leads To Marriage
Published: 2014-5-31
Julio sent to me recently letting me know of this connection that lead to a marriage Although I know of hundreds of connections and marriages made through 7 in Heaven not everyone takes the time to write to me and let me know how they have met someone fabulous attending my events Thank you 8230
Do You Believe In Love At First Site
Published: 2014-4-29
THE NEW RULES OF ATTRACTION by NINA MALKIN When it comes to finding love there are certain truths that seem so irrefutable that anyone would be a fool not to follow them Maybe you re a firm believer that you can tell within seconds if you re attracted to someone Or maybe you adhere to the idea that 8230
30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself
Published: 2014-3-23
Marc and Angel two passionate writers life-hackers and admirers of the human spirit have come up with an amazing list of 30 things to stop doing to yourself If you like their list make sure you check out their site and sign up to their amazing newsletter 1 Stop spending time with the wrong people Life 8230
When Do You Meet The REAL Person You re Dating
Published: 2014-3-19
Nobody dies of a broken heart you fall you get up you dust off you move on
Pain Is Inevitable Suffering Is Optional
Published: 2014-1-28
Don t waste time becoming angry and trying to control the situation or wishing it turned out different
Lost Hungry And Looking For Love
Published: 2014-1-07
Hungry Ghosts looking for Love From one of my favorite books Zen and the Art of Falling in Love What is a Hungry Ghost Someone who cannot find love Its not that love has not come their way Hundreds of time in their life they are led to tables spread with endless food and 8230
Will This Be YOUR Year To Find Love In 2014
Published: 2013-12-30
Will this be your year to find LOVE I love New Years Eve its a time for renewal clean slate new beginnings But being single there is so much expectation when it comes to New Year s celebrations The pressure on single people is even stronger to make it a big night As a single person 8230
How To Tell If You Are Dating A Commitment Phobic
Published: 2013-12-18
So you have been dating you met someone you are really excited about they are complimentary attentive full of excitement about the future Then suddenly one day they are MIA missing in action no return call for hours or a day or so They explain they are just busy nothings wrong but the distance seems 8230