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One Man. One Woman. Two Completely Different Worlds ............... (A Humor Blog About Marriage)...

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A Warning For Brides-To-Be
(Posted: 3/13/2014)
Many years ago I posted about some of the unintended consequences of marriage.  I wrote about all the unexpected responsibilities bestowed upon the wife as she (oftentimes) becomes the administrative assistant for hubby;  his chef, his housekeeper, a

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Airing Your Dirty Laundry
(Posted: 2/27/2014)
Ladies, never forget that you cannot unknow¯ something.   If this statement alone causes you some concern, you should perhaps stop reading now.   If it prompts some curiosity, that's only natural –  sort of like rubber-necking a car wreck

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A Valentine's Day FANDANGO Giveaway!
(Posted: 2/06/2014)
Well… It’s almost that dreaded time of year again.   The time when the town is painted red and hearts are all a-flutter. The time of starry eyes, giggles and smiles. Of flowers in bloom (at least at the florist….) The time when

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Douchebaggery At It's Best: A Holiday Rant @ THD
(Posted: 12/30/2013)
I normally like to keep my posts on the lighter side but today, as I just returned from some errands to return a few Christmas presents, I feel the need to post an open letter the general public.   This is one of my biggest pet peeves and I hope

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Christmas Magic?
(Posted: 12/23/2013)
It's been a whirlwind couple of months at the THD household.   We kicked off November with ear tube surgery for mini hubby.    This was necessitated by about 14 million ear infections since we started day care (ok, maybe not 14 million “ he was

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The Drugs Made Me Do It!
(Posted: 10/21/2013)
I knew it¦ I knew it¦ I knew it.   I just knew that one day there would be an article, or a study that would help hubby argue his case against me.   I mistakenly stumbled on one when hubby was suspiciously sleeping through our screaming baby at

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Here's To Another 10!
(Posted: 9/24/2013)
Ever since we added a mini hubby to our lives last year, my days have all blended together.  My free time is no longer free and my blogging time has dwindled down to almost nothing.  Every. Single. Day.  I wish my job would stop bleeding over to my p

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I'm Getting A Sensation
(Posted: 8/21/2013)
If you've ever had a sensation, any sensation, then this story might just irritate you as much as it did me.  Because, contrary to many beliefs (most of which come from hubby), not all sensations are good sensations and what may be a good sensation t

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What's A Few Boogers Among Friends?
(Posted: 7/23/2013)
Well,  we started day care.   For those of you who have lived through this traumatic experience, this statement alone probably either brings back horrible memories or perhaps it brings back nothing “ because you've blocked out just how bad it wa

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It's SNOT Fair!!
(Posted: 5/28/2013)
Wow¦. You know how sometimes you blink and you've lost like a month of your life?  Well, that's me right now.  I'm short staffed at work which is slowly and painfully killing me and then add to that a cute little munchkin to take care of (ok, 2 munch

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