Attitude ReInvention It s Up To YOU

Good Sunday afternoon everyone I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful Summer day wherever you are I started thinking today about how much most of us need to continuously reinvent our attitude sometimes from minute to minute and certainly day to day There are many circumstances that live out there in the world that can suck us down How do we instead bounce be resilient reinvent the feeling along the way For many years I was a psychotherapist When I had a session with a client I could always put my own feelings issues worries on the back burner focus on the client and not even think about myself That made me a good therapist Well in times like these it s not always so easy to put myself and my stuff on the back burner REInvention is about tweaking shifting changing I often teach the principle that you can t feel bad and good at the very same moment Think about it When you re feeling bad then you re feeling bad When you re feeling good then you re feeling good And you can choose albeit difficult at times to shift from one to the other I prefer to shift from feeling bad to feeling good but hey each to their own In other words you can reinvent your attitude in the moment and shift Example This morning I was feeling a bit low I ve had some medication challenges recently and some side effects I m frustrated by it all and I m a bit more moody then I like However I got a phone call from my son telling me that he and his band were driving back to Austin in the wee hours this morning after a gig A tire on their van blew they swerved off the road They saw some oil gas on the road nearby and quickly got all of their instruments and themselves out of the van And yup you got it the van burst into flames and completely consumed the vehicle BUT THEY ARE ALL SAFE My attitude immediately shifted from feeling low about myself to great gratitude for the safety of my son and his bandmates My stuff was insignificant in that moment So where can you look at your life now and reinvent how you feel about it That s my challenge We re seeing lots of tweaking of attitudes as teams contend in the World Cup games We see it as people deal with difficult circumstances in these challenging times We have to be responsible for our own tweaking Have a glorious Sunday Ann

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