Baby Update Growth Check

37 weeks 6 days I am in my ninth month and today I had a growth check sonogram My original due date based on my period was January 9th 2016 But because she was measuring small my doctor changed my due date to January 20th I am a but nervous as to why she is measuring small She is where she should be for 37-38 weeks but how do I know that the new due date is accurate How can they be so sure What does it mean if she is on the small side I think the constant sono s and exams lead to more worry than anything else So today she was measuring 7lbs She still has 2 more weeks to grow I see my doctor tomorrow and I assume we will speak about her size and possible induction I cannot be induced until the 39th week I feel OK right now Last night I felt awful nauseous and very tiered My back has been hurting for over a week I have to limp around because of the pain I hope the back ache improves once I deliver Final stretch My hospital bag is packed I am nervous but ready to meet my new daughter View My baby bump pictures