Baby Update 38 Weeks

Yesterday was my growth check and I made sure to tell them that I would be seeing my doctor the next day however they didn t send the results to my doctor So I had my exam but really he had no report to look out I told him she weighed in at 7 lbs and he said it could be off by a pound or two I have to go back to see my doctor next week and he wants to induce me I will be 39 weeks on Wednesday he said I can be induced Thursday or Friday I think he s going to set it up with the hospital I will find out next week I suppose Fingers crossed all is well My daughter was induced 6 days after her due date The petocin which causes the contractions made the labor excruciatingly painful I had an epidural but even that didn t help much I started the IV around 11 AM and I gave birth at 5 30 PM I just hope to go into natural labor img alt 9 months pregnant border 0 height 200 src http 3 bp blogspot com -qgRIhU-w6mg Vo1fmXEpRKI AAAAAAAAAwM 9g0dzP0Y0JY s200 012 JPG title 38 weeks width 93 nbsp 38 Weeks