Hello Again

Hi all With 2016 here and the last day of winter vacation I figured it was time to start writing again I am now in my ninth month of my 3rd and last pregnancy I have gained an exuberant amount of weight and it just seemed to creep up in the past 2 months or so I did not follow a diet I ate what I wanted and my body is paying for it My back aches and my stomach is full of stretch marks and stretched out to full capacity I cannot wait to deliver and meet my baby girl I have a growth check on Tuesday It is at the point where I have to go to the doctor every week to check progress I am having Braxton hicks contractions nbsp they feel like moderate period cramps I also cannot wait to start a diet and exercise program again While I can begin watching my calories and eliminating the junk I have been consuming I have to wait to work out for 6 weeks postpartum So after I deliver and spend many sleepless nights nursing my newborn I get to go to my doctor to make sure all is well and then if I get the go ahead I will begin my jogging The treadmill is my main source of exercise however I do walk outdoors as well I will probably be able to walk before the 6 weeks are up I did so after my first 2 children Just have to go slow and steady and listen to your body I also like to order workout videos from Cablevision On Demand Juices are the rage Are they My sister told me about this juice challenge where the prize is 500 Lucky there is a prize because she had to shell out lots of dough for the produce involved Plus there s a fee to join the contest I ll post a link to it below As far as I know juice cleanses are effective if you follow the guidelines But once you begin with regular eating you tend to gain all or most of your lost weight back again I would make sure to add light to moderate exercise as well Clean Slate Program Jan 4th- Feb 3rd The Juice ChickIf I juice I will blog about it on here I plan to post my post baby weight loss journey on here to help motivate myself and inspire others Be happy be healthy Cathie