Are You A Carbohydrate Addict

Answer these questions to find out 1 After eating a full breakfast do you get hungrier before it is lunch time than you would if you had skipped breakfast altogether 2 Do you get tiered after eating a large meal or find that you are sluggish and or hungry in the afternoon 3 Have you been on diet after diet only to regain the weight you lost 4 Does stress boredom and tiredness make you want to eat 5 Do you sometimes feel you aren t satisfied even though you just finished a meal 6 Do you find it harder to take off weight- and keep it off- than when you were younger If you answered YES to 2 of these questions you are probably mildly carbo-addicted If you answered YES to 3-4 of these questions you are likely to be moderately carbo-addicted If you answered YES to 5-6 of these questions you probably have a severe carbohydrate addiction that may be greatly affecting your life You can manage your carbohydrate addiction so that you can lose weight and be healthy for the rest of your life- without feeling deprived or struggling to manage your eating patterns and your weight The following plan is from The World s Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets 2005 and worked for 80 of the 1 000 carbohydrate-addicted patients they consulted at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York You can have your CARBS and eat them too once a day to prevent the release of excessive amounts of insulin Carbo-rich foods include breads grains cereals ice cream milk yogurt fruit and fruit juices lunch meats pasta noodles rice snack foods sweets and starchy vegetables beets carrots zucchini corn tomatoes peas and potatoes Craving-reducing foods red meat poultry fish cheese oils tofu fats dressings non starchy vegetables brusselsprouts green beans peppers lettuce asparagus broccoli and mushrooms The Basic PlanEat one balanced Reward Meal everyday for breakfast lunch or dinner The meal should consist oftwo cups of fresh saladone-third craving reducing protein meat fish cheese eggs tofu one-third starchy vegetablesone-third carbohydrate rich foods Use good sense and listen to your body when sizing the portions Complete your Reward Meal within one hour Otherwise your body will be hungry all over again Eat only craving-reducing foods at all other meals and snacks Consult with a doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan Follow the program for two weeks you should notice a lessening of your cravings Source The World s Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets 2005 Bottom Line Publications Pg 343 Print Another great diet to try is Atkins You can find plenty of low-carb options and it is very effective Sugars are highly addictive and cause weight gain nbsp Look for more on Atkins in my next post